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Descargar OSxiso360 v0.5

OSxiso360 by knightPhlight

Version 0.5 - (Beta)
Bug Fix
• Stopped it from bitchin' about needing to update

Future Features:
• Drag multiple files from the browser
• Native FTP will be the next major feature released if enough people want it

Version 0.4 - (Beta)

New Features:
• Growl support
• Change process priority

Future Features:
• Drag multiple files from the browser

Known Bugs:
• Not yet…

Version 0.3 - Initial Public Release (Beta)

New Features:
• Read Xbox and Xbox 360 .iso files
• Multi-threaded extraction
• Drag and drop single files (use preview icon)
• All native Cocoa operations
• Automatically checks for new updates (thanks Sparkle.framework)
• Open multiple .isos and extract operations are queued

Future Features:
• Drag multiple files from the browser
• Change priority of extraction operations
• Growl support

Known Bugs:
• Probably…
• If anyone knows of a particular .iso built as a linked list (mentioned in the extract-xiso source), please let me know so I can test

Greetings to: xbox1crew & in

Feedback is definitely appreciated!

by KnightPhlight

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