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  1. wxPirs

    Wxpirs allows you to extract content from Xbox 360 Demos, Video DLC and Arcade game containers.
  2. wxRipper

    Aplicación que permite explorar las imágenes de los juegos de Xbox 360 y ripearlas.
  3. wxStop

    This tool allows you to Stop, Spin, Eject and Load a movie.
    First, load a movie over 8.5GB, stop it, hotswap it for the game you want to copy, now click Spin and it will restart the disc.
  4. wxTheme

    wxTheme is a tool used to extract the content of Xbox 360 theme files.
    You'll find the themes you downloaded from LIVE in this directory on your Xbox360 HD:
    You can also use this software to open PIRS files other than themes files, but with some bugs.
  5. X360 Media Server

    To run this you need to obtain the following files
    lame.exe      -  mp3 encoder binary oggdec.exe or sox.exe (with ogg support)    -  ogg decoder (if you plan on using ogg support), can also use sox faad.exe      -  faad2 aac decoder binary flac.exe        -    flac decoder copy the exe files into scriptdir
    to start the server click run start.bat
    install lame,faad,flac and sox (preferably using fink)
    run startmac 
    install lame,faad,flac and sox where they will be found by a bash script
    run start
    To configure point your browser to I suggest to test it you only point it at a small number such as a single album
    If you get errors about could not open socket try adding the ip after the start script e.g ./start
    If you get silence try running the relavent conversion script from a terminal
    If you get static on the 360 there's a good chance its caused by the endianness of the output from the relevant script being wrong. Try adding/removing the -x flag from lame
  6. X360 Update Toolbox

       Requirements - What you need to do have in order for this to work!
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
    - Internet connection (Only required for downloading updates...)
       Overview - What it does
    - It'll translate most common Update errors into something that will help you fix your error
    - It'll translate the NTStatus of the error code to try and help advanced users figure out more about the error
    - It'll check what update you have on a USB device or folder on your computer
    - It'll download Xbox 360 System Updates and updates for it's own use (new dashboard versions, new error codes)
    - It'll prepare any USB Memory device to be used for updating a Xbox 360 (It also creates a launch.ini to temporarily disable update blocking in dashlaunch for JTAG/RGH consoles)
         Credits - Thanks to:
    - cOz: HUGE thanks for telling me more about the errorcodes and for the stuff with identifying updates, you are my hero! :D
    - Razkar: HUGE thanks for allowing me to use your server for the downloads + updates and of course for beta testing and supporting me with ideas! :D
    - Anyone else that has contributed with error codes and explanations, without you this app would be very sucky ;)
    by Swizzy.
  7. X360GameHack

    A Windows tool (based on XexTool) which recursively checks and patches all files in a Xbox 360 game directory for devkit use by optionally removing all region and media limits.
  8. X360SAM

    --------------------------------------------------------------------- README PART 1 - THE TECHIE STUFF (if it confuses you, jump to part 2) --------------------------------------------------------------------- X360SAM is a small MSDOS application which will take your original Samsung firmware plus a hacked firmware (such as XTREME.BIN) and will create a new hacked firmware containing the correct DVD key and firmware version. The key is copied using Sniperkilla's method (copying bytes $4000-$43FF from the original file). The drive version can come from one of three locations:- 1) The original firmware (same as the DVD key) 2) A separate firmware (Samsung or Hitachi) 3) Within X360SAM (you pick the version) Usage: x360sam <original fw> <master hacked fw> <new fw> [<version fw> Ś <version number>] e.g.: x360sam orig.bin xtreme.bin hacked.bin e.g.: x360sam orig.bin xtreme.bin hacked.bin was.bin e.g.: x360sam orig.bin xtreme.bin hacked.bin ms25 e.g.: x360sam orig.bin xtreme.bin hacked.bin 0047 If selecting a separate firmware to copy the version string from, X360SAM will look for (in this order):- Hitachi or Samsung strings at $202e-$205d & $20bc-$20eb Hitachi strings at $202e-$205d & $20ba-$20e9 Hitachi strings at $202a-$2059 & $20b6-$20e5 When selecting a Hitachi version held within X360SAM, the date codes for 0032, 0036, 0040, 0046, 0047, 0058, 0059 and 0078 are all known. I had to guess the rest, so they're given the same date as the next highest version (e.g. 0027 will have the same date as 0032). For 0060 and higher, the date code from 0078 is used. If 'ms' followed by 2 digits are used, a Samsung version string will be written. If 4 digits are used, a Hitachi version string will be written. Unless, of course, you've created files called 0059, ms28, etc. in which case it'll try to use those! If you don't select a version or a firmware to take one from, or if you give an invalid version, or if you give the name of a "version firmware" that doesn't exist, the version strings from the original firmware are used. Note: it does not support long file names - use the short versions please! This is an MS-DOS application, after all! ------------------------------ README PART 2 - THE EASY STUFF ------------------------------ Included with X360SAM.EXE are eight batch files:- SAMREAD.BAT, SAMREADA.BAT, SAMREADB.BAT To run this, type SAMREAD (or SAMREADA or SAMREADB) followed by the Xbox serial number, e.g. SAMREAD 1234567 61005 This will create a folder especially for that Xbox, read the firmware from the drive, storing it in the folder as ORIG.BIN. It will then use X360SAM.EXE to create a hacked version (called HACKED.BIN), storing it in the same folder. SAMREADA.BAT will use XTREM42A.BIN SAMREADB.BAT will use XTREM42B.BIN SAMREAD.BAT just calls SAMREADB.BAT anyway. You can also specify a firmware version file or firmware version, e.g. SAMREAD 1234567 61005 backups\61005\1234567\was.bin or SAMREAD 1234567 61005 0059 SAMHACK.BAT To run this, type SAMHACK followed by the Xbox serial number, e.g. SAMHACK 1234567 61005 This flashes the HACKED.BIN file (created by SAMREAD.BAT) onto the drive. SAMREMOD.BAT, SAMREMOA.BAT, SAMREMOB.BAT To run this, type SAMREMOD (or SAMREMOA or SAMREMOB) followed by the Xbox serial number, e.g. SAMREMOD 1234567 61005 This does the same as SAMREAD.BAT but without re-reading ORIG.BIN from the 360. Useful if you've used X360SAM in the past, but now you want to flash a newer firmware to the same drive. SAMREMOA.BAT will use XTREM42A.BIN SAMREMOB.BAT will use XTREM42B.BIN SAMREMOD.BAT just calls SAMREMOB.BAT anyway. You can also specify a firmware version file or firmware version, e.g. SAMREMOD 1234567 61005 backups\61005\1234567\was.bin or SAMREMOD 1234567 61005 0059 SAMORIG.BAT To run this, type SAMORIG followed by the Xbox serial number, e.g. SAMORIG 1234567 61005 This flashes the ORIG.BIN file (created by SAMREAD.BAT) back onto the drive. No need to boot Windows as part of the flash process! You may need to replace MTKFLASH with your own version (the one included is customised for VIA EPIA SP series Mini-ITX motherboards with PnP OS disabled). Don't forget to put a copy of XTREM42A.BIN and XTREM42B.BIN in the SAMSUNG folder! ------------------------------- README PART 3 - THE OTHER STUFF ------------------------------- X360SAM was written in Turbo Pascal 5.5 Thanks go to:- Commodore4Eva for his excellent work on the Xtreme firmware DeViLs360 for the string-change idea Geebee for his excellent flashing tutorial Klutsh for making Samsung flashing even easier with his Xtreme Boot Maker Iriez and the gang for providing "the usual places" LUFCfan for most of the Hitachi drive ID strings used in V0.6 NU-NRG for testing DeViLs360's string-change idea Sniperkilla for the expanded key range info Textbook for helping the noobs on Xbox-Scene :-) and updating Geebee's tutorial XanTium for always front-paging my new-version announcements! *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - DON'T BLAME ME IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG *** VERSION HISTORY --------------- 0.6 - Two extra options:- 1: either specify a Hitachi (XXXX) or Samsung (msXX) version to get the appropriate version string. 2: specify a WAS.BIN (or equivalent .BIN file), X360SAM will take the version number from there (Samsung or Hitachi). Version string copying range expanded, now copies $202e-$205d/$20bc-$20eb from Samsung and either $202e-$205d/$20ba-$20e9 or $202a-$2059/$20b6-$20e5 from Hitachi (all strings are 48 bytes). 0.5 - Now copies the version strings at $202e-$205d and $20bc-$20db from the original firmware, so the hacked firmware reports the original version. If the firmware version isn't ms-anything, stops with an error. 0.4 - Added I/O error checking, if X360SAM encounters a disk error (because it's full, for example) it'll delete the partly-created file and halt with ERRORLEVEL 1 which is now picked up by the batch files. 0.3 - Read/write block size increased to reduce operating time on floppy drives, logo added, SAMREAD.BAT altered to accommodate XTREME32.BIN. 0.2 - Key area increased in size from $4000-$41FF to $4000-$43FF (release delayed, hence support for XTREME30.BIN which came out later). 0.1 - Initial release, features 256K filesize check and $4000-$41FF key size. by eXOBeX.
  9. x360Scrub

    x360Scrub will make an ISO as small as possible by removing garbage data
    1) Open the ISO you want to scrub in xbox image browser and create a layout file for the ISO
    2) Open x360Scrub and follow instructions there
    - Remove the need to manually create layout file
    - Add better error handling
    If you find any bugs or want to suggest something join us on Efnet - #XeLove
    Greetings to IceKiller, LoveMHz and the others!
    by Team-XexLove.
  10. X360USB Pro & Pro 2 Firmware Update Tool

    How To Upgrade Your X360USB PRO
    Simply move the update switch to the left and hit the reset button.
    It should now say "XECUTER X360USB HID Bootloader Attached."
    Load the firmware file and update.
    While it's updating move the update switch back to the right.
    Once programming is successful, the X360USB PRO will auto reset itself to default WINAPI mode.
    You must use the X360USB PRO Update Tool Version: 0.12 or later to program this file. Do not use an earlier version.
    - added DG5S vendor support
    - Liteon Turbo Mode added. If you thought it was fast before..... 
    - Slim Read / Write functions added.
    - Optimized all Phat read / write functions
    - Improved Hitachi code
    - Embedded Phatkey code - much faster Liteon key extraction with Probe 3 / PMT
    - Various tweaks and other improvements
    - Initial Release
  11. XB360 Modder

    This Tool InCludes Tons Of Programs Such As
    HDD Explorers - Xport360 - Xplorer360 Profile - Ezgt2.2 - Profile Editor v2.5 Hex Editors - HxD Hex Editor - Hex Editor Neo MW2 Tools - Clan Tag Tool - Split Screen Tool Halo 3 Tools - All Halo Tools & Etc Oblivian Tools - Stat Mods COD2 Tools - All Online Mods Other - Modio - Horizon - Cod Tool v1.5 - Hash Block Calculator
  12. Xbox 360 CON File Tool (ConSigner)

    The CON file tool updates signatures found in Xbox 360 user content files ("CON" file). CON is the format used for saved games and settings. The tool requires a valid keyvault file to work.
    How to use:
    Firstly a valid keyvault must be extracted. This requires decryption; there is a tool for doing this but this is not covered here.
    Open X360.exe. Load the modified file you want to resign. When clicking "Sign", it will ask for the keyvault file (if kv.bin is not in the current directory). Point it to the keyvault you extracted.
    It should now correctly resign the file.

    How it works:
    In the keyvault of every Xbox 360 is a unique CON keypair that is used for signing CON files. The public key component of this keypair is signed by Microsoft to ensure that arbitrary keypairs cannot be used.
    A copy of the public key and its signature is stored in each CON file. This allows Xbox 360 consoles to verify CON files that may be signed by other Xbox 360 consoles.
    Because the signing keys are per-box, individual consoles can have their keypair revoked in firmware updates.
    For more information, see the source code included in the archive.

    What can it do?
    The tool is not very interesting from the perspective of running unsigned code or Linux. It would require an exploit that is unlikely given the architecture of the Xbox 360.
    It is useful for activities such as porting saved game content from PC to Xbox.

    roofus & angerwound for proving it was possible and posting on xboxhacker.net the basic outline of how it works.
    Rene Ladan for package file research, including hash table research.
    No Credit
    superaison & haxalot88 (ie Michael Kaufman of Talent, Oregon 97540) who stole this work in order to try to live up to fantasies of messing with Xbox Live and somehow making financial gain out of it, then trying to claim it as their own work. Due to them not understanding how it actually works, yet being keen to pretend to understand it, they inadvertently gave away most of the detail to like-minded individuals. In some cases this was implementation specific and irrelevant (unbeknown to them, such as the use of a dummy value for input into the RSA library). In other cases they gave away key detail, such as the type of signature and offsets of the keys. Because I think many of the people who have it now are using it for stupid things, I'm making it public in the hope that it will be used for better things.
  13. Xbox 360 Debug Monitor (XBDM)

    Xbox 360 Debug Monitor
    super cool science edition
    aka XBDM SCSE
    by Natelx
    if you dont read the readme i'm not helping you
    set it as a dashlaunch plugin
    it does fun stuff, like debugging and junk
    if you want to change the color, you do "setcolor name=%s", where %s can be:
    nosidecar is the default
    use wifi at your own risk!
    ethernet is faster! (much faster)
    stuff may break, bug reports are fun
    Steve the MSPaint Dinosaur says hi
  14. Xbox 360 Dump Extract

    So you've seen all our raw dumps? but what can you use them for?
    Nothing in their current form, yet! - But here we go with a nice extractor tool so that you can extract the dumps and check out the files, we even decided to release the source code, so that you can figure out the filesystem and make even nicer tools and clean up our horrible looking code, cause we are lazy and old!
    Usage: extract360.exe gamename.360 <wildcard>...
    For example:
              extract360.exe pi-nfsmw.360 Sit back and relax, and enjoy, these xbox360 games are quite large!
    And a note to the tech guys:
    Yes, once you get past the protections and down to the raw  bits on the disc, its just the standard xboxdvdfs, however the  offset and layer breakpoint are different!
     by Team PI Coder.
  15. Xbox 360 Hard Drive Security Sector

    Use this with HDDHackr to hack a SATA drive to work in the Xbox 360.
    Works with the following Western Digital Drives:
    WD Scorpio Series BEVS/BEAS WD Scorpio Blue Series (All drives) WD Scorpio Black Series BEKT/BJKT WD VelociRaptor Series
  16. Xbox 360 Image SS Extractor / Patcher

    This Graphical tool allows patching your XBOX and XBOX 360 Game Images with your own Security Sector file at the right addess, making the full process easier, fast and error free.  This app is for those who wants to create a game image to play with the Commodore4eva hacked firmware (for xbox 1 or for 360).
    There are other important features of the app like:
    Image Browser, you can view the file structure, copy structure to clipboard, extract and replace files into the game image. Browser supports XBOX and XBOX 360 raw dumps, XBOX  and XBOX 360 Quix ISO’s. (some newer releases from warez groups are not supported because they are releasing in wrong format: Nero ISO) Trim your Raw Images (XBOX and XBOX 360) eliminating the unused extra space from the image, lowering your burn time. Create a XBOX/XBOX 360 Raw Image joining video + game partition Patch your keys onto hacked firmware Retrieve Security Sector from original XBOX/XBOX 360 games (read full document) Mini DVD-Info Pro, this option combines basic functionality from CloneCD and DVD-Info pro, enough for our purposes so you don’t have to switch from one app to another. Create layout files (.lft) for WXRipper, so you can rip your XBOX 360 games in minutes and without the need of calculating any “magic number” by Maximus.
  17. XBOX 360 ISO Extract

    XBOX 360 ISO Extract
    created by somski
    version 0.6
    -- version 0.6 (2010/10/11)
    * $SystemUpdate directory is now skipped instead of deleted afterwards
    * log window is now updated regularly
    + new progressbar to indicate the progress of the current file
    + new button to invert the extraction checkboxes
    -- version 0.5 (2010/10/09)
    * order of queue can be changed by drag and drop (right mouseclick)
    - extra button for up and down are removed
    + changable extraction name (F2 or double click)
    + now finds *.iso, *.000, *.360, *.img
    + FTP support (just standard username & password (xbox:xbox) for now)
    -- version 0.4 (2010/08/24)
    + order of the queue is changeable now
    + last iso and extraction dir are saved now 
    + scans the iso directory on change and startup (needs a bit longer to load)
    * some error handling added
    -- version 0.3 (2010/02/16)
    * first public release
    general information:
    This program allowes you to extract multiple xbox360 isos based on exiso.
    + you can scan recursively through a directory and pick every iso
      (every iso must be in a seperate dir or you need to manually extraction name)
    + each iso will be extracted to the target_dir\!the dir you CHOOSE :))!
        (standard: directoryname of the iso)
    + skips extracting if target_dir already has the directory 
    + "remove iso afterwards" functionality (be careful! maybe some bugs)
    + statusbar and log window
    + skipping of the $SystemUpdate directory (since it's not needed)
    + FTP support
    1. click on "choose ISO-Folder" and select a directory with isos in it.
    e.g. if you have games in Y:\Console\Medal.of.Honor , Y:\Console\Enslaved
         select Y:\Console
    2. you choose between ftp mode or locale extract mode (checkbox with name ftp)
    3. with ftp:
          you choose your xbox ip and as destination e.g. \hdd1\Games or \usb0\Games
       without ftp:
          you can press on the button to choose a directory or type it in by hand
    4. you hit the rescan button
    5. you can rearrange the extraction queue (right click and drag and drop)
    6. you can rename the extraction names (by pressing F2 or clicking on the name)
       this will be used as full path e.g. you used as destination \hdd1\Games
       and the game name you choose was Medal.Of.Honor than the full path would be
    7.optional: if an iso was found that you don't want to extract hit the checkbox
                in front of the name to deselect it (it won't get extracted then)
                to invert the chechboxes click invert
    8 optional: deselect skip $SystemUpdate and/or select delete iso
    9. hit go
    10. lean back and let the software do the rest.
        Now it shows you the current status (statusbars at the bottom).
        For more information on the current extraction you can go to the current tab
    special thanks:
    * in <in@fishtank.com> for the initial extract-xiso build
    * aiyyo for his modifications to support xbox360 and making it more user friendly
      (skipping of $SystemUpdate and progress for current file)
    * and everyone else who told me what to do better ;)
  18. Xbox 360 Profile Editor

    It can do things like change your gamerscore, and maybe more(dosen’t really state what it does). You can possibly get banned from using this. Depending on what you’re doing with it. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
    Note from NFO: Use at your own risk, anything you modify with your gamertag in this respect will get your Gamerscore reset or get you banned if you get caught. But doing it correctly with this tool you should be fine.
    by BMP.
  19. Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Hack

    1- List of folders and what they are for:
    \common                      : Common files between slim 360s and fat 360s.
    \common\lptjtag_programmer   : Schematics for a simple cpld programmer using PC LPT parallel port. You need to power both the programmer and the CPLD with 3.3 volts.
    \common\imgbuild             : Python script to build a NAND flash image.
    \common\cdxell               : Replacement CD that runs Xell, CDjasper is for jaspers and CD is for anything else.
    \common\xell                 : Xell image, reset glitch hack version.
    \fat                         : Files for fat 360s.
    \fat\glitch48nofullpost      : CPLD code, one for each hardware revision.
    \fat\wiring                  : Schematics and pictures.
    \slim                        : Files for slim 360s.
    \slim\glitchslimnodp         : CPLD code.
    \slim\wiring                 : Schematics and pictures.
    2- Basic procedure for fat 360s (zephyr, falcon, jasper)
      2.1- Program the CPLD using Xilinx Impact, a CPLD programmer of your choice and the JED file for your 360 hardware revision.
      2.2- Wire your 360 using the schematics and pictures located in /fat/wiring
             - If you are using a CMOD board, don't forget to remove R2 and short R3 on it.
             - Wire ground with thicker wire.
      2.3- Build the NAND image, eg for a jasper the command should be something like:
             python common\imgbuild\build.py original_nand.ecc common\cdxell\CDjasper common\xell\xell-gggggg.bin
           (You need to dump your NAND prior to that)
           (You also need to fill secret_1BL with the 1BL key in build.py, it should look like that: secret_1BL = "\x00\x11\x22\x33\x44\x55\x66\x77\x88\x99\xAA\xBB\xCC\xDD\xEE\xFF")
      2.4- Flash the resulting output\image_00000000.ecc using the NandPro +w command.
    3- Basic procedure for slim 360s (trinity)
      3.1- Program the CPLD using Xilinx Impact, a CPLD programmer of your choice and the JED file for your 360 hardware revision.
      3.2- Wire your 360 using the schematics and pictures located in /slim/wiring.
             - If you are using a CMOD board, don't forget to remove R2 connect upper pad of R2 to lower pad of R1 on the CMOD.
             - Wire ground with thicker wire.
      3.3- Build the NAND image, eg the command should be something like:
             python common\imgbuild\build.py original_nand.ecc common\cdxell\CD common\xell\xell-gggggg.bin
           (You need to dump your NAND prior to that)
      3.4- Flash the resulting output\image_00000000.ecc using the NandPro +w command.
    4- Debugging
      There's a debug pin on the CPLD board, it's CMOD pin 15. 
      On fats, for about half a second, it should output 3.3v a few seconds after reset.
      On slims, for about a second, it should output 3.3v about a second after reset.
      Proper pattern on that pin ensures NAND CB works and all wires except reset are good.
    5- Enjoy your hacked 360 =)
    6- History:
      - v1.00:
        first release.
      - v1.10:
        - Falcon support.
        - Per hardware revision SMC patches (no more need for Jasper donor smc on fats).
        - Adding sanity check on 1BL key.
        - Adding support for donor CB on fats.
        - Debug pin on fats and slims.
        - New Xell with some bugs fixed.
        - Now using 270pf capacitor for slims, many reported it works better.
    7- Credits:
    GliGli, Tiros: Reverse engineering and hack development.
    cOz: Reverse engineering, beta testing.
    Razkar, tuxuser: beta testing.
    cjak, Redline99, SeventhSon, tmbinc, anyone I forgot... : Prior reverse engineering and/or hacking work on the 360.
    lprot: SMC patches.
    unknown hacker: falcon timing.
  20. Xbox 360 Sound Manager

    Editor de sonidos de Xbox 360 utilizando Teensy 2.0.

    by Pink1.
  21. Xbox 360 SS Merger

    This GUI tool allows you to easily insert the Security Sectors (SS) and PFI/DMI (Xtreme v3.0+ stealth media) on Xbox360 and Xbox1 images for Xtreme and NME-360 firmwares.
    by HellDoc.
  22. Xbox 360 System Update

    Las actualizaciones oficiales del dashboard de Xbox 360 lanzadas por Microsoft, instalables vía USB.
    ¿Cómo actualizar el dashboard de Xbox 360 vía USB?
    Para actualizar el dashboard de Xbox 360 vía USB basta con seguir esto sencillos pasos:
    Descargar la actualización desde esta misma página. Descomprimir el archivo .zip y colocar la carpeta $systemupdate en el directorio raiz de una memoria USB. Conectamos la memoria USB a la consola y la reiniciamos. Automáticamente al volver a encenderse aparecerá un mensaje preguntándonos que si queremos actualizar, aceptamos y esperamos a que el proceso se complete. Nota: Es muy importante no apagar o reiniciar la consola mientras que se está actualizando, ya que podríamos brickearla.
  23. Xbox 360 Tools

    Modding Tools for Xbox 360 games.

    by XB36Hazard.
  24. Xbox Backup Creator

    =========== Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0425 by Redline99 Fixed - resetting drive speed back to 5x after use removed - old standard of putting video layer 1 on layer 0 for xgd1 and xgd2 this is a fix for newer "wave 17" xgd2 discs =================== Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0421 by Redline99 Added - support for OEM VAD6038 Added - support for OEM TS-H943A Added - support for OEM Hitachi GDR-3120L 32, 36, 40, 46, 47, 58, 59, 78, 79 Added - support for OEM Liteon DG-16D2S Added - support for OEM Liteon DG-16D4S Added - support for OEM Hitachi DL10N Added - support for Drive Key Lookup via Jungle Flasher Key DB Added - support for Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 Added - support for OEM XGD1, XGD2, XGD3 ripping * Fixed - SS file save bug * OEM Ripping is dependent on using the Xecuter X360USB Pro v2 to get Windows to assign the OEM DVD drive a drive letter. This is a BIG new feature and should be considered as beta status. Please report any issues to the Team Xecuter forums and they will be collected and forwarded on to me. Not all OEM drives support every XBC feature and the drive key must be known. In the drive specific options you can set the drive key or if you have used JungleFlasher then XBC can automatically pull the drive key from JF. Sometimes the drives are finicky especially the hitachi's; reset, try again. In testing the slim drive models had much better speed, accuracy and were quieter. My beloved TS-H943A/VAD6038 setup is showing its age. Drive SS XGD3 AP25 DRT ------------------------------------------------------------- Samsung TS-H943A 1 2 3 N Phillips BenQ VAD6038 1 2 Y N Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:32 Y Y N Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:36 Y Y N Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:40 Y Y N Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:46 Y Y N Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:47 Y Y N Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:59 Y Y N Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:78 Y Y Y Y Hitachi GDR-3120L fw:79 Y Y Y Y Hitachi DL10N Y Y Y Y Liteon DG-16D2S 1 2 Y N Liteon DG-16D4S Y Y Y Y Liteon DG-16D5S *Not supported yet because Auth is different 1 = The OEM SS is not fully compliant with iXtreme, use abgx to fix 2 = Firmware must be XGD3 flashed (post 13141) 3 = Firmware must be XGD3 flashed (post 13141) Uses non-MS method Y = Yes N = No This build of XBC does not support older Xtreme ripping firmwares (Kreon drives are still somewhat supported though). Use abgx360 at http://abgx360.net for more thorough Stealth Checking Yes I know, XBC is old and using an outdated programming language. It has been around and actively supported since 2006! If you run into issues launching the app then you might need: VB6 Runtimes: http://bit.ly/JkIFwP MSCOMCTL.OCX: http://bit.ly/JkILVl Install Help: http://bit.ly/JkIn9k *** Thank you to: Team Xecuter for letting me play with the hardware and working out a lot of the OEM details. JungleFlasher for letting me use your KeyDB. ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0350 by Redline99 Changed - Minor tweaks to Image Browser dialog Changed - AP25 iXtreme LT+ v3.0 method to "Profiling" Changed - Image Browser to better match stand alone app Removed - Convert to SplitVid tool Removed - ISO Tagging feature Fixed - Ripping xgd1 titles Fixed - xgd3 drive response SS details Fixed - Assortment of minor issues Added - Windows 7 Taskbar Progress To patch the median file for LT+ v3.0 Image Tools > select inject > load iso > click AP25 Sector > load median.bin and patch > burn with iHas Driver + BurnerMax Firmware ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0345 by Redline99 *** NOTE *** This build of XBC does not support older Xtreme ripping firmwares (Kreon drives are still supported though, but not advised to use anymore). Use abgx360 at http://abgx360.net for more thorough Stealth Checking Changed - Auto spindle speeds when error occur Added - XGD3 and AP25 Support Added - Title Assets Check when ripping or burning xgd3 Added - DAE.bin file reading in association of AP25 disc Added - Ability to rescan drives (ctrl-s) Added - Support for iXtreme v3 BenQ Added - Support for iXtreme v3 Liteon It is advised that you start XBC without a DVD in the drive. DAE.bin file selection is up to the user to maintain. XBC will use whatever DAE.bin file is in the same directory as the exe. ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0306 by Redline99 *** NOTE *** This build of XBC does not support older Xtreme ripping firmwares (Kreon drives are still supported though) Stealth Checking verbiage/intent removed, XBC only does limited checking. Use abgx360 at http://abgx360.net for more thorough Stealth Checking Removed - Support for previous Xtreme ripping firmwares Removed - Stealth Check Buttons - Use agbx360 Changed - Stealth Check Report - PFI Wave X Date match removed Changed - Named check mark on options tab as "ISO Check" to reflect it is not a "Stealth Check" anymore Added - Ability to lock game partition before ripping Added - Ability to detect iXtreme firmware spoofing Added - Support for iXtreme 1.6 Samsung Added - Support for iXtreme 1.6 BenQ Added - Support for iXtreme 1.6 Liteon Added - Support for iXtreme 1.6 Hitachi (Note: Hitachi is untested and awaiting a firmware release) Due to an issue that affects the Liteon ix16 it is advised that you start XBC without a DVD in the drive. ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.8 Build:0275 by Redline99 Added - Added support for BenQ VAD6038 0800 firmware (Note: This has had limited testing, be cautious) ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.7 Build:0265 by Redline99 Added - Support for Kreon's SH-D163B firmware Added - Support for Kreon's SH-D162D firmware Added - Verify Disc button on the Drive Tools Tab Added - Added option to do a Verify Disc after a Burn (Note: Used ImgBurns build in Verify when selected) ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.6 Build:0260 by Redline99 Changed - Stealth Check Report Changed - SplitVid Implementation for better compatibility Changed - Removed Eject/Load button from Drive Tools Added - More information from SS to log Added - Stealth Check for Backup media Added - Stealth Check Before Burn process for Nero Added - Stealth Check Before Burn process for ImgBurn Added - Stealth Check to Validate Media ID XEX-SS-DMI Added - SplitVid format as a public option, Default Enabled Added - Region Check button in Drive Tools Added - Region Check button in Image Tools Added - Better sector caching to generic dvd reader Added - Check and on the fly fixing for backup media info in PFI Added - Check to validate Video size versus PFI when injecting into an ISO and in Stealth Check Fixed - XDVDFS Parser to read on 0x10 sector alignments ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.5 Build:0XXX by Redline99 Changed - Stealth Check Report Changed - SplitVid Implementation for better compatibility Changed - Removed Eject/Load button from Drive Tools Added - More information from SS to log Added - Stealth Check for Backup media Added - Stealth Check Before Burn process for Nero Added - Stealth Check Before Burn process for ImgBurn Added - Stealth Check to Validate Media ID XEX-SS-DMI Added - Media ID Check before injecting SS or DMI into an ISO Image Added - SplitVid format as a public option, Default Enabled Added - Region Check button in Drive Tools Added - Region Check button in Image Tools Added - Better sector caching to generic dvd reader Added - Check and on the fly fixing for backup media info in PFI Added - Check to validate Video size versus PFI when injecting into an ISO and in Stealth Check Fixed - XDVDFS Parser to read on 0x10 sector alignments Fixed - Issue with reading Backups on a SHD162C somtimes Known Issues: The read tab is slower to enable the controls Return Value from ImgBurn not working properly USB Drives in ASPI mode are not recognized correctly And a few others from previous releases with some more new ones sprinkled in to keep me up late. Notes: Check your settings, this version will reset all settings back to their defaults On the Image Tools Tab if you use the "Image Browser" it will first check if there is a dvd in the current selected drive. If there is a dvd in the drive then that is what will be displayed. You can use the menu in the Image Brower to close that and open an iso file. ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.4 Build:0225 by Redline99 Added - Image Browser/Extractor Right mouse click in Tree/List for extraction options Use File menu to load an iso image from HDD Added - Region Checking xbe/xex Added - Support to burn image in ImgBurn (Currently doesn't get correct exit code?) Added - Support to burn image with Nero (COM component) Added - Support to detect identity changing between Hitachi and Samsung I've been too lazy to hook my Hitachi back up with a modified firmware so this has not been fully tested by myself. :) Added - Support to Extract/Inject Video Added - Support to read PFI, DMI, SS and whole image off of a backup Added - Support for iso's that dont have PFI, DMI (will substitute standard values) Changed - SPTI Timeout values, hopefully fixes more than creates problems :) Changed - Drive Open method for burner to Exclusive Access Changed - Changed verbiage on ISO Tools tab from Merge to Inject Changed - Relaxed PFI check to allow for oddballs like Star Trek Legacy Changed - Timeout value when setting layerbreak from 10 seconds to 120 Changed - Method to detect current visible partition, a little slower now though Changed - Removed SGD-605B until I have the time to properly support it Changed - Removed Save Firmware button, there are better tools for this Changed - Removed Get DriveKey button, there are better tools for this Fixed - Not being able to quit if the drive space was low and user selected cancel Fixed - Initial lock state for Kreons drives Fixed - File Handle not being closed after FindFirstFile Fixed - Issue with non-standard video or game partition sizes (Star Trek Legacy) ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.3 Build:0185 by Redline99 Added - Support for SH-D163A using Kreon's firmware Changed - Get Security Sector precedure to retry upto 5 times on failure Changed - Stealth Check to include Security Sector It also will do an additional check for Xbox One 0x0200 - 0x02CF ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.2 Build:0180 by Redline99 Fixed - Some drive/media combinations didn't report Available bytes correctly Added - Option to Perform the OPC or not, Default = True Added - Option to Perform the Track Reservation or not, Default = True Added - Fix for Invalid Xbox One Security Sector (Kreon pre .81 and Hitachi F900) Added - Support for Maximus-Garyopa Hitachi-LG Xtreme v2.2 Stealth 8in1 (limited) Added - Support for Frog Aspi v0.29.4, http://www.frogaspi.org/index.html Added - Support for TS-H943A Xtreme v4.0 Game Partition Unlock command Changed - Set Write Speed, Hopefully more compatible Changed - New method of monitoring the tray status Changed - GetMediaStatus routine, to allow for more waiting after closing a disk Changed - Increased the File IO read timeout, this puts more responsibility on the burners buffer-underrun tech Please start using the Frog Aspi v0.29.4 in ASPI mode. If it works for everyone then I will probabally set that as default next time. ================================================================================= Xbox Backup Creator v2.1 Build:0175 by Redline99 Removed - SDG-605B from being able to create a Complete Backup Image (Will bring back and fix later) Removed - Most of the "Wait For Ever" CDB code options. This was causing what looked like a App hang. Removed - Speed Boost check box. It is now controlled by the drop down box in the Drive Specific settings Changed - Log File will always get the Detail Log Level unless logging is turned off Changed - Reduced executable file size Changed - Improved installer Changed - Read Me file to reflect common questions and current status. Fixed - ToolTip text for the Merge/Extract on the Image Tools Tab Fixed - Burner didn't write at selected speed Fixed - Error on Windows 2000 related to "uxtheme.dll" Fixed - DeviceIoControl Error when extracting Security Sector with SH-D162C (Experimental; not proven) Added - More detailed logging of operations and results Added - Hopefully some better writer compatibility (I can't really test) Added - New logo by jhyphinwill, Thanks looks nice and it got me away from the Microsoft logo :) Added - New Read error reporting that will tell you the file name of the data it can't read Added - Check of the OS before using theme dll (uxtheme.dll) Added - Additional Inquiry data (Nice for Kreonís SH-D162C, shows version info) Added - New dialog when a read error occurs (Allows Retry, Fill with zeros, Cancel) Added - Should a file buffer error occur during writing, it will retry 10 times before failing Added - Code to prevent multiple instances of the application Added - Warning if the drive is already unlocked when doing a Complete Backup Added - Better overall retry strategy when Initializing/Writing/Finalizing) Added - A detailed Security Sector log Added - Check of image file size before writing Added - Optimum Power Calibration before writing Added - Log file will now reset if larger than a 512KB Added - New method for reading Xbox One disks. This should greatly improve the process. See Note * Added - Feature to save the XDVDFS structure to a comma delimited text file (mostly for research) Added - XDVDFS File system entry details (if a read error is in the file system area) Added - Feature that if user selects to fill read errors with zeros, but a read error occurs in file system data they will get prompted again as this could be a media defect error in game data and shouldn't just be filled with zeros. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * This uses a technique I called the "Sector Mapper" It uses the XDVDFS to read only the data referenced by the file system. In theory this should do two things: 1. Speed up the process by not trying to read the Security Place Holders 2. Speed up the process by only reading the data, not the entire disk. Please be aware that although this has been tested and is working the concept has not proven itself on a large scale. It currently does not work on Xbox 360 disks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xbox Backup Creator v2.0 Build:0100 by Redline99 Initial Release ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hardware Requirements: Processor: Something within the last 3 years should be fine. I use a P4 3GHz with 1GB Ram Ram: The application currently used a 20MB write buffer, shouldnít be a problem on current machines. Drives: A DVD+R Double Layer burner that supports a Buffer Underrun Technology. PC DVD Samsung SH-D162C with Kreons modified firmware (PC DVD Drive)** Xbox 360 Samsung TS-H943A with Xtreme compatible firmware, v1, v2 or v3. Xbox 360 Hitachi GDR-3120L with Xtreme compatible firmware with OPA v2.1*** OS Requirements: Windows NT platform with NTFS file system (because file sizes are 4+ GB) Windows XP SP2 is preferred, Vista has not been tested. If there is enough interest I may support Win9x by way of creating file sets within FAT32 limits. An ASPI driver will also be required. (ASPI already supported) Application Use: It should be pretty straight forward. Read your disk then write it to a blank DVD+R DL. Since this application is not multi-threaded, please do not disturb it while writing. After inserting a disk it may take a few seconds for it to be recognized. If it does not populate and enable the buttons after more than 30 seconds press CTRL-R to force a refresh. Remember, you must use one of the supported drives for READING Xbox disks. The drive will ALSO need the modified firmware. :) A lot of people were confused about this. You cannot just pop the Xbox disk into your burner to make a backup. This app doesn't support making a backup of a backup. Find another way, its easy. If your burner doesn't automatically set the book type to DVD-ROM for DVD+R DL then you must set the booktype before writing using the appropriate bitsetting app for your burner. Some of the newer Xbox drive firmwares get past this requirement. Samsung - Use Xtreme v3.1 or later Hitachi - Use the MediaCheck patch by Geremia Known Issues or Errors: If your disk isn't recongized with in 20 seconds, press CTRL-R to force a refresh May have display issues with some locale settings, not really tested. Writing doesn't support all burners, I hope that it has improved though! Session Fixation Errors are usually due to media and/or burner firmware. Optimum Power Calibration failures are usually due to low quality media. Invalid Write Address failures are usually due to low quality media. You may get a DeviceIoControl error with a Sense error of "0/00/00", I don't have a good answer but, some people have reported success by reinstalling updated Sata drivers. Also another method that may work is to use the Nero ASPI driver instead of SPTI. During the write initialization you may encounter "Power On, or Bus Device Reset occurred" I have not been able to figure out the root of this or the proper method of recovery. If you happen to know, please fill me in on the secret. :) Supported Backup Images: Xtreme style disk images version 1-3. wxRipper support may be added at a later date. The application will only build version 3 style images. I don't see the need to add the complication of the version 1,2 types. This is because the data is outside the readable LBA range to the Xbox and the older firmwares will just not use the extra DMI and PFI sectors. The Security Sector is in the same position across versions. Xbox Versions: Xbox 360: Xbox 360 disks and Xbox One disks! Xbox One: Not supported, previous version was making the ISO incorrectly and I haven't had time to fix yet. Hopefully next major release. Support: I will do my best to keep current and add requested features, feel free to contact me with ideas, compatibility issues or bug reports. I ask of you to please not use the forums to talk about your adventures in pirating. Specifically the forums at www.xboxhacker.net and www.xbox-scene.com. My personal belief is that making a backup of property you purchased is within your rights. Of course not everyone shares this opinion and you should use common sense and do not distribute or download backup disk images. You can view Microsoft's statement on piracy at the link below. http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/default.mspx Installation: This application requires the Visual Basic 6 sp6 runtimes, included if you need them These is also a dependency on MSCOMCTL.OCX, included in the msi setup package. Hopefully you can just run the exe! Use the Setup Package if you need it. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you should be able to just copy the executable and run it. If you decide to run the installer, uninstall the previous through Add/Remove Programs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some shortcut keys: CTRL-TAB = Switch to next tab CTRL-L = Show/Hide Log CTRL-C = Cancel current operation CTRL-R = Refresh Disk Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Provided you do it my way and your hardware is compatible! :) ** Pre Version .80 of Kreon's Samsung SH-D162C doesn't completely support the Security Sector extraction, but the application will detect the capability when it is available. By the way... Good job Kreon! Also note that .80 has a bug that prevents the SS from working on a Xbox One. You can manually fix it or better yet use Kreon's .81 version. *** Currently, the Hitachi GRD-3120L is not capable of viewing the game partition without a hardcoded firmware patch. Hopefully someone will create proper support for unlocking.  
  25. Xbox Image Browser

    =============== Xbox Image Browser v2.9 Build:0350 by Redline99 Browse and Extract ISO files Added - Added folder preselection to Save As browse dialog Added - Command line parsing to open an iso from explorer (Open With command) NOTE: Xbox Image Browser is intended to only work with iso files. Reading directly from a dvd disc is supported by the Image Browser embedded in Xbox Backup Creator. =========================== Xbox Image Browser v2.9 Build:0345 by Redline99 Browse and Extract ISO files Added - XGD3 Support Changed - Some minor clean ups USAGE: Selecting the "su20076000_00000000" will display the version number. Selecting an "xex" file will display the region Right clicking on top level file name will extract the entire ISO. Right clicking on a folder will extract it and it's sub folders. Right clicking on a single will will allow you to extract that file. Right clicking on a single file will allow you to replace the file. (The file size must be the same or smaller.) This application is basically the same one embedded in Xbox Backup Creator. NOTE: If your getting an error in windows 7 (or other os) with mscomctl.ocx which is stopping backup creator from running then try this Get the mscomctl.ocx whether zip/rar form or whatever, extract to( C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. ) LEFT CLICK ON "Command Prompt" and choose "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" this is important, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR ok got that good, then use "CD C:\Windows\system" NOT \system32 Then "regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx" Running XBC on 64-bit windows 7 its different again you need to put MSCOMCTL.OCX into C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder. Run command prompt as Administrator and ether type or copy and paste this in >>> Regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX if anyone needs it > Here. http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/mscomctl.zip  

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