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Descargar PS3Key firmware 1.3



1. Run the PS3KeyUpdater_1.1.exe application in Windows. Make sure you are using version 1.1!

2. Connect PS3Key to your PC in update mode. To do this, simply insert it and remove it a few
times in until both of the LEDs (both red and blue) light up at the same time.

3. Choose "File" and "Open" and then select the update file (ps3key_v1.3.upd).

4. Click "Update Now" at the top of the screen. This will only be active when the PS3Key is
connected to your PC and both the red and blue LEDs are lit.

5. That's it! The progress bar will indicate when the update has been applied.

6. It is now safe to remove PS3Key from your PC and continue to enjoy using it with the
new features!

New features in v1.3:

1. Fixes a bug present in v1.2 which prevented the update from working on fat PS3 models.

New features in v1.2:

1. A critical update to address issues with the PS3 USB power supply.

New features in v1.1:

1. A series of minor bug fixes.

We hope that you enjoy the update and thank you for your continued support for PS3Key!

The PS3Key Team

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