El Team Phoenix ha publicado la versión 0.3 beta de Aurora, su dashboard alternativo para las Xbox 360 con Reset Glitch Hack.

Numerosos cambios en esta tercera beta pública. Se ha mejorado la forma en la que Aurora arranca, se ha mejorado el funcionamiento de bases de datos con largas listas de juegos, los trailers ahora no hace falta que los descarguemos, se reproducen vía streaming directamente desde la web de Microsoft o podemos lanzar juegos vía FTP, entre otras cosas.

Aquí la lista de cambios:

  • Improved the way Aurora boots; opening the game list into a loaded coverflow
  • Large game databases now work as intended
  • Fixed cover view camera corruption when camera is in something other than the default state.
  • Trailers no longer need to be downloaded, they’re now streamed directly from xbox.com! (They can still be downloaded if you like your local copies)
  • Added ability to launch games from FTP
  • Added dash launch version information to debug.log output
  • Added skinnable notification popup with color coded icons.
  • Fixed the hide backups filter
  • Added support for removing D3D Letterbox mode by changing setting manually in database
  • Added more loading output during splash screen for clarity.
  • Added ability to change games while in the game details window by pressing LT and RT.
  • Updated Developer, Publisher and Genre subtitle scripts to display «Not Available» when no text is present
  • Added focus memory when in certain scenes meaning your last focus won’t jump around unpredictably
  • Updated TU Management to support TUs for XNA Title Launcher
  • Updated TU Manager to not always copy TU if it is already copied- decreasing game boot times with larger TUs
  • Added processing status to status bar for clarity

Aquí un vídeo haciendo un repaso a las principales novedades: