El Team Phoenix ha publicado la versión 0.2 beta de Aurora, su dashboard alternativo para las Xbox 360 con RGH.

La mayoría de cambios son correcciones de errores encontrados en la anterior versión preliminar, aunque también hay algunos retoques a la interfaz y a diferentes opciones, como la posibilidad de recibir una notificación al arrancar cuando una nueva actualización del dashboard esté disponible.


  • Unity Username and Unity Password will change from profile specific to system specific. ( You will have to reset this up after booting for the first time)
  • Addition of a «Updates are Available» notification at boot of Aurora, if new updates are available (can be disabled by modifying database)
  • Support accents and special chars in Unity Username field (and other text fields)
  • Fixed rendering bugs that can occur with custom Coverflow layouts
  • Fixed TUs not saving to USBMU and consequently not applying correctly
  • Added wallpaper shader. This is basically a configurable Pixel shader that allows you to warp and animate the background ( there are still issues with it when using it in conjunction with overscan- these will be resolved in a future release )
  • Fixed bug in FTP Server that kept you from browsing to the Game: folder has been fixed
  • Reversed the TiltLeft and TiltRight motions in some coverflow layouts
  • Added new subtitle LUA script to give show achievement information in the Game Details
  • Fixed issue with Downloading status not showing the proper queue size
  • Fixed issue where XNA game titles were receiving ‘FULL TITLE’ in the title name
  • Fixed formatting issue with FTP ‘FEAT’ command causing it to not work properly with some FTP clients
  • Added FTP ‘SITE’ commands: STORAGEINFO, DRIVEBYTESFREE, RESTART, REBOOT, SHUTDOWN, MEMORYINFO. Use command ‘HELP SITE’ for description and usage information
  • Added support for OnBoardMU for corona systems- not sure how we missed this originally
  • Added Flock by Phoenix coverflow layout
  • Added Lazy Stacks by Swizzy coverflow layout
  • Added Spiral Stack by Swizzy coverflow layout
  • Fixed UTF8 encoding issues in multiple places
  • Changed the way custom user filters were stored allowing users to more easily share scripts. Created same method to share scripts for sort scripts and subtitle scripts as well
  • Added ability to view game background while in the game details scene by pressing the Back Button
  • Fixed issue where DLC would get scanned during the TU scan at boot.
  • Fixed other minor skin glitches and logic bugs

Aquí un vídeo de la versión anterior en acción:

Descarga: Aurora.