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Descargar ebootMOD & ebootFIX


Short readme for ebootMOD and ebootFIX:

Drag and drop a PS3 game folder to ebootFIX.exe.

For example drag&drop






to ebootFIX.exe.

ebootFIX processes whole game folders and produces two output folders:

--> [NPDRM] - folder - content ready to be installed as PSN-style XMB game:
You will find two PKG files in the folder. The tool will decrypt and sign
all executables (EBOOT.BIN and other .self files) to make them compatible
with lower firmware versions. Follow the generated INSTRUCTIONS in
[NPDRM] folder.

--> [RETAIL] - folder - all files which you can replace in your original
backup copy to play the game via a Game Manager.


Drag & drop a file (EBOOT.BIN, .self or .sprx) to ebootMOD.exe. It will decrypt and
sign the file to make it compatible with lower firmware versions. The generated file
will be saved in the same folder with the original, prefixed with "MODIFIED_".

More options available via command-line.


Steps are simple and anyone can manage to create PKG for any game he wishes.

1) Drag&drop PS3_GAME folder of your game to “ebootFIX.exe” application

2) You will get a ready to use PKG file

3) Install it on your PS3 and start the game from the XMB.

4) Get your game on your PS3′s INTERNAL HDD

5) Start multiMAN, go to FileManager (select+start)

6) Browse to your game backup, select PS3_GAME folder and press [R3]

7) multiMAN will create some links/shadow copies for your game (no space needed)

8 ) Exit multiMAN and start the game from XMB

You can find eboot_FIX application in the first post of multiMAN’s thread. Once the program completes you’ll get an instructions (.txt) file if you don’t understand the steps above – read the .txt instructions.


Colin McRae Dirt (1) doesn’t work from a backup. So if you drag&drop its PS3_GAME folder to ebootFIX.exe you’ll get two folders:

* [BLES00095] [RETAIL] Colin McRae DiRT and

* [BLES00095] [NPDRM] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD) with files:

1) [BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD).pkg

2) [BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD)-FW_355.pkg

3) [BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD).txt (instructions as posted below)

================================================== =========================================

To use this tutorial you will need a Windows PC and PS3 with multiMAN 01.16.12 (or newer).

Please follow these steps exactly in this order! Do not skip or reverse the steps.

================================================== ======================================


[PC] folder generated: “[BLES00095] [NPDRM] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD)”:

================================================== ======================================

!) [PS3] Delete all GAME DATA you may have on you PS3 system for “Colin McRae: DiRT™” game!

1) [PC] Copy the generated PKG file to the root folder of USB stick or USB HDD:

–> for firmwares 01.90-03.41: “[BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD).pkg”

–> for firmwares 03.55- : “[BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD)-FW_355.pkg”

2) [PS3] Install the PKG file from [* Install package files] menu on your PS3

3) [PS3] Open multiMAN in file manager mode on your PS3 system (press SELECT+START)

4) [PS3] Browse to your game (on internal HDD) and press [R3] while PS3_GAME folder is selected

5) This operation will create SHADOW copy of “Colin McRae: DiRT™” to:

–> /dev_hdd0/G/E00095

and –> /dev_hdd0/game/BLES00095

6) [PS3] Exit multiMAN

7) [PS3] Launch the game directly from “Colin McRae: DiRT™ (HDD)” icon on the [GAME] column in XMB

8 ) [PS3] If prompted to update the game to newer version – cancel the update

================================================== ======================================

!) You can use [BLES00095] [MODIF] files directly with your game if you decide

not to use the (HDD) PKGs, but you will have to rename them to the original names

and replace in your game backup folder OR just use files from:

[BLES00095] [RETAIL] Colin McRae DiRT folder.

================================================== ======================================

*) DISCLAIMER: Use this application ONLY with legally owned content!

================================================== ======================================


[PC] folder generated: “[BLES00095] [RETAIL] Colin McRae DiRT”:

================================================== ======================================

1) Replace all files in your original game backup with the contents of the [RETAIL] folder

2) That is it

================================================== ======================================

*) DISCLAIMER: Use this application ONLY with legally owned content!

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