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Descargar PS3 Media Server 1.90.1

Captura de pantalla
  • FFmpeg Video, FFMpeg Web Video and FFmpeg Web Audio:
  • Fix issue that prevented plugins extending FFmpegWebAudio and FFmpegWebVideo safely
  • Updated FFmpeg for Windows
  • MEncoder Video:
  • Fix for spaces in font names breaking playback
  • Misc:
  • Fixed regression with tsMuxer and H264 support
  • Restored Java support for file names with special characters on Mac OS X.
Upgrade Notes:
For versions prior to 1.70.0:
It is recommended to back up and remove your old PMS.conf and re-enter and save your settings (if any) in the GUI. Alternatively (e.g. if you have a large number of customizations you wish to preserve), see the upgrade notes for previous major releases (e.g. 1.50.0, 1.60.0 etc.) for migration instructions.

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