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Descargar Lizard Toolbox 1.0.43

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What it is:

PC application to allow you interact with your
Maximus Lizard device, the main function of the application
is to receive the files being read by lizard and also
serve files to lizard while writting to the drive.

It comes also with its own CFW file generation, basically
it takes the read file and allows you to generate the patched
firmware file in very simple and quick steps.  

The CFW Generator pane has 2 tabs, one for Easy view, this tab
will do most of the jobs, the other is Advanced View, this is
for special cases when you want to have more control on the
generated file.

The Easy View rely on "Fileset Templates", these are file containers
with all the custom firmware variations inside. We believe this way is
simpler for all parties, for the developers to mantain a friendly
application and for the user to have less confusion.
To get the latest filesets please go to:

Please note those files are not being delivered with the application
in purpose.

The General procedure to do a "flash task" is as follows:
a) Do the reading with Lizard device
b) Use the Lizard Toolbox to receive the file with the PC application
c) Use the CFW Generation pane to generate the patched file
d) Do the writting with Lizard device and when asked make Toolbox serve
   the generated file to lizard

Since you dont have a Lizard yet the only useful tests would be on the
CFW Generation, we will appreciate your feedback, error reporting and
suggestions to:

Please also look on the chat pane, let us know your toughts and feelings
about it.

.net framework 4.0 (or above)

Tested on Windows 7 64 bits

Just unzip all contents to a folder on your PC, remember visit the
to get the Fileset templates.

Novedades de la versión 1.0.43 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • - Added XKEY TOOLS tab

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