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PS3Splitter is a tool allowing users to break up large 4GB+ files into smaller files. This application will automatically scan for large files that require splitting. Making things easy for the user to get their backups working by doing simple copy/move operation [PC -> external HDD -> PS3 internal HDD] which is much faster and reliable than copying via FTP.

  • Automatic scan of selected directory including sub directories for files larger than FAT32 max file size.
  • File split is compatible with Open Manager & Gaia Manager methods.
  • "Delete original file" as option.
  • AutoUpdate as option.
  • Aside from progress bar for file split operation there is additional progress bar showing total progress - helpful if processing more than one file.
  • Total progress is also visible in taskbar under Windows 7.
  • Parts file size is set to 1024 MB.

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