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Descargar Gentoo LiveCD Xenon Beta v2


This is a liveCD for Linux on the Xbox 360. It is based on the experimental gentoo liveCD.
It has a few changes to boot on the Xbox 360 (codename xenon).

Changes to the previous BETA (v1) include:
* New 2.6.21 based kernel
* Improved networking support
* Improved framebuffer kernel level support
* Supports Toshiba-Samsung drives, now

How does it work ?
Burn gentoo-livecd-xenon-beta-v2.iso.
Upload the cdreader binary via serial, or use the new king kong patcher with built-in readcd code, this will open the dvd tray.
Put the gentoo-livecd-xenon-beta CD in the drive.
cdreader will automatically start the xell bootloader located at lba 0x20 on this cd and boot the Linux Kernel.

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