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postLoader 4.2.0 para Wii

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#1 Dekuwa - 11 April 2013 - 15:49

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stfour ha publicado la versión 4.2.0 de postLoader, aplicación para Wii que se puede usar tanto en solitario como junto a Priiloader como alternativa a Homebrew Channel o del System Menu. Soporta la carga directa de juegos de Wii, de GameCube víaa DML, de VC/Wiiware desde la NAND real o una emulada así como roms de diferentes emuladores y demás homebrew, entre otras cosas.

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  • AppBrowser: changed category managment system
  • AppBrowser: Fixed hidden applications
  • AppBrowser: better and faster xml parsing
  • AppBrowser: added a caching system. Now it is almost instant. New hb are automatically added to cache. Changes of actual xml may require a manual refresh ([home]->refresh cache)
  • AppBrowser: postloader setting are moved from application xml to cache system.
  • GameBrowser: changed configuration file layout. (speedup, less memory used)
  • GameBrowser: titles.txt is now applied only when refreshing cache. (speedup)
  • GameBrowser: removed "Clean Title Configuration" menu item (obsolete)
  • ChannelBrowser: changed configuration file layout. (speedup, less memory used)
  • ChannelBrowser: titles.txt is now applied only when refreshing cache. (speedup)
  • EmuBrowser: great speedup when scrolling a large amout of rom
  • Added an option in configuration to change mp3 playback volume
  • Reduced memory allocation: titles.txt is loaded only when needed
  • On screen keyboard can now enter lowercase text
  • Fixed some filtering issues
  • Various code cleanup and fix
  • enhancements in grlib library (menu button width selectable,keyboard etc.etc)
  • new faster cfg library
  • moved autoboot informations from options menu to "about postloader" menu
  • n2oboot.ini che be configured in option menu (available only when executed in neek2o)
  • updated readmii.txt (v1.9). Not yet complete but better then the old one.

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