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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog, and since I’ve updated Party Buffalo. A friend of mine was trying to use my cross-platform FATX explorer, and it didn’t work for him. I thought that it was odd, since the FATX libs should be 100% solid as far as reading and disk size calculations and all that crazy stuff goes.

Well, I was wrong. Here was the problem, which also applied to Party Buffalo: I was using the raw disk size, and not the actual size that the Xbox uses from the security sector. So, for some disks, the size of the file allocation table would be off by +- (around)0×3000, give or take, which would then make the data region of the Data partition off by that amount as well, therefore giving the user bad (just random) filenames and other weird stuff happening.

I said this before, but this is almost 100% guaranteed to be the last update for Party Buffalo, unless I really screw up this update. I’ve since moved on to other projects. I’m starting to get in to web development (Ruby on Rails to be precise), and this project has lost my interest. I was debating finishing Up, but then two friends of mine showed me the awesome work they’ve done on their cross-platform STFS package manager (also does a lot more than just that!) called Velocity. They made the excellent point that it’s useless on non-Windows platforms without a device explorer. So, I’ve started to start development on Up again, and hope to have it done this winter.

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