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Descargar HBL revision 111 for the Everybody's Sukkiri exploit

Copy "h.bin" and the "hbl" folder to the root directory of your PSP and then launch the Everybody's Sukkiri exploit.
Custom menus can be used by replacing the EBOOT in "hbl/menu" with another menu's EBOOT.
Alternatively, you can replace the menu with a homebrew and it'll be launched when you start the HBL.
There's also a handy config file in the hbl folder (hbl_config.txt) that allows you to tweak some useful settings.

I take no credit at all for the HBL. I just compile and upload all of the builds for public usage.
The people you want to be thanking are m0skit0, wololo, JJS, ab5000, davee, J416, FrEdDy, neur0n and some1.
Oh, and of course the great communities at (now dead, R.I.P :() + ;).

~Mr. X

[Changelog for revision 111]
r111 | | 2010-12-20 13:43:27 +0000 (Mon, 20 Dec 2010) | 5 lines

- added Everybody's Sukkiri, exploit by Darxploit, Flyer, minomushi, some1 and HBL port by some1
- added code to reset the HOME screen language to the system default (only for sukkiri)
- made GAME_FREEMEM_ADDR an array for all exploits
- fixed bug in static ELF loading that led to HBL being overwritten in sukkiri

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