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Descargar Mednafen PS3 R3

Mednafen PS3

This is a port of the Mednafen Multi-System emulator to the Sony Play Station 3.

Load uncompressed or zipped images
Save and load save ram and save states
File browser, place your games on a USB drive, or FTP them to the internal drive
Fast forward

The first time you load a game for a system, you will be asked to configure the controls, you can reconfigure them later by pressing L3 + R3.

PCE and PCE CD support
Neo-Geo pocket, Atari Lynx and Wonder Swan support
Better user interface
Other features

File Menu
Up and Down to Scroll the list by 1
Left and Right to scroll the list by a page
Cross: Select File or directory
Circle: Go to previous directory

In Game:
Tilt the right stick to the right for fast forward
R3 to open settings menu
Hold L3 + L2 to save state
Hold L3 + R2 to load state
Hold L3 + R3 to redefine controls

Settings Menu:
Up and down to choose setting
Left and right to change the current settings value

Thanks to:
The original author of Mednafen, and all of the emulators it contains.
The people who make the PS3 jailbreak possible

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