Total Noob ha publicado la versión 9.5 de su Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 para PS Vita, que nos permite cargar homebrew y backups de juegos de PSP en la última portátil de Sony.

Los que tengan instalada una versión previa del eCFW (a partir de la TN-V4 en adelante), solo tienen que ir a “System Update” y descargar la actualización directamente desde la consola, sin necesidad de repetir el proceso de instalación original.

Para poder instalarlo debemos de tener algunos de estos juegos exploiteables:



  • Added ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ technology: If your PS Vita crashes, this screen will appear and you can restart TN-V by pressing START. The crash information will be written to the savedata folder (exception.txt), so make sure that you copy the savedata from PS Vita -> PC and report this crash. With this enabled you don’t need to hard-reset your PS Vita anymore.
  • Added possibility to disable PEOPS SPU plugin.
  • Added ‘SPU update mode’ and ‘SPU thread priority’ options. Play with these options and maybe your PS1 game will run more fluid.
  • Fixed ‘white noise’ in some PS1 games -> enhanced PS1  compatibility.
  • Added Pete’s PEOPS SPU plugin which emulates PS1 sound.
  • Added ‘PEOPS SPU configuration’ to recovery menu.
  • Added option to show Vita FW in ‘System Information’.
  • Added and fixed some internal things.
  • Unlocked 12MB extra memory in every FW for internal use.
  • Removed in-XMB FTP feature, because it was overbugged. This fixes internet radio incompatibility. A better FTP port will be added in the next revision.

Descarga: Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-V9.5.