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FNL Patch (PES 2019 PC) 0.01

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  • 16 teams RPL
  • 20 teams FNL
  • 18 Bundesliga teams
  • 20 teams MLS
  • LaLiga Santander 2018/2019
  • Live Update # 09-05-2019
  • Added 120 stadiums
  • All forms of national teams
  • New tattoos, including: Isco, Milinković-Savic, Mertens, Messi and more
  • New balls including: Merlin LaLiga, Merlin Serie A and more
  • New shields including: UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League


  1. Put on a clean game on version 1.05 with dlc 5.01.
  2. Installation is automatic. Specify the path to the folder with the game.


The save is:

  • Fixed bug with recaps
  • Copy to SAVE folder


Hawke (balls, referee kits, kits, ref kits server), Zlac (tools, scoreboard server), Cesc Fabregas (kits, kits server), PES Logos (Logos), Sho9_6 (tattoo’s), shawminator (CGP), majuh (adboards), predator002 (UCL/UEL Menu songs), maritimo,ïl Depo, PES World (kits, Bundesliga), juce (sider), Paul81118 (Boots), Volun (faces), kelvinchan327 (faces), Prince Hamiz (faces), rkh257, 1002MB (minifaces).

by PES Creation.

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