Total Noob ha publicado la versión TN-V7 de su Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 para PS Vita, compatible con hasta con el firmware 3.01.

Si ya teníamos instalada una versión anterior del eCFW, desde la TN-V4 en adelante, basta con ir a «System Update» y descargar la actualización directamente desde la consola, sin necesidad de repetir el proceso de instalación original.


  • Added NoDRM engine. This allows you to play DLC’s and more.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2 English Patch is now also supported.
  • Added ‘PLUGINS MANAGER’ to VSH Menu. Now you can manage your
  • plugins directly from VSH.
  • Added ‘Restore ‘QSP’ folder’ to recovery menu (Advanced ->).
  • Added support for homebrews without DISC_ID in their
  • PARAM.SFO. This fixes for example RIN emulator.
  • Added check whether you have installed 6.60 files yet.
  • If not, the recovery menu will boot automatically.
  • Fixed loading of static ELF. An other factor that makes
  • RIN emulator and more homebrews working.
  • Fixed bug where kxploit’ed/1.50 homebrews were not hidden
  • when ‘Hide exploit game’ was enabled.
  • Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games.
  • Improved system stability. The ‘QSP’ bug shouldn’t appear
  • anymore.
  • Removed ‘Allow anti-CFW games’ from recovery menu, because
  • it is only used for ‘DJ MAX Portable 3’. However, this game
  • works now flawlessly without this option.
  • The updater does not reset TN-V configurations anymore.

Descarga: Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-V7.