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Easy2Boot 1.b2

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Just copy your ISO files to the E2B USB drive and Legacy-boot!


  • Easy to maintain - just copy over your ISO files/.imgPTN files/other files (or delete them from the USB drive) - a new menu is automatically created each time you boot from the E2B USB drive.
  • No need to reformat your E2B USB drive ever again, even if you want to update it with the latest version of E2B.
  • Directly MBR-boot from the USB drive to unmodified files: .ISO, .IMA, .IMG, .VHD, .VHDX, .WIM, WinBuilder WinPE ISOs, Windows Install ISOs, Linux ISOs, FreeDOS, Hirens ISOs, MemTest86, diagnostics, repair software, Anti-Virus cleaners, etc. etc. etc. The file extension determines how E2B will boot from it. E2B recognises many additional 'special' file extensions.
  • The E2B download is a Windows self-extracting .exe executable (a .zip file is provided for linux users) which allows you to make an NTFS multiboot USB drive with just a few mouse clicks. You can also Make an E2B USB drive using a linux bash shell script (provided in download).
  • You can add your own files, applications, portable apps, etc.
  • UEFI-booting (incl. Secure Boot) is possible by converting UEFI-bootable payloads (ISOs, disk images, flash drives, etc.) into .imgPTN files (partition images). Use the MPI Tool Pack to make .imgPTN files for MBR+UEFI booting (supports Secure Boot).
  • Over 340 different types of ISOs and payload files supported.
  • USB Flash drives (and USB HDD\SSD drives with some workarounds) are supported (NTFS is recommended).
  • E2B is designed to work on a wide variety of different PCs and Notebooks, even those with buggy/quirky BIOSes.
  • Generic - unlike other solutions, there is no need to update E2B when a new linux distro is released
  • Multiple linux ISOs+Persistence possible (via .mnu menu files) - persistence files larger than 4GB are supported.
  • Add images of other single- or dual-partition bootable USB drives (e.g. add partition images of Rufus, WinsetupFromUSB, YUMI, XBOOT, DOS USB, etc.).
  • 15+ languages for the E2B menu system. Press F1 in the E2B Menu for help.
  • Use E2B for unattended Windows installs (drivers+apps+updates using an unmodified Microsoft Windows Install ISO file) by using the SDI_CHOCO feature - when a new version of Windows is released, simply copy on the new Windows ISO!
  • Fully configurable - it is easy to change the menu text, menu order, menu defaults, timeouts, background wallpaper, add your own grub4dos menu files, add your own sub-menus, configure the menu with the E2B_Editor GUI Windows app., load different themes\skins and much more...

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