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Descargar Gaia Manager 2.07

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Compatible con CFW Kmeaw, Wutazanga y Waninkoko v2.


It's based on Sexy Manager and Open Manager (the psx-scene one) 1.17.2 release.

Direct Boot mode is unsupported! Use it at your own risk!
PL3 dev (peek & poke) payload is not supported and using it may crash your PS3.
Precompiled psgroove+pl3 versions often include dev payload, so use my builded hexes instead.
Do not report any bug involving Direct Boot nor PL3 dev! Thanks

Gaia Manager ChangeLog

- Enabled discless on syscall36
- Changed syscall36 implementation, from two payloads to only one payload (

- Add syscall36 support from 2 anonymous people, discless mode is NOT working anymore...

V2.04 (3.55 CFW only) Fixes:
Increased stability
Removed Direct Boot (didn't work properly)
Integrated latest lv2 patching

V2.01 (3.55 CFW only) Features:
It does not try to load the syscall every time you start Gaia Manager, but only the first time. that should be fix some crashes when reopening Gaia Manager.
It's reported that if the PS3 crashes sometimes you will need to do an hard power off / power on (detaching cable and reataching).

V2.00 (3.55 CFW only) Features:
Built for CFW 3.55 (with peek & poke support), integrate lv2 patching support (so, no need to use lv2.pkg). You need to remove old Gaia Manager from XMB before installing it

V1.04.1 Features:
Fix network shutdown. It's needed to properly shutdown the network when you exit to XMB or when you launch an homebrew.

V1.04 Features:
Fix Direct Boot and Homebrew launch
Add support of left analog stick to scroll the game list

V1.03.1 Features:
Fix some bugs in weltall code. Upgrade as soon as possible and do NOT use V1.03!

V1.03 Features:
Fix permissions if directory has 0700 as file mode (on internal hard disk). it fix the ftp permission problem with pl3
Increase max device number from 3 to 5
Automatically modify PARAM.SFO to enable remote play in game. © FunzZy
Added german language strings © evostar
Add a better, transparent HIGHLIGHT.PNG (courtesy of klutsh)
Add a patch from weltall to get the system version instead of harcoding 3.41 (useful to play new games with old firmwares
Add cleanup function to remove the list of the games played. That list is sent to Sony
Updated French translation, thanks foX aCe

V1.02 Features:
Automatic cover downloading (with SQUARE)
Backup BDVD button assigment removed, you had to use CIRCLE on first entry
Add support for pixel blending for PNG alpha support
Changed logo (thanks traumakom)
Removed version inside gaia manager and added to XMB information box

V1.01 Features:
Automatically fix PARAM.SFO with PS3_SYSTEM_VERSION > 3.41
Fix IP string when PS3 is disconnected from the network

V1.0 Features:
Show TITLE ID above the cover
Re-add disc_less mode in pl3 (but this time it works)
Fix mem patching on Hermes (now it's enabled ONLY on game launching)

RC10 Features:
Merge from OpenBM 1.17.1 to fix discless mode without any discless menu option (pl3 only)

RC9 Features:
Fix "Copy Selected" and "Delete Selected" regression
Fix settings saving/reloading. Now the file is settings.cfg. Save also hdd_folder to settings.cfg instead of rewriting EBOOT.BIN
Add support for GAMESDIR/COVER.PNG, now you can put in your cover in your game directory (old directories still work)

RC8 Features:
Show build version
Remember the last enabled L1, L2, R1, R2 options and reload them on application start-up
Fix select+start that didn't save the new selected directory
(dev) Code cleaning, removed goto and splitted some functions in another file

RC7 Features:
Remove the Mathieulh's patch since it's integrated in a PSGroove fork and pl3, this allow Gaia Manager to work with old payloads. Please use psfMod (or newer) or that psgroove payload

RC6 Features:
Fix regression that prevent BDVD backup to work with old PL3 or psgroove payload, sorry.

RC5 Features:
Fix Mathieulh's patch
Add support for disc-less mode in new (as in psfmod 0.9.6 or later version) PL3
In the attached zip you will find two pkgs, one with BDRIPS directory and one with GAMEZ directory (are you happy now?)

RC4 Features:
Add Mathieulh's patch for installing retail patches (to be removed when payloads have it).
Add support for newest psfreedom with PL3 (syscall35 instead of syscall36)

RC3 Features:
From now games directory is BDRIPS and cover directory is BDCOVERS. You can put it in internal hard disk (/dev_hdd0/BDRIPS and /dev_hdd0/BDCOVERS) or in an usb hard disk (/dev_usb?/BDRIPS and /dev_usb/BDCOVERS).
New graphics made with Inkscape in SVG by klutch, I know the text is ugly, but it's the only way to allow multi language support. When I will integrate libfont support then the strings will display beautiful
Fixed homebrew tab

RC2 Features:
Add fallback support for /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ as game directory (you need to answer "NO" to all the proposed directories to use it).
Rename COVERS directory to COVERZ and add support for /dev_hdd0/COVERZ directory
Fixed EBOOT.BIN fix permission when "Mem Patch" is enabled
Change pink color to yellow (in the device area)
In the zip you will find also a version without initial sound

RC1 Features:
Use two different background, one for games and one for homebrew
Remap "Test files" to R3
Add rehash function to L3 (it will reload the game/homebrew list)
Add support for covers: you just need to put the cover (260x300) in /dev_hdd0/games/GAIA01985/COVERS/ or in GAME_PATH/../..COVERS and are by title id, ex BCUS12345.PNG
Package ID is changed from OMAN46756 to GAIA01985 and also the homebrew and all related dirs!

Beta3 Features:
Added "Direct Boot" mode (L2)
Changed the key combo to change the internal game dir to SELECT+HOME
Fixed square button to backup from bdvd
Removed "Put games from BR-DISC" and "Put the homebrew in USBXXX:/homebrew" strings
Reduced the gap between one device and his size and the next device, in the bottom bar

Beta2 Features:
Fixed the highlight alignment (thanks klutsh)
New BG file with IP: aligned (thanks klutsh) and bottom size bar expanded

Beta1 Features:
Hermes v3 patching enabled (L1).
Graphic / Background changed (thanks to klush) to allow safe area
Buttons remapped (exit key removed, use menu to exit)
Direct loading removed (it works with only 10% of games)
All my old patches

Novedades de la versión 2.07 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • - Enabled discless on syscall36
  • - Changed syscall36 implementation, from two payloads to only one payload (

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