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Descargar PS3Key firmware 4.5


1. Insert your PS3Key into your Windows PC and be patient. Windows will go through a series
of checks before finally recognizing your PS3Key. It might even appear as an unrecognized
at some point. Again, please be patient, it will recognize eventually!

2. Once your PC has recognized PS3Key, it will show as a USB Flash drive in Windows.

3. You can click on index.htm in the flash drive to see which version you are currently running.

4. Drag-and-drop the firmware.bin file onto the flash drive to update the dongle. On some operating
systems you may need to 'delete' the firmware.bin 'file' first.

5. That's it! It is now safe to remove PS3Key from your PC and continue to enjoy using it with
the new features!

New features in v4.5:

A new firmware is now available for download from the Members Area. On popular requests we have added the "3.55 spoof", which makes the System Menu appear as v3.55. Happy holidays!

New features in v4.3:

1. Added the workaround recently published that allows 3.41 firmware users to log in to PSN. We
would like to emphasize that there is no guarantee that while it does allow you to log in and
play games online with a jailbroken PS3, there is no guarantee that your PS3 will not be banned.
Use this update at your own risk, and go for v4.0 if you want to play it safe!

New features in v4.0:

1. A general update based on the Hermes v4 payload to add the associated features.

New features in v3.0:

1. A general update based on the Hermes v3 payload to add the associated features.

New features in v2.3:

1. Fixes a bug present in v2.2 which prevented the update from working on fat PS3 models.

New features in v2.2:

1. A critical update to address issues with the PS3 USB power supply.

New features in v2.1:

1. A series of minor bug fixes.

New features in v2:

1. Now supports peek/poke commands.

2. Backups on USB HDD can now run without an original game in the BluRay drive.

3. Works with Backup Manager 2.

We hope that you enjoy the update and thank you for your continued support for PS3Key!

The PS3Key Team

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