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Yabause for macOS 0.9.14

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Yabause is a Sega Saturn Emulator. It support booting games using Saturn cds or iso files.

How to use Yabause__________________________________________

Before using Yabause, you need to configure a few things in the Preferences dialog (Yabause > Preferences).

3.1 Configuration_____________________________________________

First, set the BIOS path.
Yabause can run some games without a BIOS, but many of them need it. If you want to use the emulated BIOS, select the checkbox for that.

Next, set up the video and sound cores. For the video core, you have 2 options:
1. Software Video Core - The most accurate video core in the Yabause code, but also the slowest. Should perform just fine on most supported machines (see the known issues).
2. Disable Video - Does exactly what it sounds like.

For the sound core, you only have two options:
1. Core Audio Sound Core - The default sound core. Select  this one if you want sound.
2. Disable Sound - Does exactly what it sounds like.

Next, set up keys for input. Go to the Input tab, and configure each button (at least on Controller 1). For the moment, this is limited to keyboard input only.

There are other options you can configure as well in here, including BRAM (for saving), a MPEG ROM (for games that use the VideoCD/MPEG card), and a cartridge for the cartridge port on the Saturn.

Once eveything is set, you can start emulation with the "File > Run BIOS", "File > Run CDROM" or "File > Run Image" menu options. Don't use the Run BIOS entry if you're using BIOS emulation.

4 Known Issues________________________________________________

When running in GDB, you should not use fullscreen mode. If Yabause crashes while running under GDB in fullscreen mode, you will probably get stuck with no way to exit. This should only affect developers and shouldn't ever be an issue for normal users.

The OpenGL video core is currently broken and disabled. If you are using a relatively new Mac, then this probably won't be a problem at all, as the software core should perform pretty well for most Macs made in the past 4 years, at least.
In testing, it performed just fine on a Mid-2010 MacBook Pro running Yosemite.

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