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Descargar HEN 6.20

(6.20 TN-C (HEN) by Total_Noob)

(Changelog 6.20 TN-C)
- Added 50 MB large memory support for every PSP models except PSP classic.
- Added online gaming support.
- Added server for TN NETWORK UPDATE.
- Fixed bug in VSHMenu where CPU speed hasn't changed when set it to default.
- Fixed bug in Digital Comics that caused a crash.
- Fixed server redirection.
- Removed FAKE INDEX.DAT from VSHMenu, but feature is still effective (move version.txt to X:/seplugins/).
- Signed HEN with prxEncrypter (thanks to Mathieulh, bbtgp, coyotebean, kgsws and everyone who involved to this project).
- Used Davee's $v1 trick to find power_buf_addr.

(What's this?)
TN HEN allows you to execute homebrews and plugins. It includes a TN VSH Menu for some nifty features. It's similar to the Custom Firmware - without ISO/CSO and PSX support.

- A PSP with 6.20 installed.

- Install Patapon Demo & HBL on your PSP.
- Extract EBOOT.PBP to /PSP/GAME/HEN/EBOOT.PBP, or to /HBL/GAME/EBOOT.PBP if you want to launch it directly.
- Launch Patapon Demo and load exploited savedata (Continue).
- Now, it jumps into HEN mode.
- Enjoy homebrews and plugins (you'll lost HEN mode, if you reset/shutdown the device or if your PSP is crashed).

(TN VSH Menu & Features)
The TN VSH Menu can be opened/closed with SELECT in the XMB.

This nice menu allows you to change TN configurations, like:
- FAKE REGION (if you changed this option, use RESTART VSH to see new categories/options in the XMB)
- HIDE MAC ADDRESS (hides the MAC address in System Information)
- TN NETWORK UPDATE (downloads the newest TN revision)
- HIDE PIC0 & PIC1 (hides PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG in Game)
- SPOOF VERSION (spoofes System Version in System Information)
- SLIM COLORS - USB CHARGE (on a PSP phat you can enable slim colors, else on other PSPs you can enable USB chargement)
- PROTECT FLASH0 (protects against noobs who write into flash0)

(For developers)
You can get/set the TN config with sctrlSEGetConfig/sctrlSESetConfig.

typedef struct
int magic; /* 0x47434E54 */
int vshcpuspeed;
int vshbusspeed;
int gamecpuspeed;
int gamebusspeed;
int fakeregion;
int skipgameboot;
int nothidemacaddress;
int notusetnnetupd;
int hidepic0pic1;
int notspoofversion;
int usbcharge_slimcolors;
int fastscrollmusic;
int notprotectflash0;
int reversed[2];
} TNConfig;

If you find some important NID's unresolved please tell me (sysreg and syscon aren't complete)

- If you own a PSPgo do this great tricky:
- Pause a game while you're in HEN mode.
- If you lost HEN mode, you don't need to launch Patapon Demo, just resume game and you're in HEN mode again;)
- If you find a bug, please don't write to me immediately. Collect some bugs and then send me a list and I'll fix these bugs in the next revision.

- Dark_AleX: For his great custom firmware.
- Dr. Soup: For much help while developing.
- GENyUS: For some help.
- Wololo: For betatesting.
- Torch: For the fast scroll music src.
- Bubbletune: For the slim colors src.
- Davee: For some tips.


Merry christmas and happy new year:D

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