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Descargar PS3Key Downgrade


This downgrade can be done without the need of a TV, but it helps to have the PS3 connected.

Preparation before starting the downgrade.

Files needed: Lv2Diag.self (file 1), Lv2Diag.self (file 2) and the modified 3.41 PUP.
(sorry, we cannot provide these files for download)

Next step is to upgrade your Atmel or Silabs PS3Key with the JIG firmware.

Note! Once your PS3Key is flashed with this firmware it will only work to activate Service Mode on your PS3.
It has to be reflashed with any normal firmware to work as a PS3Key device again.

Instructions Atmel

1. Run the PS3KeyUpdater.exe application in Windows.

2. Connect PS3Key to your PC in update mode. To do this, simply insert it and remove it a few
times in until both of the LEDs (both red and blue) light up at the same time.
(if you are already running the lates firmware it will enter update mode automatically)

3. Choose "File" and "Open" and then select the update file (it will end in .upd)

4. Click "Update Now" at the top of the screen. This will only be active when the PS3Key is
connected to your PC and both the red and blue LEDs are lit.

5. That's it! The progress bar will indicate when the update has been applied.

6. It is now safe to remove PS3Key from your PC and use it as a Service Dongle.

NOTE! If the progress bar does not indicate any progress then try to run the PS3KeyUpdater.exe in "Windows XP
compatibility mode" and also click the checkbox for "Run this program as an Administrator"
(right click the file and select Properties, then click the compatibility tab)

Instructions Silabs

1. Insert your PS3Key into your Windows PC and be patient. Windows will go through a series
of checks before finally recognizing your PS3Key. It might even appear as an unrecognized
at some point. Again, please be patient, it will recognize eventually!
(if you are running the latest firmware it will come up directly)

2. Once your PC has recognized PS3Key, it will show as a USB Flash drive in Windows.

3. You can click on index.htm in the flash drive to see which version you are currently running.

4. Drag-and-drop the firmware.bin file onto the flash drive to update the dongle. On some operating
systems you may need to 'delete' the firmware.bin 'file' first.

5. It is now safe to remove PS3Key from your PC and use it as a Service Dongle.

PS3 Downgrade Instructions

NOTE! Downgrading your firmware may cause your PS3 to factory reset and lose any profiles & savefiles
stored on the HDD.

1. Insert your PS3Key dongle that has been reflashed to active service mode.

2. Turn on your PS3 using the normal boot method (Press power then quickly press eject).
You will see your console power on and then shortly after power off.
Remove your PS3Key and proceed to step 3.

3. Now your PS3 should be in Service mode. Turn on your console and you will see a huge red box on the
screen saying Factory/Service Mode (If you are using a component cable the image might be garbled)
Once confirmed turn off the console again.

4. Take a blank USB memory stick and put two of the files on it: Lv2Diag.self (file 1) and the modified 3.41 PUP file.
These must be in the root of the memory stick and there must not be other files on it.

5. Insert the memory stick into the RIGHT USB PORT of your console (It must be placed in the outermost right port)
and then turn the console on. The screen will be black, but the LED on the PS3 will blink.

6. Wait about 3 minutes for the system to install the old FW, towards the end the power button on the console will
start flashing green and then your console will power off.

7. Remove the memory stick and turn on the console, at this point you will still be in factory service mode.
You can now verify that you have downgraded to version 3.41 by going to the systems menu on your PS3.

8. If you wish to downgrade to an earlier firmware you can do so now, there is no need to use modified custom PUP when
the firmware has already been downgraded to 3.41.

9. Time to restore your PS3 from service mode. Insert the memory stick into your PC and delete the two files, then copy
LV2Diag.self (file 2) to the memory stick. Again, directly in the ROOT of the memory stick.

10. Connect the memory stick to the right usb port and power on your console, then after a few seconds it will power off.
(similar to step 2)

11. Remove the memory stick and turn on your console, you will now be out of Factory/Service mode and back into retail
mode with your chosen firmware version installed.

Enjoy and thank you for choosing PS3Key!

The PS3Key Team -

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