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  1. Xmenu

    Xmenu is an elf loader with a basic gui.
    Copy the file xenon.elf and the "xenon" folder to the root of your usb disk/pen.
    Load it with the free60.org hack.

    Version 0.3 : 
    - It's now possible to load custom icons. Put a ".png" image (32 bits, with alpha channel, 32*32 pixels would be better) 
      alongside your executable file, with the ".ico" extension. Example :
      If you have an executable named "snes9x.elf", put the ".png" icon in the same directory with the name "snes9x.ico".
    Version 0.2 : 
    - Graphics data is now loaded at startup, allowing to customise. 
    - Smaller fonts, this allow more items to be displayed.
    Version 0.1 :
    - Alpha testing version.

    Sasoseso from xboxhacker.net for sending me a free xbox 360, if all the people could be like you :)
    Tmbinc of course for all his work.
    Ced2911 for sega master system emulators sources, helped me a lot.
    Ge0rG and ssmurf, because they are nice guys :)
    by Cpasjuste.
  2. XMPlayer

    XMPlayer Version 0.0.4 - September 15, 2013
    Libxenon: d3b3270a3798c1f0b4faeb26e9dfaf24e8d41631
    Known Issues
    - Endless loading screen: Restart. Not working try formatting using Gui Format32. If this doesn't work place xenon.elf 
    on root of internal hdd, and place the "mplayer" folder on the root of a usb (ntfs, fat) then launch
    - Sometimes when mounting more than 1 USB, it will not find all of them. Just restart XMPlayer until it does
    Playing video:
    - Can crash while using play'n'charge kit
    - Cannot seek in files over 2 gigabytes (split the files for now)
    - Playing .rar can be unstable, sometimes freezing XMPlayer
    - Prolonged pausing causes audio to go out of sync, "fix" this by seeking once in the file
    - ASS Subtitle handling can cause freezes and lag. If random crashes in video occurs, set ass=no and change 
    vf=ass to #vf=ass in config (ass is disabled by default)
    - If your subs doesn't show all the characters, try a different font by replacing subfont.ttf in "mplayer" folder
    - If you exit a video with subtitle-text on the screen, the text will still be there if you play a video wihout subtitles, you 
    can "fix" this by going into a video with subs and exiting when there is no sutitle-text
    - Loading .elf files from the filebrowser on the internal harddrive will crash, this also means using "Restart" will crash if
    xenon.elf is only placed on internal harddrive
    Not implemented:
    - Audio balance, surround sound and optical out are not supported
    - Pictures and Music are not supported
    - DVD not working (crash)
    - No networking!
    - Copy all files to the root of an usb stick, launch it by xell or latest dashlaunch
    - Do you get a red screen? Does xmplayer freeze or get stuck at endless loading? and nothing helps?
    Read DEBUG so we can fix the problem together
    Button Binds
    - In File Browser
    A: enter
    B: up one level
    X: sort by
    Back: back to homescreen
    D-pad: direction
    - In Video
    A: pause/play
    B: exit player
    X: show progression
    Y: OSD/Menu
    Rb: seek 10 min forward
    Lb: seek 10 min back
    Rt: seek 10 sec forward
    Lt: seek 10 sec back
    Up: seek 1 min forward
    Down: seek 1 min back
    Right: seek 10 sek forward
    Left: seek 10 sek back
    - Global
    Exit action: Shutdown Button bind
    Language: Menu language (English/French)
    - Audio
    Language: Set default audio track of video (i.e mkv with multiple languages)
    Volume: Start volume
    Soft Volume: Software volume boost
    - Video
    Frame Dropping: Set default frame dropping option
    Vsync: Set default vertical sync option (can cause slow downs if on)
    - Subtitles
    Color: Color of the subtitle
    Border Color: Color of the subtitle border
    Code Page: the encoding of the subtitles (latin, baltic, arabic etc.)
    Language: Default subtitle language
    Thanks to
    Remember to support the xbox 360 legal homebrew community!
    www.libxenon.org and #libxenon @ EFNet
  3. Xplorer360

    Xplorer360 is a tool for Windows used to interact with storage devices formatted with the xFAT File system.
  4. Xport 360

    Official program for Datel's Xport 360 and Xsata. This program lets you view files on your Xbox 360 HDD, move content between your Xbox 360's HDD and your computer. It works with Xport 360, Xsata, and Datel memory card transfer cables. Has a Undelete function.
    Vista, Vista 64  HDD
    20GB 60Gb 120GB 250GB  Memory cards
    Xbox 1 memory cards Xbox 360 64MB Xbox 360 256MB Xbox 360 512MB
  5. Xtreme Firmware 3.0 (PPF version)

    Install firmware Xtreme 3.0 (PPF Version by Flash78)
    1.- Extract original firmware
    mtkflash r /sata /m orig.bin

    2.- Copy firmware
    copy orig.bin xtreme3.bin

    3.- Check orig.bin firmware to Identify model (Ms21, Ms25,Ms25b o Ms28) and Key drive
    keygen orig.bin

    4.- Patch the xtreme3.bin firmware. USe correct ppf file .
    Patch list:
     ms21toXTRM.ppf - To apply in original firmware Ms21
     ms25toXTRM.ppf - To apply in original firmware Ms25
     ms25b2XTRM.ppf - To apply in original firmware Ms25b
     ms28toXTRM.ppf - To apply in original firmware Ms28

    Exemple for original firwmare Samsung Ms25:
    applyppf xtreme3.bin ms25toxtrm.ppf

    5.- Check firmware Xtreme 3
    Keygen xtreme3.bin

    6.- Flash samsung drive
    mtkflash w /sata /m xtreme3.bin
    7.- Check the nuew firwmare
    mtkflash r /sata /m checkV3.bin
    Keygen checkV3.bin
  6. XuiWorkshop

    Good evening fellow skinners, coders, and enthusiasts,
    Since TeamFSD isn't actively coding anymore, I wanted to provide everyone with a program we created during the creation of the F3plugin, LiNK and the HUD modifications you use today.
    This program will essentially take XUI files developed with XuiTool and convert them to XURv8 files that are used by the kernel/dash to show the HUD.  Additionally, it'll let you load those XURv8 files and convert them to XUI files that you can then load in XUITool.
    This is the very same tool we used when creating the stuff you see in HUD now.  
    Please keep in mind... this tool was only developed enough to work for us, and while we think its pretty damn good, its not perfect.  Also, I am way too lazy to write a how-to, so I am hoping someone with the smarts can figure it out on their own and then write a tutorial for people everywhere to use.
    In addition to the program, I am providing the complete source code for the project in hopes that it is expanded, improved and continues to be used whether thats for skinning FSPlugin stuff, or writing your own programs or plugins that modify HUD or the dash in some way.  Only thing we ask is that you give us some credit if you do use any of the source for your own projects (thanks!)
    The screenshot represents the program in action.  This is after I loaded SystemLink.xur (a file from f3plugin).  It shows the converted heirarchy and even shows timeline information.  It is an amazing piece work and Wondro and I spent weeks reverse engineering the XURv8 format for use with LiNK and ultimately I am glad we are finally sharing it.
    Lastly, if you do use this program to create custom HUD skins for LiNK, do so at your own risk.  Hud has a very small amount of memory available and overloading it with images, scenes and animations, you are likely going to cause instability in most games, crashes, etc.  
    Anyway, thanks to everyone in TeamFSD, Wondro, cOz, Anth0ny, Natelx, and DeadlyD for either information or help in building this program and thanks to the fans who have enjoyed using LiNK and the programs we've built.  I look forward to seeing what happens with this.
    by MaesterRowen.
  7. XVal

    The X value is used as a visual indication of security "events".  This value is from a field stored in secdata.bin, offset 0x28 for a length of 8 bytes.  It is visually displayed from dashboard in one of the system info screens.  The X value is encrypted though and this tool will decrypt and display known recorded security events.
    The console does not need to be connected to Live to do this procedure. At the same time this does not guarantee that the console with a "clean" X value has not been  flagged on the server side.
    This can be used as a tool to check the status of a second-hand console and be valuable  information in considerations before purchasing.
    Many thanks to the people who helped me.
    By Redline99.
  8. Yaris Swap

    Yaris Swap is a simple program that will patch any arcade game or downloadable content from a trial version to the full version.
    This will work on any Xbox 360 running a hacked dashboard, at the time of posting this is either XBReboot or Freeboot.
    This works because the Yaris game works as a full game no matter what console it is on, usually when you modify content it breaks the digital signature however a hacked dashboard doesn’t check digital signatures.
    This will not work on any normal Xbox 360, if your Xbox 360 was manufactured after the 18th of June 2009 or has a dashboard higher than 7371 you will not to able to hack your dashboard so this application will be useless for you.

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