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Descargar PS3SX Pre-Release

PRE - RELEASE PS3SX 29/11/2010

PS3SX Pcsx port on PS3 using PS3 SDK and psl1ght it's a hybride for the pre-release
No source code will be avaible only when i will completely port the emulator to psl1ght
before xmas i will update it with a new GUI save state and cheat code .

this emulator can only work on 3.41 retail not tryed yet on older version.

put all folders so ./BIOS ./MC ./psxrom on root of dev_usb000 so the first port on the right

Support in this pre-release version :
2 Players
All iso formats
psx homebrew *.psx and *.exe
Save works for player 1 & 2
Sound support CDDA and XA
Full screen
Full Speed

i'm using PCSX-DF core with the ppc dynarec the dyanrec work already on this version of ps3sx
with libkammy god bless AerialX for the libkammy :) and i'm using the cellframework for sound only.

My thanks go to AerialX , drk||Raziel , pcsx Team and pcsx-df team for the original source code ,
psxgroovy at for the dongle sample :) ,PEOPS for this good plugin and Mathieulh .

all plugins come from PEOPS

With luv Anonymous

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