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Descargar SmashStack


SmashStack is a custom stage made for the "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Wii
game.  It is designed to load unsigned code from the SD card.  These 2 stages are similar to the USA and JAP SmashStack exploits in that they are triggered the same way by the user and they load the same file from the SD card.

These stages are free.  Source code is included, and it is licensed under the GPLv2.  You are free to do with them pretty much whatever you want.  I ask that  you please do not rehost them elsewhere, but instead link people back here.  

Also, please don't use these to enable piracy.  When people pirate games,
game companies don't make any money.   When game companies stop making enough money, they put less effort into making games.  This leads to shittier and shittier games and piles of shovelware.  Piracy directly leads to games that nobody wants to play.


  • Download one of the 2 stages below. The stage you need to download depends on whether or not you have a save file for the game on your NAND.
  •     Create an empty folder on your SD card (SDHC won't work)
  •     PAL users create "SD:/private/wii/app/RSBP/st".
  •     KOR users create "SD:/private/wii/app/RSBK/st".
  •     Put the stage you downloaded in that folder.
  •     Put the homebrew you want to load (theres a pretty cool one here) on the root of your SD card as "SD:/boot.elf"
  •     If you have a save file, then you need to delete any existing custom stages and then exit out of the stage builder.
  •     Insert the SD card into the Wii and enter the stage builder.
  •     The homebrew (boot.elf) should be loaded.


team twiizers - savezelda elf loader
svpe & comex - pointing out the buffer overflow in the game
comex - original python SSBB checksum
Xanares - stage format documentation, encryption & checksum code used in this package
not.nmn - c# compression code which was used as a base
giantpune - debugging, poking, building, disassembling, testing, putting all the pieces together, creating a working exploit

And big thanks to...
nuke, link, dcx2, brkirch, Y.S, Frank Willie, et al - usb gecko, geckoOS, vdappc, geckoDotNET
megazig, dcx2 - lots of useful knowledge concerning ASM, registers, PPC behavior, and other similar low-level stuff

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