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PSTwo y los Discos duros USB

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#1 Folken - 10 November 2004 - 13:50


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En [color= #3B57AA;]PS2Ownz[/color] nos avisan de la inminente salida al mercado de una version del [color= #3B57AA;]HDAdvance[/color] para la [color= #FF8027;]PStwo[/color]. Sera compatible con la gran mayoria de los [color= #3B57AA;]Discos duros USB[/color] de PC y servira pues para arrancar juegos instalados en el HD externo.

La pregunta que nos hacemos ahora es si los puertos son [color= #3B57AA;]USB[/color] 1.0 o 1.1 como dicen las cargas no seran muy rapidas. Pero mas que un [color= #FF8027;]DVD[/color] si. Aqui os dejo la info de [color= #3B57AA;]PS2Ownz[/color]:


After breaking the NEWS first in our past news, we would now like to post a brief update on it. Progress is going well, and here are the current details on the upcoming PSTwo USB HDD product:
  • The format- the utility will be available on a single pressed PS2-compatable disc, similar to the HD Advance and Swap Magic Discs.

  • The utility can be used with any external PC USB HDD on the PSTwo, and will allow end-users to launch games from the drive just as HD Advance currently does from internal hard disk drives on v1-v11 PS2 consoles.

  • The suggested retail price (from the manufacturer) for this exciting upcoming product is set at only $28.99 each.

  • Finally, the estimated time remaining before the product will be ready is only 2-3 weeks! However, this estimate is subject to change should any production issues arise of course. More details to come as they are available!