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PS2 Classics Manager 1.02 para PS3

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#1 Dekuwa - 11 April 2013 - 10:31

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Captain CPS-X ha publicado la versión 1.02 de PS2 Classics Manager, aplicación para las PS3 con Custom Firmware que permite gestionar las ISOS de PS2 en formato "PS2 Classics" (compatible incluso en consolas no retro-compatibles). Necesitaremos la R2 de PS2 Classics Placeholder.

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  • Added shadow effect to all displayed text, this will allow @opium2k and others to design clear themes for PS2CM.
  • Fixed reported issues with Memory Cards.
  • Fixed a problem when assigning Memory Cards, if both slots were deactivated it would make PS2CM freeze.
  • Fixed small bug on the Title ID parsing code, only affected titles that had "[" and "]" characters at the end.
  • Added some missing titles to the "ps2titleid.txt" database, thanks to those who reported them.

Descarga: PS2 Classics Manager.