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  1. Modio

    Aplicación que nos permite modificar juegos y partidas guardadas de Xbox 360, además de dar acceso a una gran base de datos con partidas guardadas por la comunidad.
    Changelog v5.27:
    Adds an editor for Payday 2. The achievement unlocker can now support large profiles better. Minor bug fixes and tweaks.
  2. Mupen64-360

    Mupen64-360 es un emulador de Nitnendo 64 para Xbox 360. Está potenciado por libxenon y es un port de Wii64 (que a su vez es un port de  Mupen64).
    Unzip on USB sick, then run from Xell.
    Many ROM formats are supported, zipped ROMs also work.
    In the browser, the Back button changes the current drive, A selects, B goes to parent dir.
    Ingame, Back toggles Framerate limiting, and the Guide button quits to the browser.
    Other controls are described in the emulator itself.
    The browser background image is loaded from /mupen64-360/bg.png on the USB stick, other backgrounds are provided.
        - Controls (l->r):
    Changes the way N64 directional controls are mapped to the 360 gamepad, from left to right.
    EG: Stick / D-Pad / C-buttons means N64 stick will be mapped on the 360 left stick, N64 D-pad on 360 D-pad, and N64 C-buttons on 360 right D-pad.
        - Textures:
    Changes the texture enhancement filter, depending on games, some filters will look better than others.
    Be aware than the highest settings can slowdown games a lot, or even crash them in some rare cases.
        - CPU core:
    Controls the speed/compatibility ratio, from fully featured dynarec to interpreter mode.
    'No linking' and 'No VM' are new dynarec modes that can make some games work, while still running at playable speed.
        - Framerate limiting:
    When enabled, games won't go faster than they would on a real N64. Can be toggled ingame with the Back button.
    Wii64 / Mupen64 teams (guess why 🙂
    GliGli (Xbox 360 port)
    Ced2911 (GUI library)
    Razkar (Backgrounds)
    Everyone that contributed to libxenon...
  3. NXE2GOD

    NXE2GOD es una herramienta que convierte los instaladores NXE de los juegos en formato físico de Xbox 360 a formato GOD (Games On Demand).
    Básicamente lo que hace es eliminar la necesidad de tener el disco del juego insertado en el lector de la consola para ejecutarlo.
    ¿Cómo instalar NXE2GOD?
    En el archivo descargado vienen dos carpetas, una xex y otra live.
    La carpeta "live" la tenemos que pasar a la ruta "dispositivo\Content\0000000000000000\FFFF0055\00080000\", lo que nos permitirá ejecutar el juego desde el mismo dashboard de la consola.
    La versión xex es para el que quiere crear su propio pack live o simplemente quiere ejecutar el juego desde un dispositivo USB.
  4. OpenKey

    An open source LiteOn 83850c key decrypter
    OpenKey v0.2 released!
    - Added an additional file validity check for matching barcode data in both  inquiry and serial areas - Added automatic .bin.key creation (prompts for overwrite confirmation if the file already exists) - Added pretty hex display :) 2009/08/07:
    OpenKey v0.1 released!
    I just wanted to get a look at the super advanced crypto that goes into 83850c but apparently Geremia is not sharing source code for FreeKey... so one thing led to another and i ended up writing this little app while deciphering the (actually quite disappointing) algorithm. Enjoy!
    This is mainly provided for curious people and I can NOT guarantee that the keys it gives you are correct (but it seems to work properly). Please don't ask me for help with this application unless you are working on integrating this functionality into JungleFlasher :)
  5. OSx360

    La herramienta definitiva de backup para Xbox 360 en Mac.
    Desarrollada por WolfieNuke.
  6. Party Buffalo Xbox 360 Drive Explorer

    To use, connect your drive (if using a drive), press File>Open>Open Drive Selector>Select your drive. If you're not using a drive, load your file by going to File>Open>Open Dump.
    Features so far...
    Backing up of drive Extracting files Reading files Reading backups/files that are a single FATX partition (such as the xlaunch.fdf file found in devkats) USB support added 1/13/2010 Backing up security sector STFS implimentation (so you can see the game name/file name of an STFS package Undelition
  7. PicoFlasher

    Flasheador para el firmware de la NAND de Xbox 360, de código abierto, para la Raspberry Pi Pico.


    Nota: También funciona con Windows y J-Runner.
    Aplicación creada por Balázs Triszka.

    Description: Set of utilities to work with the PIRS file format.
    Usage: "pirs <pirs file> <output directory>" will dump the PIRS file contents
    2006-1-06    pedrospad
        * Ported for use in windows.
    2005-12-13    superjedi <ziga@phear.org>
        * Fixed a bug in pirs_get_titles () and pirs_get_descriptions ()
    2005-12-11      superjedi <ziga@phear.org>
            * First release, version 0.1
            * All the functions have been splitted in a library, libpirs
  9. PPSSPP for Xbox 360

    PSP Emulator for Xbox 360. Based on PPSSPP for Windows.
        put a psp iso name psp.iso is the same directory as default.xex     
    What have been done:
        Fast ppc jit (Can be used in wii/wiiu/ps3). Give a 10x to 20x speedup !     DirectX9 backend (Can be ported to Windows), miss some lights and framebuffer effects.     
    What need to be done next:
        Finish the ppc jit, 70/80% of the opcode are recompiled, need slow memory paths.     Finish the DirectX9 Backend. Fix framebuffers, lights issues.     Port FFMpeg for sound and video playback.     Port the Atrac3+     Add a gui Know bugs:
        Jit doesn't work in real devkit.     In some games can't go in game because of missing video/sound playback => use a save games.     Some games are slow (Monster hunter 2) set VertexCache = true to give a big speed up ! Use this with caution! 360 have few memory !     Random crashes => Can be fixed by using setting Jit = false and FastMemory = false, but it will slowdown as hell !     Lighting issues on Ridger Racer.     Framebuffer issues. By Ced2911.
  10. pSlax

    A Slax PC Linux bootdisc (Kernel with SATA support) that allows you to switch the Xbox360 Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L DVD-drive to mode-b without connectivity kit (crossed-wire trick).
  11. QuickBoot

    QuickBoot allows you to build "short cut" LIVE containers that will allow you  to launch applications directly from NXE.
    The three main advantages of this are:            
    Saves time by loading the application directly, rather than having to use  XexLoader to browse the file tree and find the executable. Bypasses the 4GB size limit on live containers as you're not actually storing  the application data in the live container, merely making a shortcut to it. Allows you to load applications off of external hard drives etc. straight from  NXE. +Added AutoBuild option to scan specified directory and automatically build QuickBoot containers. This is intended to be used with games and games are expected to be stored on either USB:\Games or HDD:\Games.
                                     Install Notes
    Manual Build:
    1: Extract the rar contents to a location on your computer and run 
    2: Enter in the name and description of the game or application you would like 
    to launch
    3: Enter in the path to the xex file relative to your Xbox; supported paths are 
    hdd, usb and dvd.
        usb:\xexloader\default.xex (Please note this will check ALL usb drives)
    4: Click on the image to add your own, it must be 16KB or less and exactly 64x64 
    pixels. You can leave the image as default if you wish.
    5: Select Xbox 360 Game to have it show under Xbox 360 Games in NXE, or Game
    Demo to have it show under Game Demos.
    6: Click build, choose a save location, you may call the file whatever you like, 
    as long as it doesn't have any special characters.
    7: Copy the file to the directory specified in the status bar.
    8: You can now launch the app directly from NXE, it will be listed Xbox 360 
    Games or Game Demos depending on what you selected in step 5.
    Auto Build:
    This is most useful if your games are installed on a USB hard drive, you can 
    plug the USB hard drive in to your PC and do the following (Of course it also
    works with games installed on an internal HDD but you would need to use Xport
    or similar to copy the games locally to your PC to auto build the containers):
    1: Tick either USB:\ or HDD:\ to indicate that your games are installed in
    USB:\Games or HDD:\Games
    2: Click AutoBuild and select the local directory where the games can be found
    3: Be patient as QuickBoot scans for .xex files and builds containers for them.
    4: Copy Localdrive:\Contents to XBox 360 HDD:\Contents
                                    Special Thanks
    Credit goes to DosKir for the addition of the AutoBuild feature, thanks a lot
    Huge thanks to DJ Shepherd for X360.dll
    by XeDev.
  12. Reset Glitch Loader (RGLoader)

    __________________________/ \__________________________ ___/ - RESET GLITCH LOADER-dev 0v311 - \___ ________ #RGLoader @ EFnet ________ _____ // \_________________/ \\ _______ \________________| RELEASE NOTES |________________/ --------------------------- NOTICE ---------------------------- IF THE LAUNCHER CRASHES ON YOU, UPDATE TO .NET 4.5! This usually happens for non-english language packages. ------------------------ Compatibility ---------------------------- Motherboard -Xenon Jtag 16MB -Zephyr Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB -Falcon Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB -Jasper Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB -Trinity RGH 16MB -Corona RGH 16MB _____________________ _________________/ / \ \_____________________ / - | USAGE | - \ You will need .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 installed. May also work with Mono. -Copy rgloader.ini and bootanim.wmv to the root of the hard drive. -Copy the contents of hdd-filesystems to 'Hdd:\Filesystems\15574-dev' -Extract the 0v300 builder rar to a folder. -Copy 'filesystems' and 'loaders' to the 0v300 builder folder overwriting files/folders. -Run the launcher and build your nand -Open the RGBuild Launcher and type in your CPU_Key and select your build options. -Click the NAND button to browse for your source nand image. -Click "RGBuilder" button to start the process. -Output will be next to this file named: Image._____.bin -Flash this with whatever flash tool you wish. ----------- Prototype NAND Image Editor ----------- Click "RGLoader" button in the launcher, or run rgbuild.exe /ui to open the rgbuild UI, which is a prototype NAND image editor similar to 360 flash tool. The GUI is still very beta, but should be very functional now. Please reports bugs to #rgloader @ EFNet! ________________________________________ ________/ / \ \_____________ / - | Features | - \ ===================Custom Boot Animations======================= Set 'Boot_Animation_Path = \SystemRoot\RGL_bootanim.xex' in rgloader.ini on your hard drive root, and place a bootanimation wmv on the hard drive root named bootanim.wmv and it will play this movie file when the xbox boots. NOTICE: The only way we were able to load wmvs was by waiting for the kernel to fully load before running the boot animation. This doesn't make a lot of sense, and does increase the boot time by a few seconds so we are working on a way of replacing the normal one. If you do not like this delay, feel free to switch back to the regular animation by: -Delete 'Boot_Animation_Path' from rgloader.ini on the hard drive root. -Set 'disable_bootanim = 0' in options.ini, and rebuild/flash your nand image. ================================================================ =========================Corona RGH============================= RGLoader has been updated to work with 16MB corona motherboards. ================================================================ =================Retail Profile Encryption====================== This enables use of retail/live profiles on the RGLoader devkit kernel. The devkit kernel handles profiles differently from retail so there is a chance it will corrupt your profile. This mostly effects live profiles. Do not enable this if you have live profiles on your hard drive! Backup your CONTENT folder first if you want to experiment Wink NOTE: This is a beta feature and the bugs will be fixed soon. Usage: Set Retail_Profile_Encryption = 1 under [Expansion] in rgloader.ini ================================================================ ======================JTAG Support============================== When building a jtag image, you must supply an already jtagged NAND. This way any customizations to your SMC will be kept and also if your crc does not match it will not matter. (this will not be neccesary in final release) NOTE: When an already patched SMC is supplied, the builder will say (unable to patch). Just ignore this. XELL HAS BEEN ADDED TO JTAG IMAGES! Smile ================================================================ ================Flexible Systemroot Patches===================== (hard drive free installs!) We have added a new feature to replace the E90 error that gets thrown when the hard drive is missing or files have been misnamed. If any errors occur during its attempt to remap systemroot to the hard drive (wrong folder name, hdd unplugged, etc..) it will boot into minimal NAND only mode where the devkit launcher dashboard will still boot. This means that a hard drive is not neccesary to run RGLoader! This also means that you can just flash the image on and use minimal mode to copy and setup the hard drive files for the full installation using xbox neighborhood. It is not recommended to use the minimal mode, but it does work. ================================================================ =====================DUMMY KV Generation======================== To protect you from getting your keyvaults banned, we have added an option to options.ini for creating a temporary dummy KV. This sometimes introduces a lag when going to the dashboard and some xex caused by the xbox live connection timeout. If this annoys you, just disable it in options.ini and we will get it fixed soon. ================================================================ ---Things to come--- RGBuild+ __________________________________________ ________/ / \ \___________ RGLoader Runtime Patcher | - \ Features ----------------- Adds extra patches for xam or any other exe/dll in memory. Gives more runtime access and control on patches. Loads rgloader.ini from the hard drive root and also flash drive root. Block_Live_Dns = Blocks xbox live DNS so you can't "phone home" Map_USB_Mass = Makes all usb devices show up in xbox neighborhood Default_Dashboard = Sets the default dashboard No_Sign_Notice = Disables xbox live signin error notice Redirect_Xshell_Start_But = Redirects the xshell start button dashboard launch HUD_Jump_To_XShell = Replaces family settings button in HUD with "Launch XShell" Retail_Profile_Encryption = Enables retail profiles on devkit kernel (BETA) *WARNING: This may corrupt live profiles! Do not enable this patch if you have profiles you want to keep clean! Usage ----------------- Configure and place rgloader.ini onto the root of your hard drive (Partition 1), or usb thumb drive. Reboot. _______ ________________ _______ // \_______\ /_______/ \\ \_____________________|- Known Bugs -|________________________/ -Occasionally slims/trinitys will freeze or reboot on the first boot attempt after a reflash. This usually only happens the first time, if ever. -Slims require fcrt for retail dvds to run. -RGLoader.xex retail profile encryption patch may corrupt live profiles! Do not enable this patch if you have profiles you want to keep clean! _______ _______________ _______ // \_______\ /_______/ \\ \_____________________|- Changelog -|_________________________/ 0v311 -Fixed missing jtag patches 0v310 -Added 16202 -RGLoader.xex now dynamically targets 14719/15574/or 16202 (16197 may be incomplete) -Drag and drop load on rgbuild gui -Reserve space for payloads in FS area(fixes bootanim overwrite by patches) -RGBuild will now accept any kernel version as valid 0v305 -Fixed bad block issue (may fix e79 errors for many people) -Fixed RGH1 on 15574 -Fixed controller desyncing issues in 15574 -Fixed ROL animation during bootanim -RGLoader.xex -Added launch xshell to HUD -Fixed xshell hooking -Fixed persistent patches -Fixed boot animation path in ini 0v300 -Xshell start button redirection -Retail profile encryption support (thanks Dwack!) -RGLoader.xex -binary patch loader -Added system extended partitions to xbox neighborhood -Xbox live signin notice toggling -Added corona support -Updated to 15574 kernel -Added minimal mode indicator on screen -Fixed slim/rgh minimal mode -Added custom boot animations 0v295 -Fixed falcon rgh1 issue in 0v290 -Added kernel side patch loader -Added INI: hdd1:\RGLoader.ini -Block live dns option -Add USB drives to xbox neighborhood (thanks Natelx!) -Assign default dashboard -Fixed dummy KV induced sign on lag -MUCH Faster boot speeds (by 4-5 seconds! 9.5 second jtag load) 0v290 -Fixed RGH2 -Added flexible systemroot patches! (no hdd needed!) -Added xell to jtag images -Fixed ini problems -Slightly faster phat boot times 0v280 -Fixed slim CBB pairing data issue -Added dynamic patches, check out options.ini [Patches] -Prettied up patch code (thanks for macros.S cOz!) -New GUI Update via m0j0j0_j0 -Systemroot patches are now optional (dynamic) -Added custom error code e90! (hdd filesystem failure) -Fixed HDMI jtags -Added RGH2 support! (thanks Team Xecuter) 0v260 -Added better error handling on patch compiling -MUCH faster compile times -Added GUI launcher Big Grin (thanks m0j0j0_j0!) -GUI Launcher settings save to options.ini -Xenon jtag 14719 fixed 0v255 -Fixed 14719 dash issue -Fixed 14719 retail xex issue -Fixed KV editing in GUI -Added dummy KV generating (thanks cOz!) -Added option to generate KV in options.ini -Patched xbdm to always be dev, instead of xbdm.ini (thanks Natelx!) 0v240 -Integrated bat files into rgbuild.exe -Fixed jasper issue -Added options.ini -Lots of changes to builder, mostly internal -Missing filesystem files will now be ignored (dae, fcrt, etc..) -Changed selection menu -Auto detects console using smc (thanks cOz!) -Fixed CF/CG bug (can now use them in GUI) -Support for JTAG images Big Grin -Changed selection menu layout -Builder now ignores missing filesystem files instead of locking up -Added 14719 -Support for trinity 14719 source images -Updated xell binary to v0.991 -Added icons to builder (thanks m0j0j0_j0!) -Fixed xell binary size issue -Added option for compiling phat CD to options.ini -Fixed issue with KV editing not saving 0v170 -Added KV editing to the GUI -Xell dual boot (xell-gggggg.bin) -Bad block support -Added font files to nand image to fix fsd (thanks cOz) -No need to run image through nandpro anymore -More error handling, builder doesn't say successful build every time 0v100 -Added 14699 patches -Moved files location on hdd -Slims show up as dev kit on 14699 without xbdm.ini or modded xbdm.xex -Retail disc support on slims -Added neededfiles.txt to the folders _______ _______________ _______ // \_______\ /_______/ \\ \_____________________|- GREETINGS -|_________________________/ RGLoader was started from the foundations left by others. We hold no claim to researching everything used in rgloader. It's thanks to the work of the amazing people below that we got anywhere: tmbinc, almost every 360 tool owes you for your initial work. although we may be -FAR- away from your intended goals, we'd still like to thank you for your amazing work and the example you set for a good reverse engineerer. The 360 Flash Tool team, thanks for your amazing tool which has helped many people, many times over. My only gripe is that it's not open, maybe one day. GliGli, Tiros, and co., I'm sure anybody with a glitched console should know the work you all put in. I hope recent releases won't deter you from continuing to contribute to the scene with your work. Tuxuser, Cancerous, sk1080, and Juvenal for their work on open source, legal homebrew. Big thanks to cOz for tips and hints and for the work he has contributed to the scene. jsjar for graphics and dash skin. m0j0j0_j0 for RGLauncher skin and icons. Razkar for the news on Homebrew-Connection.org and the release videos Thanks to Tortuga Cove for providing news updates and hosting services. Thanks to team-xecuter & xconsoles for donating a xenon jtag! RGLoader JTAG would not exist without this. GliGli, Tiros, cOz, and co. IceKiller Team-Xecuter TeamFSD Freeboot/ggbuild/xebuild team Natelx ---------------------------------------------------- #RGLoader-dev Group tydye81 stoker25 RF1911 spandaman Juggahax0r Evil0ne XDK Mustache iCEQB m0j0j0_j0 Legend64 dw5304 sk1080 ---------------------------------------------------- Testers/Helpers/Donators/#RGLoader regulars AsAsAn8 Deathlok Ameel Grim187 Rumblpak iLLNESS Xumpy SquirtnR2 Gadorach no1b4me Mycah Alter PizzaG ddxcb SammyTW (many more to add)  
  13. Schtrom360Xtract

    Schtrom360Xtract is used to backup XBOX360 and XBOX1 game discs in one step.

    Version 4.1 Release Date 18.10.2009
    - support for iXtreme V1.6
    - stealth check updated to work with wave 3 and wave 4 games, the wave type is now
    - new Correct SS V1 option added in options dialog for XBOX360 discs
      This option is deactivated by default, you need to enable it in the options dialog.
      If activated this option does correct the security sector at disc extraction, image
      extraction/injection and also during the stealth check. Pay attention that the stealth
      check will already fail if one challenge/response byte starting at offset 0x200 has a
      different value than the calculated ss V1. Keep in mind that this will only correct the 
      security sector based on version 1. At the moment no ss version 2 games are out. But
      if MS is changing to ss V2 it is recommended to deactivate this option until an update
      of S360X is released. On iXtreme V1.6 firmware and XBOX360 backup disc extraction the
      Correct SS V1 option is always used no matter what is selected in the options dialog.
      This is because I haven't found a way until today to read the ss with C/R data from a
      XBOX360 backup disc on the new iXtreme V1.6 firmware.
    - defaut XBOX360 drive speeds changed for better error correction
      TS-H943A, VAD6038 and DG-16D2S set to 12x.
      During tests with the new iXtreme V1.6 it seems that scratched discs have less read
      errors with increased speeds on XBOX360 drives.
    - Send Custom CDB dialog buffer size field changed to support also hexadecimal values
      The cdb cmd presets are now changed to hexadecimal values. Three new presets for 
      LiteOn DG-16D2S iXtreme V1.6 fw added.
    - inquiry detection of retail XBOX360 drives added
      This gives you the opportunity to test cdb cmds on retail drives if your atapi.sys
      is patched. The patching of atapi.sys has to be done by yourself.
    - fixed bug in directory listing for XDVDFS dialog on newer games like Damnation and
      Batman: Arkham Asylum, games can now be viewed and extracted correctly
    - stealth.ini updated

    Version 4.0 Release Date 08.08.2008
    - all code completely redone, MFC discarded and only used plain Windows API,
      executable size is now 50 KB
    - added support for BenQ VAD6038
    - drive speed in options are now set to only the supported ones in the TS-H943A
      and VAD6038 firmware, all other speeds displayed in V3.4 were redirected to one
      of the actual speeds inside the firmware
    - minimum speed is now set by S360X to be optimal for security sector extraction
    - no need to restart S360X if Custom Drive Type or SS Debug Mode options are changed
    - possibility to choose an extraction file name, not only a path, no automatic naming
      scheme is used anymore, S360X tries to suggest an intelligent file name depending
      on the selected task in the Save As Dialog
    - existing image files can now be overwritten on demand, S360X asks the user to
      overwrite or not
    - because of the changed ini values an old ini placed in the S360X folder gets
      overwritten, this is related to S306X testing for the actual build number in the ini,
      if the exe is a newer build the ini gets overwritten
    - XDVDFS XTR dialog completely remastered, the XDVDFS file system from any disc, image or
      game.iso can now be extracted based on a Windows Explorer like interface with a tree
      view and a list box, in addition it is possible to select only single files or folders
      of the file system, wildcard selection works now accumulative, this means you can select
      all *.bik and *.wmv files by first typing *.bik > Select Wildcars and after that *.wmv >
      Select Wildcards, to unselect all entries deselect the tree views root item \
    - Send Custom CDB dialog has now two custom hex controls, one for the buffer received from
      the drive and a second for the buffer send to the drive, the send buffer can be edited
      by the user in realtime in RAM, this means you could send for example a parameter list
      to a drive, change it slightly and send it a 2nd time
    - the executable can now be started in more than one instance, but handle this with care,
      I use this mainly for testing when I wanna extract files from an image during a disc
      extraction, it is not recommended to extract from two different drives at the same time
    - Stealth Check time reduced, stealth and CRC32 checks are now done in parallel, so I don't
      have to parse the same bytes twice, this reduces the time for a stealth and CRC32 check,
      the game.iso part is CRC32 checked as the last part, so I can display region code,
      Media ID and game name before the CRC32 check is over
    - S360X is now ready for
      - Windows XP 32 Bit
      - Windows XP 64 Bit
      - Windows Vista 32 Bit
      - Windows Vista 64 Bit
    - new stealth.ini added
    - and much much more I can't remember...

    Version 3.4 Release Date 18.11.2007
    - tray eject for SH-D163A does work now
    - progress bar won't move beyond 100% anymore
    - default.xex and default.xbe are deleted from the temp folder before and after the CRC check,
      this may have caused wrong XEX/XBE checksums
    - added support for kreon's new SH-D162D and SH-D163B fw
    - Drive Get Feature List was changed to support the additional XBOX1 features, because
      kreon splittet the XBOX1 and XBOX360 features support
    - presets were added for the new drives in the options dialog and Schtrom360Xtract.ini,
      because of that it is recommended to delete the old ini and use the new one with V3.4
    - new stealth.ini added

    Version 3.3 Release Date 17.08.2007
    - new extraction style "whole disc (stealth xtreme 3.0 SplitVid)", this splits the video
      part for layer 0 and layer 1, this seems to be the most exact method to extract an image
    - new extraction styles for both video layers (videoL0.iso and videoL1.iso)
    - extraction of both video layers from a "SplitVid" style image 
    - you can take a stealth xtreme 3.0 style backup disc and extract a new "SplitVid" style image 
      directly from it
    - you can extract the SplitVid video layers from a xtreme 3.0 image and inject them into the same
      image later to convert it to SplitVid
    - get region code directly from a disc
    - the region code check gets also the game name based on the Media ID and the stealth.ini file
    - save XDVDFS image and disc layout to a lyt file
    - fixed XDVDFS XTR extraction, problems of some images like Star Trek Legacy
    - fixed options dialog, custom drive letter is not loaded from ini
    - fixed inquiry detection of SH-D163A without kreon firmware
    - on extraction to non NTFS partitions only a warning msg is displayed, the task is not aborted
    - xdvdfs wildcard extraction changed, use the following:
      - for a complete extraction leave the Wildcards edit control blank
      - for exact extraction
        - "\default.xex", only extract default.xex or Default.xex from the specified root path "\"
      - for wildcard extraction
        - "*.xml", extract all xml files and create the needed subfolders in the destination path
        - "*panel*.x?l", extract all panel files that have the extension x?l
    - new stealth check function under the "Tools" menu, this should be used every time before burning an image
    - stealth and crc32 check of images and backup discs possible
    - the stealth.ini contains stealth verification data of most games out atm, after the stealth and crc check
      of an image/disc the result is compared against the stealth.ini entries to find a match, if a match is
      found you can be 100 % sure that the image/disc is completely stealth
    - if there is no match found in the stealth.ini you can add the unknown image as a user entry
    - stealth verification user entries can be exported/imported from/to the stealth.ini, this maybe helpful in the 
      future to keep the database up to date

    Version 3.2 Release Date 26.02.2007
    - extraction speed up, caused by increasing the block size extracted in one loop from
      16 to 32 sectors, the following applies for XBOX360 discs extracted with "whole disc
      (stealth xtreme 3.0)" style extraction
      - on the SH-D162C extraction at 16x speed takes 08:33 minutes, V3.1 09:58 minutes
      - on the TS-H943A extraction at 12x speed takes 15:03 minutes, V3.1 16:20 minutes
    - images have the iso extension
    - predefined filter values for file dialogs removed, you can choose any file (*.*)
    - removed annoying message boxes on cancel file dialogs
    - titles of predefined custom cdb commands are now listed in ini file order
    - options for block and single sector re-reads set to 20 as default, sector mapping
      for XBOX1 is turned on as default
    - DeviceIoControl is now checked for returned status and the returned sense from the drive,
      this should give better error detection
    - fixed Star Trek Legacy and Fusion Frenzy 2 issue, the sizes of video and game partition
      are now calculated from the pfi and the alternative pfi in the ss, this should give a 
      working image on future games with a different video or game partition size
    - options dialog now remembers the last active drive and disc type
    - check for NTFS file system on file extractions greater 4 GBs
    - any DVD-ROM drive is now displayed in the drive combo box
    - extraction of backup discs supported on kreon's drives and normal DVD-ROM drive
    - on the TS-H943A backup extraction is not possible, cause the drive disables 0800 mode 
      on insertion of a backup disc at least for me

    Version 3.1 Release Date 03.11.2006
    - sector mapping implemented for XBOX1
    - xtreme v4.0 and later new unlock command supported for ms28
    - support for SH-D163A
    - show SH-D162C and SH-D163A only if the drive responds to the get drive feature cdb
    - check for disc in drive on extraction
    - the region code of an image or game.iso can be checked
    - extract files from an image file with the new XDVDFS XTR tool -> thanks for the 
      inspiring source to Team PI Coder

    Version 3.0 Release Date 04.10.2006
    - extraction speed on SH-D162C is now 10 minutes for Xbox360 discs
    - app also starts if no supported drive is found (to do image extraction/injection)
    - on cancel the incomplete extracted file can be deleted
    - support of kreon's GetFeatureList command, to check if the firmware of SH-D162C supports 
      c/r data extraction, this is also available from the tools menu
    - send custom cdb commands to drive can be used from the tools menu to send all possible
      cdb's to the drive
      - we added predefined cdb presets
      - you can add your own custom cdb presets which are saved in the Schtrom360Xtract.ini file
      - the hexdisplay can be saved to a file
    - sector re-read settings can now be changed per drive type and disc type, this could be 
      important if your discs are scratched or if you have problems extracting XBOx1 games
    - if your SH-D162C or compatible drive isn't detected you can configure a custom drive in 
      the options menu, the choosen drive type determines how the drive is handeled by the app,
      so if you have problems detecting the SH-D192C or compatible drives configure this to be
      SH-D162C and choose the mapped system drive letter
    - on problems you can activate a debug log and a ss debug log
      - the debug log logs the extraction process
      - the ss debug log logs only ss extraction and writes down the important sections of the
        ss like c/r data
      - the logs reside in the program directory
      - the extraction debug log is named Schtrom360Xtract.log
      - the ss debug log is named SSDebug.log
    - if read errors occur a msg is displayed where you can continue writing blank sectors or
      abort extraction, after the extraction is finished the complete number of errors is 
      displayed for blocks (16 sectors * 2048 bytes) and single sectors (1 sector * 2048 bytes)
    - all available ini settings can be edited in the options dialog
      you can set the following global values:
      - debug mode on or off
      - ss debug mode on or off
      - sound on or off
      - custom drive type
      you can set the following drive and disc specific values:
      - eject tray after extraction yes or no
      - speed boost on or off
      - max read speed and idle speed of the drives
      - single sector read on error can be turned on or off
      - the number of block and sector re-reads on error
    - added kreon firmware revision level in drive combo box for SH-D162C
    - common control style for windows xp added

    Version 2.1 Release Date 01.09.2006
    - now extracts video.iso, pfi.bin and dmi.bin for xtreme 3.0 style images
    - also tested with xtreme V3.2
    - single extraction of video.iso, pfi.bin, dmi.bin, ss.bin and game.iso supported
    - the extraction can be done from original discs, copied discs and image files
    - two whole disc extraction methods:
      - xtreme 3.0 style (video.iso, pfi.bin, dmi.bin)
      - xtreme 2.0 style (blank.iso, no pfi.bin, no dmi.bin)
    - injection of video.iso, pfi.bin, dmi.bin, ss.bin and game.iso to an image
    - automatic detection of Xbox1 or Xbox360 game discs depending on the size
    - stealth checks added for Xbox1 and Xbox360 copied discs and images by acidflash
    - DVD-ROM support for USB SH-D162C by acidflash

    Version 2.0 Release Date 10.08.2006
    - now also enumerates Samsung TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C drive letter
      - you must flash with kreon's firmware first
      - at the moment there is no full security sector extraction possible with this drive, there 
        are 69 bytes difference to a "real" security sector from the Xbox360 drive
    - extraction of Xbox1 games should now be possible
      - be warned, I had no way to test this, so it would be nice if anybody can confirm this works
    - if the "game data visible"-function fails, extraction continues
      - I never had this problem so some testing would be nice
    - now you can also copy defective sectors on discs that for example are scratched
      - in my tests I never had any read errors on Xbox360 discs, neither on the SH-D162C nor the 
        Xbox360 drive
    - extraction time is now displayed in the status bar
    - image files are named in ascending order from IMAGE1.000 to IMAGE999.000
      - you don't have to move the image files if you want to extract another one
    - last but not least the extraction speed increases dramatically with this release
      - in my tests a complete Xbox360 image was extracted within 15 minutes on the SH-D162C
      - many many thanks to blackpanther who helped me a lot on the extraction routine, he's a great
        programmer and it's a pleasure for a noob like me to work with such a master of C++!!!

    Version 1.0 Release Date 31.07.2006
    - enumerates Xbox360 TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H943A drive letter
    - creates the CloneCD image desciptor file IMAGE.dvd for the layer break
    - creates blank360.iso
    - extracts security sector (ss.bin)
    - makes game data visible
    - extracts dvd sectors (game.iso)
    - merges blank360.iso, ss.bin and game.iso to the CloneCD image file IMAGE.000
  14. scm360 (Samsung Core Modifier)

    This progran can modifier information of samsung firmwares (real core ms25 and ms 28) to make exact version of xtreme 4.2X update (ms25, ms28, H46, H47,H58,H59) In Xtreme 4.X can change default speed
    Use: patch [firmwarename.bin] [model] [mode]
    patch [firmwarename.bin] [mode]
    Where [model] can be:
    s25/s28/h46/h47/h58/h59/h78 -> change model
    ? -> show actual model and mode
    Where [mode] can be:
    A -> Change the FW and puts it in Fast mode 4.xA
    B -> Change the FW and puts it in Quiet mode 4.xB
    By KaWeNGoD & Flash78
  15. Shortcut360

    Q.    What is it?
    A.    IMO a better version of QuickBoot!
    Q.    Why?!?, when QuickBoot works fine!
    A.    Yes it works fine, but...
    No achievement data shows up in MS dashboard when using QuickBoot. On the new MS dashboard, pressing A on a game to get the info..  it will show you the icon of the first QuickBoot shortcut you have, which is wrong.   Q.    OK!, i can live without achievement data, what else can it do?
    A.    The following...
    Launch GOD titles. Launch XBLA titles. Fetch the info & icon from a given ".XEX" or "Container".  SCAN USAGE:
    Click "Scan" button, and a new scan dialog will appear. Select directory on USB drive to use as base. (Eg: "E:\GAMES\" ). or... Browse the network and select path. (Eg: "\\XBOX360\\Hdd1\\Games" ). Select depth to scan.  If you have a nice layout like "Games\GameName1\default.xex"  and "Games\GameName2\234734FE56AB...", set this to 1. The higher the scan depth the longer it takes! (DONT RECOMMEND OVER 5!) Choose which types of files you want to scan for. XEX, XBLA etc. Click "Scan" and it will begin scanning, showing you the progress of the current scan... Folder, File, Count, Errors etc. Wait til its finnished, or you can cancel at anytime with "Cancel" button.  All shortcuts that don't have enough info to be created properly, will  have a status of "Attention!". All shortcuts that are ready to be created will have a status of "Ready!". Clicking "Create All" with shortcuts needing "attention", these shortcuts will simply be skipped!. Also, some games may have more that one XEX file, so if there is more than one entry for a particular game, simply remove all of them and keep the  "default.xex" one.. This is the actual game!. GOD/XBLA games don't have this problem (RECOMMENDED as its will be FAST!). Any shortcuts needing attention, double click them and enter the missing info. Click "Create All" and everything is done! USAGE                              
    Run the program. Click "Add" button to add a new shortcut. Enter the shortcut information.. If you don't want to find out the information yourself, click the  "..." button and select the "title.xex" (default.xex) or the "Container".
    On GOD games you only need the 44kb file to get the information from, none of the files in the ".data" directory are needed!
    XBLA titles come in many sizes... luckily the information needed is stored right at the top of the "Container"!
    So all you need to do is transer about 1MB worth of the file just to be sure!
    If you want to add a custom icon for the shortcut, click the icon box and it will let you choose your own icon! - If its too big it will let you know.
            Path must not include the drive name, and must not start with a leading "\"
            My titles are located on "Hdd:\GAMES\" and "Usb0:\GAMES\"
            For a ".xex" title on "Hdd:\" you use "GAMES\SomeGame\default.xex"
            For a "container" title on "Usb0:\" you also use "GAMES\SomeOtherGame\78DF35..."
            So just "folder\some.xex" or "folder\someContainer" !!!!
        4.    Click "Add" on the shortcut editor to add this shortcut to the shortcuts list! If you make/made a mistake with the shortcut info, simply "double-click" the shortcut in the shortcut list, and the editor will pop back up!
        5.    Repeat above process until you have made all of your shortcuts.
        6.    Select shortcuts to be made & click "Create", or just click "Create All" and all shortcuts will be made anyway.
        7.    All shortcuts will be made in correct directory structure, ready to be FTP'd  or sent over with 360 Content Manager.
        Found a bug?, or have a cool feature suggestion?..
        Drop me an email: chebico@gmail.com

        xorloser for xextool, c0z for dashlaunch, free60 & xboxhacker guys for file formats
  16. Simple 360 NAND Flasher

    Simple 360 NAND Flasher es nua aplicación para Xbox 360 qyue permite flasher la nand de la placa base de la consola con una imagen de archivo suministrada (updflash.bin) usando rawflash v4 o rawflash4g v1.
    También permite dumpear la nand de la placa base de la consola a un archivo flashdmp.bin usando rawdump v1 o rawdump4g v1.
    ¿Qué necesitamos para utilizar Sumple 360 NAND Flasher?
    Una Xbox 360 hackeada (con JTAG/RGH o similar) Un dumpeo de una nand para escribir o bien el suficiente espacio libre para guardar el dumpeo de nuestra nand en el dispositivo en el que vayamos a usar la aplicación.
    cOz Thanks for all the help you constantly give me with just about everything, and thanks for rawflash! 😄 Thanks to xvistaman for helping me solve that one last error i had with corona4g writes! i owe you 😉 Thanks to everyone that has helped me test it!: Jonblu @ Consoleopen, Sileandro and Razkar And others that i don't know the name of... Thanks also goes to who ever it was that ported rawflash to SDK in the first place and making it open source! Thanks also to everyone that reports bugs and/or errors in ALL my apps 🙂 Aplicación realizada por Swizzy.
  17. SkinFlasher360

    Team Trinity has created this Skin Flashing application for you.  
    Thanks to:
    Cancerous1 - Support and a Idea to fix the app. From: xboxhacker Team Trinity - Coded and Developed by XeDev - Support How to use:
    Put both of the files SkinFlasher360.xex and font.ttf in the same directory. Start up the xex and you should get a GUI, if for some reason your xbox is  stupid then it will run blind mode. Press A to backup your theme Press X to flash your modified theme named "flash.fdf" (without quotes) to your xbox When its finished it will write out a log file and return you to dashboard. Other notes:
    This is NOT for jtags. (Maybe, I don't know...) This was developed for XDK's
  18. Tarablinda

    Tarablinda is a collection of hacks and tricks which i discovered during hw and fw exploration.
    It's only a proof of concept, I take no responsibility for any damage it may causes.
    I've checked on Via controller (with drivers removed) and Intel ICH7 several time, against 2 different drives with same FW revision.
    There could be different FW revision out here, it could not work for several reasons.
    Usage  : Tarablinda [SATA PORT] [dump|erase|rewrite] [file to flash]
    Example: Tarablinda E480 dump
    Example: Tarablinda E480 rewrite newfw.bin
    Special: Tarablinda E480 dump full
             Experimental risky fulldump
        it dumps the dvdkey and checks it with MS drive auth protocol,
        like the console does everytime you poweron, so it's good for sure.
        It's not a destructive/invasive dump.
        It dumps also serials (1FFE0 area)
        It also dumps the whole dvdkeyarea, included the latest 0x10 bytes of such area, which are unique per drive too.
        It also dumps sectors 3Dxxx 3Exxx
        Dummy.bin is nothing else than a blank file with dvdkeyarea, 3D000-3EFFF and serials in place.
    dump full:
        Like above, then checks if 3D-3E sectors are the known ones, rewrites 3E with patched code to make the fw
        send us the full dump.
        It's a little risky cause we can't know for sure if the dumped 3D-3E sectors are really that sector numbers.
        Since scrambling the same data at different addrress results in different scrambled data, we can be quite sure.
        But again, this is beta software and consider you are risking on your own, it's your choice.
    Erase and Rewrite(which is an erase+write) are mainly for studying purpose
        Unless you have a full dump of your drive,
        erase and rewrite are not recommended for the most
    Special thanks to Kai Schtrom - Maximus - TeamModFreaks

    As usual, use at your own risk

  19. Transcode 360

    Transcode 360 enables the playback of unsupported video over Xbox 360 and Media Center Extender devices.
    This software is designed to run on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. A transcoder is a process that converts media from one format to another, in this case to high-quality MPEG2 for streaming to a Media Center Extender device such as the Xbox 360. As of Beta 2, Transcode 360 can transcode faster than real-time, this is an advantage not afforded by other products which are for the most part, either real-time or batch solutions. 
  20. Trinity Game Ripper

    Xbox 1 Game Ripper for the Xbox 360
    This was made by Team Trinity so support them ;)
    How to use, place the .ttf and the .xex file in a folder where you want the game to be ripped to
    Run the xex and press X for rip the game or A to return to dashboard. (This has only been tested on dev, not sure if it works on jtag)
    It should create a folder of the Title of the Game (Read from the xbe) Then proceed to dump all the game files on the disk.
    It has been tested with Forza, Splinter Cell, and Halo 2.
    It also creates a log file when its all completed.
    -Team Trinity
  21. USB Xtaf Gui

    UsbXtaf is an Xbox 360 usb drive explorer that works with USB flash drives and Xbox 360 hard drives. Usbxtaf Xbox 360 USB Storage Explorer can read and write to the FATX file system storage devices formatted by the Xbox 360 use.
    This allows an Xbox 360 hard drive or usb memory stick to be connected to a computer, data on the Xbox 360's hard drive can be extracted and copied back to the Xbox 360 usb storage device with UsbXtaf Xbox 360 USB storage explorer.
    This means Xbox 360 save games can be injected in to the memory stick, along with demo's and other Xbox 360 downloadable content.
    By default windows pc's are not able to read storage devices formatted by the Xbox 360 console, however UsbXtaf will allow Xbox 360 storage devices to be accessed on Windows when connected by USB.
    USB Xtaf Storage explorer was the first tool to be released back in 2010 capable of extracting data from usb drives which had been configured for storage on an Xbox 360. For the first time this allowed easier access to Xbox 360 content, without having to use often expensive adapters which enabled internal Xbox 360 hard drives to be connected to a computer.
    Change log - what's new / fixed on this version of UsbXtaf Xbox 360 USB Storage Explorer:

    Version 33: Multi cluster dirs fixed, newfolder() fixed for cache partition(and others), Null files now work, No wasting clusters by accident, removed game name(new xbox.com, doesnt work), disable cache option replacing broken log option ...., linux autoscan?

    Version 34: Experimental HDD support, HDD images, other minor fixes, Auto Xbox360 in manuall open
    Version 35: Fail misake leaving a debug call in left hdd support broken
    Version 36: Se7ensins kiddies are annoying (Digiex totally agrees)

    Version 37: Linux HDD support(experimental still), Autodetect Fixed(I think), Partial Overseek Checks
    Version 38: HDD oops, linux changes broke windows, fixed
    Version 39: HDD size calculation might have been wrong, if this breaks hdd support for you, there is an option under options to use the old algorythm. If this breaks it for you, please email me of file a bug report.
    Version 40: Well, global offset fail etcetc, compat partition on linux will come back later
    Version 41: I dont know, im not sure if it existed, if it did, it was a roll back of v39
    Version 42: Fixed the bug of all bugs(math error with large offsets). Should fix hdds, large files/partitions/ etc. Compat partition for linux and images will be back later. Linux cannot run release version due to obfuscation, i will try to fix that.

    Version 43: Better size calc, device selector
    Version 44: On access loading(doesen't load whole tree, for a speedup), HDD imageing(experimental), Drive dump, extract now works on root dir, double clicking listview folder will browse to it in the tree, some more UI stuff, etc.

    Version 45: 
    Removed experimental features introduced Updated support information and other links to point to proper domain Source code is now maintained directly by GruntMods until slasherking823 returns Updated presentation of XTAF today Release notes are now more detailed and polished
  22. USB Xtaf Xplorer

    Used for usb flash drive modding. You can mod gamertags, gamerscore, etc.
    First, you have to already have prepared your flash drive with the Xbox 360's new update AND transferred at least one file over.
    Plug in your USB Drive. Open "USBXTAFGUI" Push "File" -> "OpenDevice" Double Click "0. {dir}Content" and browse to the folder of the file you want to mod. Push "Extract". (Read below to find your profile) Or: Click "0. {dir}Content" and push Extract to extract all of the files. Browse to where you want to save the contents (Desktop). Keep the name as it is. Find your new file on your desktop or whever you saved it. Find your Profile:
    Each E0000******* is a different profile that you are able to sign into when on your xbox. Find out which is yours by opening each profile file with Modio and seeing what username it says it's associated with. Profiles are located in /content/<PROFILEID>/FFFE07D1/00010000/ Now you can mod a gamesave using Modio or other mod tools: http://www.xbox360-content.com/forums/xbox-360-modding-programs/
    You can find what game each folder is with this list: http://360.kingla.com/
    If you're using Modio, just drag the file straight into it.
    IMPORTANT! For each file you edit, make sure once you're done, you open it in Modio and push "Rehash and Resign"!
    Once you've modded a file, you can inject it back into the USB Drive:
    Open "USBXTAFGUI" Browse to the folder where you want to put a file. Delete the old file or gamesave. (Make sure there is a backup saved on your pc first). Push "Inject" Browse to the file (modded gamesave, etc.) and push "Open". You will now see the file in the folder. Xbox 360 USB Folder List
    Content Location: /content/0000000000000000/<TITLEID>/<OFFERID>/ Save Location: /content/<PROFILEID>/<TITLEID>/<OFFERID>/ The only OFFERID's that always remain the same are the ones assigned to themes/gamerpics/videos.
    To add any of the below, you have to browse to: Content\0000000000000000\TITLEID\(Folder below) For Example, Halo map packs would go into: Content\0000000000000000\4D5307E6\00000002 00020000 - Gamerpics 00030000 - Themes 00080000 - Demos 00090000 - Videos 00004000 - Game Installs 00000002 - Extra Content (DLC)  
  23. Viper360

    This was coded by a friend, with permission to post. He wishes to remain anonymous, and therefore will.
    This is an alternative launcher, that was created in said "30 minutes", and may be upgraded soon. As you can see, the pace on this moves fast, so dishing out big updates should be easy for the developer.
    It features a UI, Game launcher, and a file manager, to copy/paste/delete files.
    Keep in mind, when you copy, it counts files, so if it stalls for you, it's a beta, it's just counting files.. give it a second..
    When it's pasting.. the UI will appear frozen until it is complete, and then it will resume.
    Same with deleting, but it is fast usually so it is unnoticeable.
    Two methods to go about utilizing this..
    * Disc:
    Download the ISO from the usual places, and burn it using a program such as ImgBurn to a CD/DVD/etc. Pop it in, and click play game.
    * Hard drive(Game Demo):
    Download the VIPER360_LIVE.rar, extract the contents, and you will have a "CODE7777" folder. Place this in your "Content\0000000000000000\" folder on your hard drive. Now when you go to games library, you should have a Demo called "Viper360". You can boot that to utilize it.
  24. wx360

    Wx 360 nos permite navegar por el contenido de las ISO de Xbox 360 y extraer el contenido de la ISO.
    Útil si queremos reproducir nuestra colección de juegos desde un disco duro USB en su consola hackeada vía JTAG.
  25. wxHdd

    Aplicación que nos permite leer y navegar fácilmente por los archivos del disco duro de la Xbox 360 desde un PC con Windows.
    La aplicación no puede escribir en el disco duro todavía.
    Changelog v1.2:
    Experimental support for memory cards (v1.0.1) Fixed some bugs (v1.0.1) Handling fragmentation of disc (v1.2) Opening of several partitions (v1.2) Extracting directories (v1.2) Instant/Direct opening of files (v1.2) Note: wxHdd does not have a feature to 'add files' (write on HD/Image) yet. by Gael360.

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