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Descargar Carnage Manager 0.3

                  Carnage Manager by HungryBob

File system manager for Xbox 360 Homebrew console (XEX executable).
On 360 press BACK button for brief controls help.

* all standard file/directory operations copy/delete/mkdir
* multitasking - can do something while files copying...
* background tasks cancelable
* unpacking of RAR archives - UNRAR library version 3.9.10 ported to 360.
* classic double panel user interface

although i tested it for many bugs, currently i consider it to be beta.
there may be places where operations may go wrong, thus list of what not to do...

* don't try to copy files over themselves, to same directory or child directory,
  may freeze or crash.

* unpack files only to empty directory, if UNRAR encounters same existing file in
  target directory, it will freeze forever. this is because unrar will try to ask if
  need to skip, cancel, replace, etc. existing file using STDIN functions, which are
  stripped from this UNRAR port. use delete operation to wipe files
  from target dir first.

* any wide character support from official UNRAR library was stripped down
  (meaning no unicode support). you will most likely end up with corrupted
  file names when try to unpack such archives. however, since 360's HDD
  and DVD filesystems allows only multibyte characters in file names,
  it should be OK to extract DVD backups or other files archivized from
  that places.

* usb keyboard not supported (well, only in dashboard popup boxes)

* if eject dvd tray, automatically exits to dashboard

Using 360 gamepad:
BACK - Help screen
A - Enter directory, execute .xex file, confirm, etc.
B - Go to parent directory
X - Switch active left/right panel
Y - Context menu. Everything is done through this menu, i.e.
* Copy
* Delete
* Unpack RAR
* Select all
* Cancel background operation
* ...
R1                 - Select/Unselect item under cursor and advance down one item
L1                 - Change drive
D-PAD Up/Down      - move cursor up/down
RIGHT THUMB click  - Page down
LEFT THUMB click   - Page up

Version History
version 0.2

  * First release

version 0.3

  * Added "Random Pos File Write" operation

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