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Yabause for Dreamcast 0.9.14

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Yabause is a Sega Saturn Emulator. It support booting games using Saturn cds or iso files.

How to use Yabause__________________________________________

Before using Yabause, you need to build a CD with a few files in the correct places. In order to build a CD with the compiled binary, you must first scramble the binary. This can be done with the scramble utility which can be obtained from http://mc.pp.se/dc/files/scramble.c .

This will have to be compiled with your native compiler. Once you run the scramble program on the yabause.bin file created in section 2 above, you will have a binary file suitable for booting on a real Dreamcast.

Once you have your scrambled binary, you may choose to include a Sega Saturn BIOS image on your disc as well. As of 0.9.5, this is not a requirement for the Dreamcast port, but if you choose to use an actual BIOS image, it must be put on the root of the CD and named "saturn.bin".

From this point, follow your favorite guide for how to build a selfbooting CD out of plain files. I use the one available at http://mc.pp.se/dc/cdr.html .

4 Final Thoughts______________________________________________

The Dreamcast port of Yabause is quite slow. I have done very little in the way of optimizing any of the core of Yabause toward the Dreamcast (there is quite a bit that could be done when time allows). Do not expect the Dreamcast port of Yabause to run your favorite Sega Saturn games at any sort of playable speed for now (or the near future). As Yabause matures, and I have more time to work on it, hopefully speed will improve. For now, think of it as a fancy tech demo.

Note that in 0.9.5, a small bit of assembly has appeared in the Dreamcast port. Hopefully as time goes on more of the Dreamcast specific code will be rewritten in assembly for at least some small speed increase.

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