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Descargar NandChunker 360 v0.1 Beta

* NandChunker 360 v0.1 Beta | by codew | ©2010 *


- thread based GUI for NandPro
- reads/writes Xenon NANDs in 16 chunks
- reads a chunk two times and compares them automatically
- re-reads the chunks if comparion fails
- automatic KV/Config extraction/injection
- automatic splitting/merging NAND files
- simple one-click based operation


- Just select the device (LPT, USB or even a NAND file)
- Check whatever operation you want and the To-Do list will be automatically filled
- Start the process (you may pause/resume anywhere you want)
- Stop and select any starting point from the To-Do list.

Important Notes:

- Needs MS.NET Framework v4. If not present, it will download and install.
- This is a very early beta version. Nearly not tested at all. Don't count on it.
- Works only for Xenon boards and XBR_Xenon_8955_3.bin for the moment.
- Pause/Resume is not recommended in a NAND write operation.
- Posted only at the fabulous xbox-scene forum.


* NandPro v2.0b by Tiros

* FCMP 2.0 - File Comparison Utility
  Copyright © 1994-2009 by Greg Wittmeyer - All Rights Reserved

* Filesplit - file splitter and merger
  Copyright © 2003 Chris Pike
  NandChunker Version v0.1 [07.05.2010] modified by codew

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