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Descargar Rebug 3.41E Beta 1.0

Follow this tutorial to the letter or risk bricking your console!

We are not Responsible if you brick you console or do anything other than Rebug is intended for.
If you do happen to brick you console you will still be able to fix it with Service Mode.

You have been warned!

** You must be on Firmware 3.41 **

This is a (2) part tutorial

Ok Lets Get Started

Part 1:

1. Copy the Rebug folder over to a USB stick

2. Jailbreak your console with PSGroove 1.1 You can find it at

3. Install Comgenie Awesome Filemanager v6

4. Install Mount Alejandro

5. Load Mount Alejandro and press O (It will return to XMB)

6. Load Comgenie Awesome Filemanager

7. Enter the dir dev_Alejandro on the LEFT side

**WARNING** At this point you can brick your console if you are not careful!

8. Press Select

9. Delete the directories listed below by pressing [] then Start


10. Open your USB stick on the RIGHT side and enter the Rebug directory

11. Copy over each directory by pressing O then Start

12. After all of the directories are copied to dev_Alejandro power down the console by holding down the 'Power' button

13. Install the Rebug 3.41E Payload on your jailbreak device. You can find it at

14. Jailbreak your PS3 and enjoy your new Rebugged console!

Part 2:

This allows to swap between Rebug's two different 'Debug Settings' menus (you can swap between debug_menu1 and debug_menu2)

1. Jailbreak your console with any Rebug 3.41E payload. You can find it at

3. Load Mount Alejandro and press O (It will return to XMB)

4. Load Comgenie Awesome Filemanager

5. Enter the dir dev_Alejandro/vhs/module/ on the LEFT side

6. Enter the dir dev_flash/vhs/rebug/debug_menu2 on the RIGHT side

**WARNING** At this point you can brick your console if you are not careful!

7. Press Select

8. Select sysconf_plugin.sprx and press O then start

9. Hold the PS button down and Quit Game

10. Go have a look at all the new Debug options =)

If you want to swap back to debug menu 1 follow the directions above and enter debug_menu1 instead.

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