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Parches y Option Files

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  1. Stadium Pack by MjTs-140914 (PES 2019 PC)

    Include 11 stadiums:
    Old Trafford Allianz Arena Stade de France Allianz Stadium Olympiastadion Berlin Stadion Narodowy Signal Iduna Park Wanda Metropolitano Ultimate Stage Standford Bridge Santiago Bernabeu Credit
    KONAMI, Juce, Nesa, Durandil Pes, ItoY, Daniel, Atong Zul, Jayveerk, Tunizizou, Atvaark, Jenkey, sxsxsx, All PES-Moders.
    by MjTs-140914.

  2. Stadium Server for Sider by zlac (PES 2019 PC)

    # GDB-style unlimited stadium management – add as many stadiums as you want in a GDB-like folder structure
    # Mostly unchanged stadium packaging – stadium structure remains almost identical to the .cpk version, meaning that entire stadium directory tree (starting with “Asset” and “common” folders) can be copy-pasted into one top-level GDB folder. These folders (and their subfolders) from the usual stadium-related cpk-tree are currently supported:
    Asset\model\bg\common Asset\model\bg\stXXX common\bg\model\bg\draw_parameter common\bg\model\bg\tv common\demo\fixdemo common\demo\fixdemoobj common\demo\light common\demo\mob common\demo\prop common\render\model\bg\hit\stadium common\render\thumbnail\stadium\st*.dds) for adboards – only config.xml is supported, for stadiums that need to REMOVE adboards completely!! common\bg\model\bg\bill\config\config.xml IMPORTANT: db files (common\etc\… data_st_list.bin, Stadium.bin, StadiumOrder.bin, StadiumOrderInConfederation.bin) for stadium registration are not required. DO NOT INCLUDE THOSE!!
    IMPORTANT: by default, competition assignment would always take priority over team assignment in any game mode, but that can be easily configured within .lua script.
    To override this default behavior, you can slightly modify StadiumServer.lua script itself – add/remove competition IDs in override_competitions table, thus defining more or less competitions where individual team assignments from map_teams.txt takes priority over competition assignment from map_competitions.txt
    Default stadium server script already includes an exhaustive override_competitions table, which should cover all available exhibition, league and league-cup matches – so that you can keep individual stadiums for those teams that already have one in map_teams.txt, while all the other teams without individual stadium would get randomly selected stadium from map_competitions.txt
    ## Support for optional stadium to be used in final match of the competition only – again, pretty much self-explanatory. See map_competitions.txt file for more details
    CAUTION: if multiple stadiums are assigned to a single competition and you want to use specific stadium for finals, then you must include stadium for final match IN EVERY stadium assignment. Spoiler: https://pastepub.com/spoiler-1/
    # Manual stadium selection via in-game overlay – manually selected stadium has highest priority and overrides any assignments made via map_*.txt files
    # Exhibition mode behavior – stadium assignment logic is in-line with the usual game behavior:
    IMPORTANT: Stadium server will be active in exhibition mode ONLY if you have selected one of the following:
    “Home ground” setting in stadium menu or
    “Random” setting in stadium menu or
    Manual selection of stadium via sider overlay
    This enables you to use any stadium from your .cpk pack and additional stadium server’s stadiums side by side.
    “Random” setting in exhibition mode is going to select stadium either from your .cpk pack or from stadium server’s repository.
    Complementing this, an additional lua table is available to be customized inside the sctipt (teams_with_cpk_homegrounds table), to customize which teams should keep their .cpk+EDIT assigned home grounds (e.g. Barcelona -> Konami’s Camp Nou, Team X -> Stadium X from your .cpk, etc.).
    # Correct stadium previews and stadium names – displayed in game menus (where available, depending on game mode) and scoreboards
    # More/less detailed level of logging – in config.ini file, property “detailed_logging” controls whether more info will be logged to sider log (value “1”) or less info (value “0”)
    Current limitations/issues:
    1. No support for replay mode yet – if you’re going to watch a saved replay of a match that has been played on custom stadium, you’ll see black screen with adboards only during replay at best (perhaps it may also crash the game) – current version of sider does not support replay gallery!
    2. adboards handling – by default, stadium server does not allow for custom adboards embedded within stadiums.
    It works safely only with special blank adboards template (which should be used only to fully remove adboards from stadiums) and allows for supplying a custom version of config.xml database for adboards (to assign blank template to the stadium).
    Custom adboard models, “baked” directly into stadium 3d model are neither safe nor meant to be used via stadium server – adboards available via global ad-boards system (.cpk files or sider’s live.cpk root) should work well with stadiums from stadium server too!
    3. IMPORTANT: cooperation with other .lua scripts that use “set_stadium” and “set_conditions” events – unfortunately, because of the way the stadiums are structured and handled by the game, it was necessary for StadiumServer.lua to use set_stadium event exclusively to force the game to use the exact stadium ID of the new stadium, in order to load all the files that belong to that stadium.
    Another approach, which would not “steal” set_stadium event (i.e. trying to override the files of any stadium that the game would like to use) did not prove successful, because stadiums simply are not file-for-file compatible, causing various artifacts when trying to replace e.g. stadium using ID 016 with custom stadium using any other ID
    Bottom-line – if you want StadiumServer to work, you must not give HIGHER PRIORITY to any other .lua script that also uses “set_stadium” event to change stadium_id (i.e. StadiumServer.lua must be above any other “lua.module=” lines for scripts that use set_stadium event too)
    Using other scripts that control weather conditions and time of day – stadium server works together with @Baris’s script “WeatherConditions.lua” – if weather conditions are NOT changed neither via stadium server itself (manual selection via ingame overlay) nor via cooperation with “WeatherConditions.lua” script, then you can still use 3rd party scripts that handle “set_conditions” event (but to be on the safe side of the story, place your set_conditions related 3rd party scripts below both StadiumServer.lua and WeatherConditions.lua in sider.ini
    Recommended way to re-pack stadiums that are available in .cpk files

    Although extracted stadium packs will most likely work without any problems, it would be ideal to use only one stadium per folder in content\stadium-server (but, it will be very inefficient in terms of consuming HDD space).
    VERY IMPORTANT: Every individual ROOT GDB FOLDER (either for one stadium or for an entire pack) must contain all the necessary files, i.e. it has to be self-sustaining – it is not possible to e.g. borrow “common” stadium files from other stadium server root folders!! See this plea-thread for details
    for example, stadium within “Goodison Park” GDB root cannot borrow any files from “MJTS pack” GDB root and vice versa
    It is recommended to remove any files that are not directly related to stadium (especially common\etc\… files)
    Once you migrate stadiums from .cpk files to GDB, you can remove .cpk files with stadiums from DpFileList.bin
    How to use:
    Unpack the v1.0 archive and copy folders content and modules inside your sider folder.
    Add lua.module = “StadiumServer.lua” near the top of the Extension modules section in sider.ini
    Add lua.module = “WeatherConditions.lua” directly below stadium server entry (directly below lua.module = “StadiumServer.lua”) in sider.ini
    make sure to REMOVE (or comment-out with “;” sign) any other references to WeatherConditions.lua script or to EvoSwitcher\EvoWeather.lua script (if you use EvoSwitcher) from your sider.ini
    Customize map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files and add more stadium folders in content\stadium-server folder (NO STADIUMS are included together with the script!!)
    Please, read carefully all the comments inside map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files! Always use leading zeroes when writing stadium ID’s!

    juce and nesa24 for sider Baris for allowing me to bundle slightly customized version of his “WeatherConditions.lua” script together with stadium server. Thanks also goes to sltpn3 for fixing one nasty hidden bug within original weather script :) shawminator for doing some pre-release tests Hawke for putting togehter template for blank adboards ————————————————
    Compatibility with EvoSwitcher
    Stadium server does not have to be embedded inside EvoSwitcher structure, it runs best when used on its own.
    To avoid any potential conflicts with EvoSwitcher, please do the following changes inside your sider.ini:
    Make sure you have ALL the necessary stadiums (at least @MJTS-140914 pack) in stadium-server’s GDB root
    initial map_teams.txt file (and map_competitons.txt up to the point) already contain the necessary assignment lines for MJTS’s stadiums – all you have to do is to remove “#” marks in front of the assignment lines (but you need to have stadiums in GDB root “MJST pack” first)
    PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN map_teams.txt file – there’s the link to a brief tutorial on how to unpack .cpk files made by @MJTS-140914
    Add references to StadiumServer.lua and WeatherConditions.lua (in that exact order) ABOVE any other EvoSwitcher scripts
    Disable EvoStadium.lua script – it is obsolete now, because Wanda Metropolitano will be assigned to UCL finals via map_competitions.txt file in stadium server
    Disable EvoWeather.lua too – it is also obsolete now, because stadium server uses the original WeatherConditions.lua script that does the same job (EvoWeather.lua may not even be mentioned in sider.ini … that’s one step less for you to do, if so)

    2. NoAds blank adboard template (thanks to Hawke)
    Download: https://www18.zippyshare.com/v/waglP8EV/file.html
    Once extracted, template can be copy-pasted into GDB roots.
    Config.xml file is NOT included … you need to edit your own global copy of config.xml for adboards and include that edited copy within your GDB root.
  3. Stamford Bridge by MJTS (PES 2020 PC Demo)

    Replace Neu Sonne Arena.
    by MJTS.

  4. STS License Patch (PES 2020 Mobile Android)

    Real Kits Real Logos Online Compatible New gloves New Start Screen And more
    by Stranger Shafiul [BD].
  5. Sun Light Mode (PES 2019 PC)

    Camp Nou /dia Giuseppe Meazza /dia Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti /dia/tarde/noche Estadio Alberto J. Armando /día Stadio Nazionale /día Anfield /día Prueben y comenten (cpk de 4.5mb, facíl para descargar) en cunto disponga de más tiempo terminare de editar todos los estadios del juego, haré más y mejores cambios de iluminación diurna y nocturna saludos!
    by Jostike Games.

  6. Super Classic European Teams Option File (PES 2020 PS4)

    Compatible with DLC 6 Real classic kits Added Konami Legends by Junior Mantis Real player attribute Added some real faces for classic players National Team List:
    AC Milan Ajax Amsterdam Arsenal Atlético Madrid Barcelona Bayern Munich B. Dortmund Chelsea Fiorentina Inter Milan Juventus Lazio Liverpool Manchester United Napoli Parma Real Madrid Roma PSG Valencia
    by ALE_84.
  7. Super Classic European Teams Patch (PES 2020 PC)

    Team List:
    AC Milan Ajax Amsterdam Arsenal Atlético Madrid Barcelona Bayern Munich B. Dortmund Chelsea Fiorentina Inter Milan Juventus Lazio Liverpool Manchester United Napoli Parma Real Madrid Roma PSG Valencia Features:
    Compatible with DLC 5.0 Real classic kits Added Konami Legends by Junior Mantis Real player attribute Added some real faces for classic players
    by ALE_84.
  8. Super Classic Patch (PES 2020 PS4)

    Compatible with DLC 6.0 Real classic kits Added Konami Legends by Junior Mantis Real player attribute Added some real faces for classic players by ale_84.
  9. Super Parche Copa Libertadores Clásica (PES 2020 PS4)

    Compatible with DLC 5 Real classic kits Added Konami Legends by Junior Mantis Real player attribute Added some real faces for classic players Teams list:
    Argentinos Juniors (ARG) Boca Juniors (ARG) Colo Colo (CHI) Corinthians (BRA) Cruzeiro (BRA) Estudiantes (ARG) Flamengo (BRA) Gremio (BRA) Independiente (ARG) Internacional (BRA) Nacional (URU) Peñarol (URU) Racing (ARG) River Plate (ARG) San Lorenzo (ARG) Santos (BRA) Sao Paulo (BRA) U de Chile (CHI) Vasco da Gama (BRA) Velez (ARG) Instrucciones de instalación:

    by ale_84.
  10. Superliga Clásica Argentina Option File (PES 2021 PS4/PS5)

    Superliga Clásica Argentina Option File by Adrián Gonzalez, converted to PES 2021 by Voitx9.
    Installs in PLA League Kits 1024 Does not use any Created Players – New Players added in game via Live Update Player Flag. If you installed V1 already, only install Banfield from V2 for face updates.

    Adrian06101985 (OF Editor / Facemaker and Kitmaker) xul_racinguista (Kitmaker) MANUELCABJ (Kitmaker) G2X (Collaboration in Kits) ByPEDA69 (Collaboration in Kits) CUERVO15 (Collaboration in Kits) Bertero34 (Collaboration in Kits) JuniorMantis (Official Legends of eFootballPES2020) FacesByLaucha (Facemaker) Juampy050 (Facemaker) MardenDas / Lucio Marden (Facemaker) Diego__Cabj12 (Facemaker) Machiavelli_40 (Facemaker) Mateogames20 (Facemaker) 10NicoPES (Facemaker) Thiago PES Editor (Facemaker) DANI_Garvan (Facemaker) NMLOfficialOk (Faces Collaboration) Allendoglu (Faces Collaboration) Pro evo no1 (Collaboration in Faces) CRAKER 79 (Faces Collaboration) CarlitosPietra (Collaboration in Faces) Maxi_NMQE (Faces Collaboration) jeremj2tweets (Faces Collaboration) Nikito_85 (Faces Collaboration) Rey Almeyda XII (Collaboration in Faces) The corner of LeoSolido (Collaboration in Faces) cervosclasicos (Collaboration in Faces) PES Futebol (Collaboration in Faces) SebaMendiola (Faces Collaboration) Nagaorionlivefr (Faces Collaboration).
  11. Superpatch Classic 100 Team (PES 2020 PS4)

    Option File para el Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 de PS4 que incluye 100 equipos clásicos de diferentes ligas.

    by The Dex.
  12. T99 Patch Live Update (PES 2017 PC)

    Esta actualización está basada en la actualización semanal de la base de datos de PES 2020, convertida a PES 2017.
    PES 2017 T99 patch 2019 V4.1. Features:
    Based PES 2020 Liveupdate database Updated player ratings Updated team formations How to Install
    Required t99 patch v4 Start the setup "t99patch" Run as administrator and Input installation password Select your PES 2017 installation folder and wait Finish
  13. T99 Patch Season 2020/2021 (PES 2017 PC)

    Features of PES 2017 T99 patch 2019 Season 2020/2021:
    Based on PES 2021 Database Season Update 2020-2021 Update formation & tactics PES 2021 Update logo dan minifaces PES 2021 Update manager 2021 v2
    New season update 2019-2020 Update transfer until 02 September 2019 The addition of several teams from Indonesia v1
    Based PES 2019 database with latest live update Fix fake id & fake name players Fix id team with real id from konami Update Serie B & LaLiga 1|2|3 Replace PEU league with Germany 1. Bundesliga Replace PAS league with Japan J1 League Replace PLA league with Colombia Liga Águila Add Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Scotland, Switzerland & some uefa teams on other European teams Add conmebol/Libertadores team on other latin america teams Add Japan J2 League, China, Thailand teams on other asia teams Add some national teams from Asia Update flag, emblem, coach, miniface, ball & badge

    How to Install:
    Extract PES 2017 t99 patch Season 2018/2019 with WinRAR and run the installer as admin. Set the location to your PES 2017 game folder C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\ Insert the password: tauvic99.blogspot.com Wait until finish and done ! Install the latest Option File for T99 Patch (PES 2017 PC).
  14. Team logos menus by Alexbeckhs (PES 2020 PC)

    I really like it, the transition effect from the start menu looks good.
    by Alexbeckhs.

  15. Terminator Patch Season 2019/2020 (PES 2018 Xbox 360)

    Compatible with latest TU & Datapacks Corrected names for all competition & clubs. Transfers 2019/2020 Added new tattoos New Stadium Pack Premier League Season 2019/2020 SkyBet Championship Season 2019/2020 Serie A Season 2019/2020 Ligue 1 Season 2019/2020 Bundesliga Season 2019/2020 Serie A Brasilerao Season 2019/2020 Superliga Argentina Season 2019/2020 Added National Team kits Added new faces, boots, graphic menu. And many more !  
  16. The Absolute WeHellas Classic Patch 2012 (PES 2012 PC)

    Τhe second version of the Absolute WeHellas Classic Patch 2012.
    [*] Fix for Master League ,BAL, CB crashes [*] 64 new faces (Credits andyylf, ilhan, William, apatsi and many others) [*] New balls Adidas Roteiro Euro 2004 + KONAMI’s Classic Balls [*] New golden letters for all modes [*] New Team: Panathinaikos 2005-2010 [*] Updated teams: ΑΕΚ 1988-1995, ΑΕΚ 2002-2009, AEL 1982-1988 [*] Updated Touba stadium (Credits mexjap) [*] Fixes for various kits [*] Many updated stats based on members feedback The first version of WeHellas Absolute Classic Patch is available and includes:
    * 53 Classic Greek Teams. AEK 1962-1968 AEK 1970-1977 AEK 1982-1988 AEK 1988-1994 AEK 2002-2009 AEL 1982-1988 AEL 2006-2008 Athinaikos 1991-1992 Apollon Athinon 1994-1995 Aris 1969-1972 Aris 2006-2008 Aris Classic Asteras Tripolis 2006-2008 AO Aigaleo 2002-2005 Atromitos 2003-2008 Apollon Kalamarias 2003-2008 Akratitos 2002-2004 Ergotelis 2005-2008 Iraklis 1979-1987 Iraklis 2006-2008 Iraklis Classic Ionikos 1999-2005 Kalamata 1999-2000 Kastoria 1979-1980 Kerkyra 2002-2005 Kallithea 2001-2004 Levadeiakos 1990-1999 Levadeiakos 2006-2008 OFI 1985-1992 OFI 2007-2009 Olympiakos 1960-1963 Olympiakos 1966-1972 Olympiakos 1980-1990 Olympiakos 1996-2003 Olympiakos 2005-2008 PAOK 1972-1976 PAOK 1984-1985 PAOK 2001-2003 PAOK Classic Panathinaikos 1960-1965 Panathinaikos 1971-1987 Panathinaikos 1990-1995 Panathinaikos 1996-2003 Paniliakos 2000-2005 Panserraikos 1979-1982 Panserraikos 2008-2009 Panionios 1960-1967 Panionios 1997-2008 Panaitolikos 1975-1977 PAS Giannina 1976-1977 PAS Giannina Classic Proodeutiki 2001-2006 Skoda Xanthi 2005-2008 * 38 Classic Cyprus Teams. Apollon Lemesou 1966-1968 Apollon Lemesou 1982-1987 Apollon Lemesou 1990-1995 Apollon Lemesou 2005-2006 Apollon Lemesoy 2009-2010 APOP Kyniras 2008-2009 A.E. Kition 1994-1997 A.E. Kition 2003-2004 A.E. Lemesou 1985-1990 A.E. Lemesou 2003-2004 Alki 1979-1980 Anorthosis 1971-1976 Anorthosis 1983-1984 Anorthosis 1996-2000 Anorthosis 2005-2006 Anorthosis 2008-2009 A.P.O.E.L. 1963-1970 A.P.O.E.L. 1973-1977 A.P.O.E.L. 1984-1990 A.P.O.E.L. 1990-1996 A.P.O.E.L. 2001-2002 A.P.O.E.L. 2006-2010 Digenis 1971-1972 Ethnikos Achnas 2005-2006 E.N.P. 1974-1977 E.P.A. 1970-1973 E.P.A. 1987-1988 Nea Salamina 1989-1990 Pezoporikos 1987-1988 Olympiakos L. 1967-1970 Olympiakos L. 1971-1974 Olympiakos L. 1990-1991 Omonoia 1964-1967 Omonoia 1972-1978 Omonoia 1980-1984 Omonoia 1998-2000 Omonoia 2002-2005 Omonoia 2009-2010 * 19 Classic English Teams. Arsenal 1988-1994 Arsenal 1996-2006 Chelsea 1969-1971 Chelsea 1996-1999 Chelsea 2004-2007 Fullham 2010 Liverpool 1963-1977 Liverpool 1977-1990 Liverpool 1991-2000 Liverpool 2001-2005 Man UTD 1955-1958 Man UTD 1963-1968 Man UTD 1990-1999 Man UTD 2001-2008 Man City 1968-1970 Newcastle United 1994-2002 Not. Forrest 1977-1980 Tottenham 1960-1963 Tottenham 1964-1987 Tottenham 1990-1996 Wolves 1953-1960 * 22 Classic Spanish Teams. Athletico Bilbao 1976-1984 Athletico Madrid 1959-1977 Athletico Madrid 1980-2000 Athletico Madrid 2009-2010 Barcelona 1948-1964 Barcelona 1966-1980 Barcelona 1980-1989 Barcelona 1990-1999 Barcelona 2005-2010 Deportivo 1992-2005 Espanyol 1987-2000 Real Betis 1996-2006 Real Madrid 1955-1960 Real Madrid 1961-1976 Real Madrid 1977-1990 Real Madrid 1996-2004 Real Zaragoza 1964-1966 Real Zaragoza 1990-1999 Sevilla 2005-2007 Valencia 1950-1964 Valencia 1978-1990 Valencia 1998-2004 * 19 Classic Italian Teams. AC Milan 1967-1974 AC Milan 1987-1996 AC Milan 2001-2007 AS Roma 1982-1994 AS Roma 2000-2001 Fiorentina 1955-1969 Fiorentina 1980-2001 Inter 1957-1972 Inter 1979-19994 Inter 1996-2003 Juventus 1930-1960 Juventus 1976-1986 Juventus 1989-1995 Juvnetus 1995-2005 Lazio 1973-1974 Lazio 1996-2001 Sampdoria 1984-1992 SSC Napoli 1984-1995 Torino 1984-1995 * 29 Other European Classic Teams. Ajax 1969-1973 Ajax 1980-1990 Ajax 1991-1998 As Monaco 1985-1997 AS St Ettiene 1967-1986 Bordeaux 1980-1990 Bordeaux 1995-2001 Benfica 1950-1960 Benfica 2003-2005 Bayer Leverkusen 1987-1990 Bayer Leverkusen 2001-2002 Bayer Munich 1967-1976 Bayer Munich 1979-1994 Bayer Munich 1994-2002 Bayer Munich 2009-2010 Bor. Dortmund 1965-1967 Bor. Dortmund 1992-2002 CSKA Moscow 2003-2005 FC Porto 1983-1988 FC Porto 2002-2004 Galatasaray 1999-2001 Humburg 1968-1983 Lyon 2002-2006 Marseille 1986-1994 Marseille 1996-2005 Schalke 1995-1998 Shaktar Donetsk 200-2008 Sporting Lisbon 1943-1974 Werder Bremen 1991-1995 * 23 Classic American Teams. Athletic Huracan 1973-1976 Boca Juniors 1961-1970 Boca Juniors 1976-1986 Boca Juniors 1994-2001 Colo Colo 1991 Corinthians 1997-2001 Cruzeiro 1966-1976 Estudiantes 1966-1970 Flamengo 1980-1990 Independiente 1970-1984 Internacional 1992-2002 Nacional Monte 1969-1980 N.Y. Cosmos 1975-1982 Palmeiras 1962-1978 Palmeiras 1993-2002 Penarol 1948-1968 Racing Club 1966-1967 River Plate 1930-1950 River Plate 1970-1990 Santos 1950-1971 Santos 2002 Sao Paolo 1991-1994 Vasco de Gama 1997-2004 * 86 Classic National Teams. Austria 1954 Belgium 1980-1986 Bulgaria 1994-1998 Croatia 1996-1998 Czechoslovakia 1934-1938 Czechoslovakia 1958-1962 Czechoslovakia 1970-1980 Czech 1996-2004 Denmark 1984-1992 England 1966-1970 England 1980-1986 England 1990 England 1996-2000 France 1954-1960 France 1982-1986 France 1996-2000 France 2006 Germany 1992-2002 Germany 2006 Germany 2008-2010 Greece 1994 Greece 2004 Greece 2008 Holland 1974-1978 Holland 1988-1998 Holland 2010 Hungary 1952-1956 Ireland 1990-1994 Italy 1934-1938 Italy 1968-1970 Italy 1988-1990 Italy 2006 Poland 1972-1982 Portugal 1966 Portugal 1984-1988 Portugal 2000-2004 Romania 1990-1998 Russia 1994-1996 Russia 1998-2002 Spain 1962-1966 Spain 1982-1990 Spain 1994-1998 Spain 2008-2010 Scotland 1986-1990 Scotland 1996-1998 Sweden 1948-1958 Turkey 200-2003 USSR 1960-1972 USSR 1986-1990 West Germany 1954-1962 West Germany 1966-1976 West Germany 1980-1990 Yugoslavia 1920-1940 Yugoslavia 1946-1958 Yugoslavia 1960-1968 Yugoslavia 1990 Ygoslavia 1998-2000 Africa-Asia Algeria 1982 Australia 2006 Cameroon 1990-1998 Cameroon 200-2002 Egypt 2004-2009 Ivory Coast 2006-2009 Morocco 1986 Nigeria 1994-1998 Saudi Arabia 1994 Senegal 2002 South Africa 1996-1998 South Korea 2002 Tunisia 1978 America Argentina 1930-1940 Argentina 1978 Argentina 1986-1990 Argentina 1994-1998 Brazil 1938-1956 Brazil 1958-1962 Brazil 1970 Brazil 1982-1986 Brazil 1994 Brazil 1998-2002 Brazil 2004-2007 Colombia 1990-1998 Chile 1998 Mexico 1986-1994 Uruguay 1924-1950 Uruguay 2010 9 All Star Teams All Stars 1990-2010 All Stars Ever All Time Europe All Stars All Stars Greece All Stars Cyprus Dribbling All Stars Free Kick All Stars Veterans All Stars Hardman All Stars All teams with correct emblems, rosters, kits, lineups κλπ. Over 400 players with realistic faces. 3D Stadiums (OAKA, Karaiskaki, Toumba, Kleanthis Vikelidis, Nea Smyrni, Municipal Stadium of Agrinio,La Bombonera, San Mames). Ingame Stadiums(MS Livadeias, MS Peristeriou, Astera Tripolis, A. Papadopoulos, GSP, Genti Koule, Zosimades, Pagkritio, Kautantzogleio, Anfield, St. James * Park, Stanford Bridge, Vicente Calderon) New graphics, Classic Balls, chants, music, backgrounds, boots, scoreboard and Intro Videos. New Modes Like: FIFA World Cup 2002, UEFA Cup, UEFA Euro 2004. This patch includes it’s own seperate exe,save folder and DLC ! This patch doesn’t need the latest DLC to work. It will work regardless the DLC version you already have. And also it won’t affect any other patch and its DLC.
    Install PES 2012 to your PC. Download the 10 parts of Absolute WeHellas Classic Patch and the Fix from above and place them all in the same folder and make sure that all the parts are the same MBs (209,7) exept the last one that must be 125,3mb and the fix that must be 16mbs! After the download has finished run Setup.exe to start the Installer. After language select, the installation route that the installer recomments, and continue with the installation. Caution !! It is prudent to deactivate your antivirus before the installation starts. After the end of the installation you’ll have to make an Exception for the files rld.dll & clpes2012.exe and may be good to do it to the hole Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 folder before you activate it again. After the main installation finish run fix.exe to install the fix. Finally the only thing you have to do to play the patch is run the shortcut that is created in your desktop with the name Absolute WeHellas Classic Patch. Don’t the DLC that the game asks. The Absolute WeHellas Classic Patch it’s not yet compatible with the latest DLC but that won’t stop you from playing it. In case the the shortcut isn’t created in your desktop, then go to your Pro Evolution Soccer installation folder (usually “Computer”>”C”>”Program Files”>”KONAMI”>”Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″) and run clpes2012.exe Install Update 2.0 Done ! ** There is the possibility that the Absolute WeHellas Classic Patch shortcut or clpes2012.exe doesn’t start. If that happens right click on one of them and choose Run As Admin. If any message shows up click YES.
    ***If you have 4:3 screen (aka square and not rectangular)the backgounds will show a black line it the left side .You can fix that by navigating to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\wecl\wehellas\img\dt06.img, ther you’ll find Backgrounds 4-3 folder . Open it and copy all the contents back to dt06.img folder.

    by WeHellas.
  17. The New Real Soccer Gaming Gameplay Mod (PES 2020 PC)

    Based on PES 2020 1.08.01 Datapack 8.0 Compatible Compatible with all patches How to Use:
    Copy PES2020.exe to your game folder: steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\ Copy dt18_all.cpk to steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\data Game Settings:
    Superstar PA 1 Gamespeed +1 UEFA Champions League Mode Semi Assist 10 Minutes Camera : Stadium Custom 0,0,0 by Holland.
  18. Tight Kits (PES 2020 Demo PC)

    Tight kits for PES 2020 PC Demo.
    NOTE : Backup your old file before copy paste the new file :) Enjoy !!!
    by Makidan14.

  19. Tight kits (PES 2020 PC)

    New Tight Kit for PES 2020 PC version. No more players look fat.
    V1 Teams:
    Barcelona, Arsenal, Manc Utd, Bayern, Celtic, Flamengo, Roma, Milan, Napoli, PSG, Polandia, Wales, Portugal, France, England, Brazil, Chile, Netherlands.
    V2 Teams:
    Germany, Belgium, Porto, Benfica, Schalke, Leverkusen, Gremio, Sao Paolo, Corinthias, Palmeiras, Boca Junior
    Extract with WinRAR Copy CPK File to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download\ Generate with PES 2020 DpFileList Generator and done !
    by DanieL.
  20. Total Patch (PES 2018 PS4)

    ►KITS SKYBET (4N63L_77) ?
    ►KIT JUVENTUS (4N63L_77) ?
    ►KITS LALIGA Y LIGA NOS (4N63L_77) ?
    ►KITS LALIGA 2 (4N63L_77) ?
    ►KITS BUNDESLIGA (4N63L_77) ?
    ►LIGA MX (ERZO) ?
    by Albert Moment.
  21. TRIZR Patch UCL Edition (PES 2020 Mobile Android)

    This is for non-rooted device and doesn't have all the features for all clubs. For Full Version Clubs, you can use Rooted Version.
    Premier League - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Sky Bet Championship - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Serie A - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Serie B - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits La Liga - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Segunda Devisión - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Classic Teams - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits MLS, Major League Soccer Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Liga 1 Indonesia Replaced PLA League Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Bundesliga Replaced PEU League Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits Liga MX Replaced PAS League Fully Licensed - Correct teams names, logos and kits Fully Licensed Licenced 150 Managers New 3.956 Miniface NEW Referee Kits
    What's New:
    UCL Graphic ORIGINAL Graphic Add Manager Photos Add New Miniface (Total 3.956) Long Sleeve for: Alessandro Del Piero, Pavel Nedvěd, Paolo Maldini, Adriano, Álvaro Recoba, Gabriel Batistuta, Ronaldinho, Johan Cruyff, Roberto Carlos, Park Ji Sung, Lucas Paquetá, Theo Hernandez, Son Heung-min, Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rodrigo Bentancur, Gareth Bale, Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi, Ansu Fati, Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Lucas Hernandez, Philippe Coutinho by TRIZR.
  22. Turf Mod by DanieL (PES 2020 PC Demo)

    more realistic turf look remove black spot in pitch from V1 Instructions:
    NOTE : Copy file into download folder then generate with Dpfilelist generator PES 2020 by Baris SET : 50 50 IN GAME ENJOY !!! by DanieL.

  23. Turfs Mod (PES 2020 PC)

    This is just a quick mod. Something to get the horrendous default turfs and colors (in my opinion) out of the way.
    by Chuni.

  24. Ultimate Patch (PES 2020 PC)

    Patch Includes:
    Licensed All Leagues, Teams and Competitions (Fake Leagues replaced with Bundesliga, MLS and J1 League 100% Complete) Licensed Balls, Referee Kits and Scoreboards for every League and Competitions Licensed Boots for almost every player Licensed Kits for all Teams with proper badges and sponsors. Licensed Referee Kits for all Leagues and Competitions Licensed Scoreboards for every League and Competitions Licensed All Trophies Entrances remade with new animations and team anthems English Commentary Improved Added Chants/Cheers and Goal Songs for the majority of the teams New Menu/Backgrounds and ML Graphics 24,000 added Players Minifaces 1,000 added Coach Minifaces .. and much more to find out! Installation:
    Download the Ultimate Patch and then open it with WinRaR (or similar). Now extract the Sider folder wherever you want, but NOT in the game folder! Download the Ultimate Patch - Save and then open it with WinRaR (or similar). Now extract the save folder to your Documents\Konami\efootball Pes 2020\xxxxxnumbers folder and overwrite if asked. Note: From now on ALWAYS run the game through the Sider\sider.exe file. This will launch automatically the game with mods loaded. If you launch the game through Steam or through the official eFootball Pes 2020\Pes2020.exe (by mistake or because you wanted to play online), you always have to put back the save folder as said above before launching the sider.exe.
    by BiRaitBec.

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