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  1. Gameplay Mod by PESNewupdate (PES 2020 PC)

    Gameplay Mod can be used for all PES 2020 Patches!
    Game Settings :
    Game Speed : +1 Superstar Exhibition Mode PA 1  Semi Assist 15 Minutes HOW TO INSTALL
    Before install, backup your PES2020.exe first!
    Extract file from archive, copy PES2020.exe to your steam game folder \steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\ 2. Copy GP folder to your \livecpk\ folder, open sider.ini and add this line cpk.root = ".\livecpk\GP" Save sider.ini and play PES 2020 from sider.exe! by PESNewupdate.
  2. Gameplay Mod by Supernova (PES 2019 PC)

    New gameplay mod for PES 2019 PC. You can feel the diffrence between this gameplay and vanilla version.
    Recommended: Professional Level
    Features v2:
    After correcting the balance of contrasts gameplay has a new ball physics, this for me is the definitive gameplay with which "gonna die" my PES19 ...
    How to Use:
    Extract with WinRAR, Go to the location below and backup your original dt18_x64.cpk C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\data\ Rename new dt18 to dt18_x64.cpk Now replace / remove the old dt18_x64.cpk with the new dt18_x64.cpk. Play Credits: Supernova, Incas36, Avok23
  3. Gameplay Mod Final Evolution (PES 2021 PC)

    Gameplay mod for the PC version of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update.
    How to use:
    Backup your original files. Copy PES2021.exe to your game folder steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\ Choose your preferred dt18_all.cpk: GK 0 = Strong goalkeepers GK 1 = Less strong goalkeepers GK 2 = Normal goalkeepers GK 3 = Poor goalkeepers Copy dt18_all.cpk to steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\data Done. by Holland.
  4. Gameplay Patch by Holland (PES 2020 PC)

    Datapack 3.01 Compatible Based on PES 2020 1.03.02 Aggresive CPU More tackles from CPU Install:
    Extract with WinRAR Copy PES2020.exe file to your game folder ( BACKUP original one ! ) \Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\ Done  
  5. Gameplay Patch by Incas36 (PES 2019 PC)

    This patch solves a lot of the CPU bugs.
    As usual, please backup the corresponding file before replacing with this one…
    TS means italian “terzini salgono” and in English it means wingbacks moves in attack but this is only for my memory. Really with this dt18 I tried to have more shoots from outside the area and limits those shits low crosses and avoid that in 1v1 the cpu attacker comes back or pass the ball instead of shooting. I know that not all modifications in dt18 really impact ingame and I know that best patches come from exe as Nesa24 teaches but sometimes from modded dt18 some surprise we can have!
    by Incas36.
  6. GameplayPatch by nesa24 (PES 2019 PC)

    **How to use
    Backup your PES2019.exe Copy patched PES2019.exe to your game directory Run game from steam menu [you can also use incas36 dt18_x64-cpk tweak with this patch]
    **Whats patched
    Controls AI Shooting Gameplay speed related things to make it more flexible **Creator
    nesa24 **Support
    Gameplay is free for all If you wish to support you can by donating via PayPal to nesa24casa2@gmail.com
  7. Gaming Access Community Patch (PES 2009 PC)

    Installation Procedure:
    Install v2.5 AIO Install v2.6 Update Install v3.0 Update Install v4.0 Update Finally install v4.1 Update Version 4.1
    This is the GamingAccess Community Mod 4.1. You need to have installed version 4.0 before you install this mod. This is the last 08/09 Season Update.
    All Confederations Cup teams with accurate rosters, numbers and lineups according to FIFA Official Website ( Confederations Cup Update ). Two new National Teams : Lithuania and Bosnia & Herzegovina New Teams : PAOK, FC Rubin Kazan, Trabzonspor Fixed Kits models, collars, etc Fixed wrong faces and some new ones added. Fixed problems with adboards when playing Bundesliga Version 4.0
     The compositions of all teams (almost all) have been edited The compositions of all teams are 100% consistent with their real prototypes The compositions for the following teams have been completely changed: France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Turkey (other teams appear in the full version of the update) Edited forms for all clubs and teams More than 400 new faces in the game New gloves New boots Added 3 new teams: Lech, Corinthians, Partizan New billboards (Bundesliga) Version 3.0
    Scoreboard Selector Major Transfers Update!!! ALL WINTER TRANSFERS! MORE THAN 370 players moved, transfer or created. Updated Lineups for all teams in the patch!!!! (not National Teams) Version 2.6
    This is a winter transfers and a pes stats database update ( that´s why it´s only 4 mbs). We will take care of your suggestions and we will include many of them in next update as well as new teams.
    Serie A 100% in PES Stats Database OF. Updated and Reviewed statistics of Bundesliga and Premier League in PES Stats Database. Major Transfers Update (All new players added to the game have been updated in their appearance). Version 2.5
    New Stadiums : Bombonera, City of Manchester Stadium, Velodrome, Celtic Park New Kits : Siena, Torino and more New Faces Fixed problem with age in ML for players like Ballack, Berbatov and others ( only if you start a new Master League )
  8. GDB Kitpack for KitServer Season 2019/2020 (PES 2020 PC)

    Full Features: 
    AFC Champions League (ACL) 3F SUPERLIGA LA LIGA FULL LA LIGA 2 FULL COPA DEL REY Serie A TIM FULL Serie BKT FULL Ligue 1 EPL FULL FA CUP EFL Sky Bet FULL Eredivisie FULL Ladbrokes Premiership FULL Primeira Liga (Portugal) FULL Russian Premier League (Russia) FULL Super Lig (Turkey) FULL Chinese Super League Raiffeisen Super League UEL ( Fonts Included ) UCL ( Fonts Included ) various kits GK UCL Spain Super Cup Comunity Shield Eufa Super Cup Fifa World Club Others Europe ( included version 7.0 ) How to Use:
    Install Sider 6 Unpack with WinRAR and copy to your Sider location. Modify your sider.ini and add kserv.lua to the list of Lua modules: lua.module = "kserv.lua" Save it and done. * Special thanks to creators and contributors who use part of their free time by editing, in particular @zlac, @Hawke , @juce, @cesc, and others, which made the GDB framework available.
    by Glauber Silva.
  9. GFX Mod (PES 2019 PC)

    Pre-Installation Instructions
    Make sure you are using Sider’s lastest version. If you’ve never used it before, then please get familiarized with how to use it (where to install it, how to set it up, etc) It’s VERY easy and it’s the BEST way to mod your PES.  Make sure you download all the Stadiums by MJTS. 3 Packs (the first one has 9 Stadiums, the second one has Stamford Bridge Beta and the third one has Santiago Bernabeu) and add them to your game. You can do it either via DPFileList or via LiveCPK. I use the latter. Installation Instructions
    After you’ve made sure those two pre-steps are OK:
    Copy the two folders inside the GFX MOD 2 pack you’ve downloaded (GFX_MOD and Modules) and paste both folders inside your PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 main folder. Now, open the file Sider.ini (you can usually find it in PES 2019 root folder, or inside the folder named Sider). After this line: livecpk.enabled = 1 – press enter on your keyboard and add this: cpk.root = ".\GFX_MOD" (you MUST place this above any other CPK.ROOT line, so it has priority). After this line: lua.enabled = 1 – press enter on your keyboard and add this: lua.module = "GFX_MOD.lua" (you MUST place this above any other MODULE line, so it has priority). That’s it! Now, make sure you run Sider.exe before launching PES 2019!
    What’s GFX MOD? – A little history.
    GFX MOD is a mixture of different techniques. 
    I started the GFX MOD project for FIFA 16. When everyone was using SweetFX, I discovered a new technique: the Color Grading/Color Correction via LUT editing – That many started to use after that. Then I started the GFX MOD project on PES 2017 and slowly started adding more content to it. 
    Now, GFX MOD consists on: New set of turfs, brand new day lighting, exclusive new Afternoon type of lighting with new sun position, new night lighting, new textures, color correction, etc for over 37+ Stadiums.
    My main focus is to lift the gaming experiences and bring it closer to what you can see on a real football TV broadcast. Most of the work has been compared side by side with actual screenshots/images from TV broadcast in order to make every stadium different, with colors, vibe and atmosphere closer to what you see on TV. 
    Is GFX MOD 2 compatible with EVO-SWITCHER?
    Yes, it is.
    Is GFX MOD 2 compatible with PTE PATCH / PES GALAXY / OTHER PATCHES?
    Yes, definitely. In fact, I’m using PTE PATCH myself.

    Is GFX MOD 2 compatible with other Turf/Pitch/Grass mods?
    I would not recommend it. I can’t guarantee it will look as good with other type of turfs, as I’ve adjusted every little detail to work and look as realistic as possible with my own turfs. Try it at your own risk, but I won’t be answering or helping people that’s trying to mix content from GFX MOD 2 with others.
    My PES 2019 is running slower / stuttering / lagging with GFX MOD 2
    First of all, make sure it’s not something else. A different patch/module. Try rebooting your PC and see if there was any program/malware slowing your PC down. If you’re 100% it’s the GFX MOD 2, then you should probably remove it, because... unfortunately, your PC might not be a high-end PC with enough power to run it. It would be rare, but it’s possible. I can’t do anything about that. 
    Can I use content from your GFX MOD 2 in my own MOD/PATCH?
Yes. All I ask for in return for the 100+ hours I’ve spent working on this mod is: 
    Credit me (I’m Chuny on Evo-Web and my real name is Fede De Blasio).  Leave a link for the GFX MOD 2 Thread at Evo-Web in your post (whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or any Forum).  If you share it via Twitter, please mention me (@FDBmusic) Credits
    I would like to thank all these people, in no particular order, that have helped me or contributed to the GFX MOD in one way or another.
    Juce, MJTS, Nesa, Mohamed Alaa, Hawke, Zlac, Shawminator, Konami, PES Team.
    Thank you for the support! I hope you enjoy it!
    Fede De Blasio.
  10. GFX MOD Ultimate (PES 2020 PC)

    Copy the content of the pack to where your Sider.exe is (usually PES 2020 Folder) and then add these two lines to your Sider.ini config.
    cpk.root = ".\GFXMOD"
    lua.module = "GFX_MOD.lua"
    Always place the GFX MOD CPK ROOT (LiveCPK) at the bottom of your LiveCPK folders of your Sider.ini
    And the GFX MOD Module at the top of your list in Sider.ini and

    Also, I recommend setting in-game Contrast and Brightness both to 50.
    Thank you!
    by Chuny.
  11. Glove Pack by Hawke (PES 2019 PC)

    Install CPK Version:
    Place the “Glove Pack V5.cpk” in the PES2019 download folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download” & add to DpFileList.bin with DpFileList Generator 2019 v1.1 by @Baris
    Install Sider Version:
    Place the “Gloves” folder inside your Sider folder & add the line cpk.root = “.\Gloves” to your sider.ini
    NOTE: To use this pack correctly turn off Live Update NOTE:2 This is an AIO Pack..uninstall any previous glove packs NOTE:3 My packs are compatible with all patches..If you use Switchers & have problems with any packs ask the makers of the switchers not me..I take no responsibility for switchers/modules that I have not made. Includes GloveList.bin
    Credits: Hawke, juce / nesa24 for Sider, shawminator for CGPE.
  12. Greek Revolution Patch Season 2019/2020 (PES 6 PC)

    General Features:
    Full EPL, LaLiga, Serie A, Superleague Greece Best 8 from Bundesliga and Ligue 1 (16 teams in total) 8 clubs from Cypriot League 10 clubs from Greek Football League 8 clubs from Latin America 18 other EU clubs mainstream menu's music Online Compatible v1
    all rosters updated (also available for online) new teams added (Apollon Larisas, Karaiskakis, RB Salzburg and Slavia Prague) ALL Greek Super league faces MADE !!! brand new graphics for Greek Superleague fixed bodies types for many players fixed ML salaries for many players accurate boots a lot of updated stats (mostly Greek Super League) new backgrounds added more real youngsters for better ML experience added classic players as hidden mostly Greek knowledge and more (Enable/Disable for ML) added missing nationalities for all players Installation:
    Download files IMPORTANT NOTE: The filenames are wrong, but when you extract all of them it's all correct. Sorry for the mistake. Replace the files from "dat" folder Delete your existing kitserver folder and use the new one Copy & Paste the OptionFile into your Documents (Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1) by ProGamerZ.
  13. Hell England Premier League Demo Patch (PES 2020 PC)

    Setup: Add to the folder where the game is installed.
    For face files, use the face files in dt36 of Pes 2019.
    Credits: pes 2019 Aio v11 Kit Pack by Glauber Silva.
    by kudret15.

  14. Hell Patch Season 2019/2020 (PES 2020 PC)

    Content: England 1, 2 & Spain 1,2 Leagues Licensed Some Minifaces Added. Installation: 
    Note: All datapack must be installed before using this patch!
    Unpack with WinRAR Done, rune the game via Sider *With sider version you can unpack it anywhere you like.
    1. Unpack with WinRAR 2. Copy all cpk to Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download 3. Open PES 2020 DpFileList Generator and generate
  15. Hell Spain LaLiga Santander Demo Patch (PES 2020 PC)

    Unzip the Archive into the "eFootball PES 2020 DEMO" installation Folder (Overwrite anything if asked) Copy the dt36_g4.cpk from the 2019 Data Folder into the Demo Download Folder Start "PES 2017 - DpFileList Generator by Baris.exe" in the "PES 2017 - DpFileList Generator by Baris" folder CPK Path: Download folder DpFileList.bin: Also in the Download Folder Keep this Order in the Generator: Hell_LaLigaSantander.cpk Dt36.cpk Hell_Miniface.cpk Select "No DLC", check if "save selection for next program start" is active and click on "Generate DpFileList.bin" This Overwrites all Demo Teams to Premier League Teams.
    If you want to go back to the Demo standard Teams than open the FileListGenerator, Uncheck all CPKs and click "Generate DpFileList.bin".
    If this is not working, just delete the "DpFileList.bin" and the "DpFileList.bin.Backup".
    by kudret15.

  16. HellPatch (PES 2020 PC Demo)

    Yucel11TT Arena and Vodafone arena (pes 2019 converted Gavi and Ali Tosun); tekask1903; pes 2019 Aio v11 Kit Pack by Glauber Silva; by kudret15.

  17. High Quality Team Logos by Alexbecks (PES 2020 PC Demo)

    Replaces those crap logos made by Konami for the licensed teams in the demo with really good ones.
    by Alexbecks.

  18. ICMP Patch (PES 2019 PC)

    Fix M.OVERMARS Pozuelo goes to Genk and Raskin to Standard Liege Fix shirt name Rudy Added Troy Parrott (young talent) to Tottenham, Billy Gilmour (young talent) to Chelsea Update Algeria champion Africa Cup, squads,faces and miniface. added I. UGBO (Chelsea) , D. JASTRZEMBSKI (hertha), D. SMARSCH (hertha), L. COCCOLO (juventus) a New Facepack 2 , with latest released faces, around 350 faces ( important use it to show algerian players correctly) New classic players faces Pelé,Eusebio,Van Basten by Stels added. Credits:
    Classic faces: @MinchoSheen; stels, @MictlanTheGod; @Amir.Hsn7; @Dnai & @Hawke. kits: thanks to original pte team patch, @Hawke, @Cesc Fabregas and much more for the permission to use or adapt their work (we dont’ know as many names, but we are grateful). Installation:
    1. Install Datapack 1.00-6.00, make sure you have latest official PES 2019 Patch 1.06.00
    2. Extract ICMP Patch with WinRAR
    3. Copy all cpk file from ICMP v2.0 - PATCH FOLDER to your PES 2019 download folder
    C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download\
    4. Open PES 2019 DpFileList Generator and set dpfilelist order like this pic and click generate

    5. Copy save folder to 
    6. There's 2 EDIT00000000 file. Choose your preffered EDIT00000000 (KONAMI stats or ICMP stats).
    7. Rename the file to "EDIT00000000", Now put it into save folder
    \Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\your STEAM ID\Save
    8. Now run the game and play !
    FIX 1.1
    1. Copy and overwrite the DB ICritMyPants.cpk downloaded by the one you had in the download folder, from your game directory.
    2. rename to EDIT00000000 the one you want to use (konami stats or ICMP stats) and copy and replace in the save folder.
    3. Play !
  19. ICMP Patch 2020 (PES 2020 PC)

    Compatibility with DLC 8.0, LiveUpdate 23/07/20 & EvoWeb patch 8.0 Kits. Included all content from V1.0 to 2.5 (check out content below, spoilers section). Two patch options: A) All content with Liga MX B) All content with default “PLA” Konami league for personal edition according own preferences (we will publish this second option next week). Added new 10 Other Europeans teams: NK MARIBOR (Slovenia), IFK GÖTEBORG (Sweden), PFC CSKA SOFIA (Bulgaria), FC VIKTORIA PLZEŇ (Czech Republic), LEGIA WARSZAWA (Poland), FCSB (Romania), SK RAPID WIEN (Austria), FK AUSTRIA WIEN (Austria), FC BATE BORISOV (Belarus) and HJK HELSINKI (Finland) with full squads-formations, kits, minifaces & some faces. 35 teams in total. Added new 1 Other Latin American team: CD EL NACIONAL (Ecuador) with full squad-formation, kits & minifaces. 31 teams in total. Rearranged classic teams & players (7 teams). Including real EUROPEAN CLASSICS team and AMERICAN CLASSICS team / New kits for classic teams. Added bootpack pack & assignment to clubs/national teams (special thanks to @Hoppus117). Brasileirão A & B updated kits 2020, along with many other kits from other leagues. Added new faces & tattoos (more over 2400 in total). Added new player minifaces (more over 11500 in total). Updated coach names & minifaces for all clubs & National Teams.. Updated asian, african, north & south american National Teams squads, lineups & formations. Updated Bundesliga lineups & formations. Added some youth players. Updated Liga MX squads, lineups & formations. Fluid formations for major National Teams & almost full clubs teams of the game. Renamed New Master League european & Latin America youth players names, according to common surnames to each country. V2.5:
    Compatible with DLC 7.0. Badges EURO 2020 activated/created (better quality & reposition). Chilean league Kits season 2020. Added classic @Hawke kits, pending on V2. Added Portugal national team Kits badges: EURO 2016 champion. Added Arabia Saudita y Nueva Zelanda kits. Added some chilean player’s minifaces / some coach new minifaces. Fixed Manchester United kit font / 5th kit color RB Leipzig. Massive fix player’s appearances (around 100). Many KONAMI player appearances have been fixed too. Fixed around 200 player’s size head. Added some missed brazilian players transfers. Fixed some duplicates players from Other Latin Americans teams. Fixed some nationalities players & coachs. Tweaked several details on some National teams, Other Europeans, J-League & Liga MX kits (observations made by @drigOrange that were considered and appreciated). Fixed some rivals teams in Other Europeans clubs. V2:
    Full KONAMI Datapack 6.0 compatibility & latest Live Update. National Anthems for all teams enabled (requires anthem pack by @predator002). EvoWeb Patch 6.5 KITS friendly (some National Team textures & classic club kits). 26 new teams (ID Konami) in Other Latin Americans to complete Copa Libertadores 2020 with updated rosters & formations, accurate loan's info, ftex kits, fonts & player appearances. J1 League season 2020, NEW ftex kits, fonts, rosters updated and NEW STRUCTURE SEASON 2020 in AFC Champions League (with Vissel Kobe, Yokohama F-Marinos, FC Tokyo). EURO 2020 teams with ftex kits (many several alternate kits). Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Bolivia, Qatar (home kit) & Zambia National Teams: NEW ftex kits also. Updated rosters Brasileirão Série A & B (season 2020). Added more over 200 players. Liga BetPlay Dimayor (colombian league), NEW ftex kits, fonts, rosters updated and two new promotion teams added (Deportivo Pereira & Boyacá Chicó). Campeonato AFP PlanVital (chilean league): 2 new teams added (Deportes La Serena & Santiago Wanderers) with ftex kits, fonts. Now are 18 league teams. Added more classic players to make a total of 240 legends. Updated coach minifaces for all teams. Added more over 1700 faces & tattoos. Added more over new 5500 player minifaces, with a total of 10584 in this version. Now including minifaces for Championship, Brasileirão Série A (plus Cruzeiro from Série B), Campeonato AFP PlanVital, Liga Betplay Dimayor & Other Latin Americans. All the national teams have complete minifaces now (except Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman). EDIT00000000 with updated lineups & customized tactics for Bundesliga, Other Europeans, Superliga Argentina, Brasileirão A, Liga MX, Others Latin Americans & created teams. V1:
    Full KONAMI Datapack 5.0 & latest LiveUpdate compatibility. EvoWeb Patch friendly -with permission of the EvoWeb patch team-: kits, Minifaces (thanks to @Cesc Fabregas for the permission with Bundesliga, La Liga & Premier League minifaces). Our patch it's compatible with almost faces-tattoos pack & some coach minifaces from EvoWeb patch. Full Database structure done on bin files. Bundesliga & Liga MX real ids for authentic team callname in-game All National Teams licenced with ftex kits, fonts & numbers. Several own ftex kits & fonts for Others Europeans; Liga MX & J-League (all integrated with latest DataPack & EvoWeb Patch 5.0). Bundesliga; Others Europeans; Liga MX & J-League fully updated with accurate loan's info, current rosters, tactics & players appearances. Full J-league imported from Konami PES Mobile 2020. Real Champions League teams & structure in Cup mode. Added 14 missed Europa League teams. Competitions & Clubs logos / Nationalities flags. Renowned teams with their formal name. Rival teams and stadium names for all clubs/national teams. Added teams banners. New 4 classic teams with custom players, logos & kits. More over 4000 own player minifaces (including the 23 players of all european national teams and almost all players of Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX & J-League and European Club teams). Coach minifaces for all clubs/National teams. Real Konami ID for all database players. EDIT00000000 with and without Klashman’s tactics. ID's list of faces & tattoos added.

    How to install?
    It’s important to already have DLC 5 installed via Steam.
    Install the newest Version of Sider (get familiar with it in case you never used it). Add the livepk Folder from the Download to your Sider folder. Open sider.ini and add the following cpk roots: cpk.root = ".\livecpk\ICMP Patch\Database" cpk.root = ".\livecpk\ICMP Patch\Faces\Legends" cpk.root = ".\livecpk\ICMP Patch\Faces\Faces & Tattoos" cpk.root = ".\livecpk\ICMP Patch\Graphics" cpk.root = ".\livecpk\ICMP Patch\Kits\ICMP Kits" cpk.root = ".\livecpk\ICMP Patch\Kits\EvoWeb Patch Kits" Choose the EDIT00000000 file of your preference (you can choose between one with Klashman tactics and another without it). Add to Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\Your number\save Clean your WEPES/Mount folder. Start Sider and play the game (DON'T APPLY LIVEUPDATE). Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Q: The patch doesn’t work. What I’m doing wrong?
    A: Read carefully the installation tutorial. Share some screenshots of the installation path along with your sider.ini settings.
    Q: It’s ICMP patch fully compatible with EvoWeb patch?
    A: Except Boot & Glove Pack, It's fully compatible with EvoWeb patch. And partially, with player & coach ids.
    Q: Can I use LiveUpdate with the patch?
    A: We recommend not activating it, so as not to lose patch's data. We can make updates to keep things up to date.
    Q: Can be used along with KitServer?
    A: Yes, you can. But you need to know that the patch already contains national team kits and several kits per team. KitServer it’s very useful in cups matches in order to have badges & sleeves competitions.
    Q: Are faces part of the Patch?
    A: All faces & tattoos of this patch belong to the compilation made in EvoWeb patch & PES AZTK patch, with their proper permissions and authorizations.
    Q: Will we get Adboards, Chants, Bootpacks, Ballpacks, Scoreboards, etc.?
    A: You can add whatever you want by yourself. We are not responsible for possible errors or file damage.
    Q: When the next Update will be out?
    A: We will be giving notice of estimated dates of future updates.
    Q: Can I use ICMP content in my own patch?
    A: Before including any content from this patch, PLEASE contact us by PM.
    EvoWeb patch team (@mota10 @Nemanja @Cesc Fabregas @Hawke @ziyech.2304 @Hoppus117) CYPES (partial Bundesliga Data) PES AZTK (partial Liga MX Data & some player faces) Pes 2020 Mobile (J-League Data) Pes Editor by Ejogc PESWorld (some Kit textures) Special thanks to all Facemakers to share with community @Fallons (Some KitServer National Teams textures) @Albiore @sando @Aerial Edson @angel Torero @ederMello @Carrasco @Marcus @MDB @Dreamer @waserin @Il-Sarto di Pes @Gabriel94Kits @pasaco2009 @4N63_7 @Glauber Silva @XurgenPES and all kitmakers to share their work with community. @NFS_FM (some Logos). @*Supernova* (tattoos) @MFZ69 (UniNameFontPermissions Tool) @abdulaziz1899 (to make compatible pes 2019 to 2020 legend faces) @Dnai @Stels @MinchoSheen @MictlanTheGod @Amir.Hsn7 (legend players faces) @juce & @nesa24 (Sider) @zlac (Kitstudio & tactics tool exporter-importer) @shawminator (CGPE) @klashman69 (tactics) by by ninet, Albiceleste1994 & Adrian2780.
  20. Immortal Patch (PES 2017 PC)

    Parche para el Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 de PC.
    Facemaker Sameh Momen, Eddie Facemakers, RobertPes Facemaker, Faku Facemaker & TatooMaker, Seba_Facemaker, YNWA Facemaker, Nahue Facemaker, Jonathan facemaker, Facemaker Huseyn, Facemaker Ahmed El Shenawy, Facemaker DanielValencia_EA, WER Facemaker, Luciano FacemakerSmoke Patch, Salazart Patch , The Pes Brothers, Bruno Facemaker, Tisera 09, Narcisio Facemaker, Mjts, PES Brazil Edit, ejogc327, Rodrigo Portella, Betinho Games, Kennedy Alencar,  Lucas RK Kitmaker, Brasil PES, Site PES Patch, Gamer Nimdog, JAS e LatinPESEdit, BMPES, Christian Souza, DF PRO, GINDA01.
  21. Immortal Patch Option File Season 2019/2020 (PES 2017 PC)

    How to Use:
    Make sure you have PES 2017 installed in your PC. Backup your EDIT000000 first !
    1. Install Immortal Patch 2019 + All Updates 2. Extract the .rar file with WinRAR, and copy EDIT000000 to the location below : C:\Users\Your PC Name\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save 3. Done.
  22. Indian Super League Option File (PES 2021 PS4)

    Option File de la Super Liga India para el eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update de Playstation 4.
    Kits, jugadores, escudos y plantillas reales de la temporada 2020. Reemplaza a la PAS League
  23. Inferno Gameplay Mod (PES 2019 PC)

    The new DT Turin82 Inferno Versions bring more passes (Tiki-Taka), fails, tackle, interceptions and add more fun in game.
    Backup original dt18_x64.cpk from Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\data\ Rename the downloaded dt18 1.00 or 1.01 to dt18_x64.cpk and replace old above.
  24. Infinity Patch 2019 (PES 2009 PC)

    Infinity Patch 2019 para el Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 de PC.
    Updated All Leagues and Teams 2019 Last January 2019 Transfers New Faces From PES 2019 PES19 Games Play, Scoreboard, Replay Logo, Graphic and Adboards New Kits For All Clubs and Many More. How To Install:
    Extract Patch Files, Move Kitserver to PES 2009 Folder, Open kitserver folder and go to setup open it and click install, Move KONAMI to Documents. Credit : original patch makers, Strongz.
  25. Inside Game Patch Season 2020/2021 (PES 2014 PS2)

    Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, PS2 version, updated for 2020/2021 Season. It can be playable in PC vía PCSX2 emulator.

    New graphic menu New logos New updated transfers 2020/2021 (Not Full) Updated kits 2020/2021 Updated player faces, boots and more ! by InSide Game.

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