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Descargar Freehood360

Freehood360  -  Xbox 360 Neighbourhood for JTAG's

I made this application since I wanted to give the JTAG community the ability to use official tools and tools
the lucky Devkit owners can have. I started coding in Early may 2010 and development got a bit slow due to
many things; Exams, Busy with my Fiance, Reach Beta, Mapping Plugins for Reach, Other projects, Lazyness and
other stuff. Also a huge problem of not being about to rig my dev up to be able to test and not having a JTAG
so development of the browser was restricted to coding on friends computers VIA Teamviewer. Then the added bonus
of the second i finish school and can really press on with coming, Micrsoft decided to Brick my Dev, so i had to
go back to developing over Teamviewer.

But i managed to pull my finger out and deliver this application. I hope you enjoy it and i might be releasing
more features and updates depending on if you guys want it and how busy i become with more advanced school over
the next two years, Who knows?

I hope you enjoy and i suppose here is my gift to the JTAG Community.

- Xerax

***Features in RC1***
- Add/Edit/Removal of Devices in the Applcation.
- Ability to browse files on all devices in or on the xbox (Hdd1, HddX, Flash, Usb[i], Memcard[i] ect)
- Look and feel of Xbox 360 Neighbourhood in the Xbox 360 SDK
- Download and Upload files directly to the Device.
- Supports Infinite amout of JTAG's (But who has more than 10 at the most... lol.)
- Support for Development Kits (Reviewer, Test, Stress Test, Demo ect)
- Exception catching, so it shouldn't be a bitch and through a emo fit if you do something stupid.
- Creation of Folders
- Creation of Text and INI files
- Many More...

***How to use!***
Step 1:
- Load up Freehood360.

Step 2:
- Load up your jtagged xbox 360 and load up xexmenu 1.x or Freestlye Dash

Step 3 (Only do this the first time, or when you need to add a new xbox.):
- Grab your IP adress from the config tag
- Double click Add Console and add the IP address (The username and pass will always be xbox)
- Name it and select JTAG (You can select Development if you are doing this with a development xbox 360)
- Click Add Console, it's all done.

Step 4:
- Double click on your console icon and then it will load the drive (dvd, usb, hdd1, hddx, flash. ect)

***Trouble Shooting***
I get an error saying that "Make sure your Xbox 360 is powered on, Connected to the network and is in XeXMenu!"
- This is pretty strait forward, just check your connections ect.

I want to use this, but i don't want to connect to live by mistake!
- Simple, got to family settings and make sure that xbox live connection is forbidden.

***Thanks To***
-- Renegade (Renegade X25) // (Can be trusted!) Repeated testing/Coding over teamviewer and motivation. Plus funny convosations with dearrian11
-- ixGAMEOVERxixx // Testing/Coding over teamview and ideas that I discarded without thought. lol. ;)
-- mz1ggy // Testing over teamviewer.
-- iBotPeaches // Testing over teamviewer.

-OS Testers;
--x CrONiiC Zz (Vista 32)
--Lucky25700 (Win 7 64)
--tiimphelan (Win 7 32)
--Xerax (Win 7 64, XP 32, XP 64, Vista 64)

--XeDev // Making XexMenu, so therefor giving birth to my application. Thanks guys, you have done wonders for the Community!
--VistaControls // Making the sexy Aero dll that i used (If your on XP, that sucks for you). Visit there site!
--Xceed's FTP // Making the FTP class i used, Micrsoft's is beyond shit.

-Roxy // Dunno, just felt you should be here <3

***Open Sauce***
This application was going to be fully open source, but since most people learn how to code from Open Source application
code, i decided not to as the code is sloppy and not efficient (But does the job fine). Also the new community members
that decide to ruin everything for everyone and might steal it, add a built in .ff editor for MW2 and sell it for a
rediculious ammount of money. Since when was modding something people had to pay for? >.>

If you still really want it, contact me (look below) and we can talk something out.

AIM: Caii Me Aiexx

This is 100% freeware, no hidden costs, pricey upgrades or bonus options. But any donations would be grateful, even just a couple of dollars here
and there ;). My paypal is ->. Like i said, this application will stay in development and shall always remain free. If
someone tries to sell this to you, report them to paypal and me. Get a full refund if you do buy this product.

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