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CG PES Explorer 0.7

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Explorer for Pro Evolution Soccer eFootball PES 2020, and compatible with all games and demos back to PES 2018.


  • Cri Packed FileMaker / CRI Middleware Co.Ltd
  • Opentk /opentk.dll and opentk.GLcontrol.dll
  • ICSharpcode / ICShaprCode.ShaprZipLib.dll
  • BE.Hexeditor /Be.Windows.Forms.HexBox.dll
  • I would also like to acknowledge @Hawke for his testing and input on what would be good to add to the explorer
  • and for his awesome splash screen.
  • @zlac / decrypter19.exe

by shawminator.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.7   See changelog


  • Added support for new Textures types in ePes20
  • Redesigned the sider setting page.
  • Added Sider Server Manager
    • Ball Server only ATM, works with pes2019 but waiting to see response before adding other modules.

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