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Esto si que es noticia, Waninkoko + Marcan = ENAMORADOS?

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#1 hiro2233 - 01 April 2009 - 16:51

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Me atrajo la curiosidad de este caso, la verdad que nunca habia visto esto en otra scene, parece que va levantar mucha polemica a cerca de este comentario.

modrobert writes: "We've all seen the drama between Marcan and Waninkoko play out in their blogs, there is definitely friction there, no doubt about it. You can't help wonder if there's something more to all this...and guess what, there is! I just received reliable information in the form of an IRC log capture from one of their private chats which confirms there is indeed a relationship between the two which stretches far beyond the wii hacking debacle, in fact, they are lovers!?! So what started this blog war between them you might wonder, well, as it turns out teknoconsolas administrator Xtreme had a secret affair with Marcan. Read on for the IRC log as dumped by a server operator on EFnet (who wants to remain anonymous)...

wii love story

<marcan> how are you darling?
<waninkoko> feeling like shit atm
<waninkoko> i know for a fact you sent flowers to Xtreme, how could you? :(
<waninkoko> after all i've done for you
<marcan> ...
<marcan> this is not true, i invited Xtreme to our chat so he can explain things
* Xtreme ( has joined #tmpchat
<Xtreme> waninkoko: sorry you had to find out this way but i love marcan and there's nothing you can do about it
<marcan> NOOO!! don't listen waninkoko, it's not true!!
<Xtreme> listen, it's not fair to waninkoko, he has to know
* waninkoko has quit (ddos 4 u 2)


#2 Owax - 01 April 2009 - 18:06


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LOL. Traduccion? XD XD Me resulta muy poco creible XD

#3 Juanivan - 01 April 2009 - 21:30

    Que la sigan chupando...

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Es la historia de amor/odio del momento!!!! XD

Los amores reñidos son los más keridos...  :in love:

Incluso los ke pasamos olimpicamente de la scene de Wii nos sentimos atraidos por su tragi-cómica historia...  X-D