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Descargar CON Manager 1.3

Bored to use "all-in-one" tools to mod my saves (horizon/modio ect),

Helpful for modding gamesaves, you can Extract/Replace/Add/ReHash files in one click. :)

Quick How-to :

- Choose a Display Name (The name you'll see on the 360 Dashboard.)
- Add Package Image or not,( Default image will be applied if not added.)
- Add 4 Backgrounds (Rename them to Wallpaper 1/2/3/4 after or before insertion; can be 1280x720 , 1920x1080 or 1120x770 px)
- Choose sphere Color,
- Click "Create Theme" lol , save it.
- Put the theme in your default folder : " PartitiionX\Content\0000000000000000\FFFE07D1\0003 0000 "
- There is a problem with IDs conversion, IDs are in ReadOnly for the moment. (Instead of resigning, you can extract the content of one save & inject it on your save.)
- X360 DLL
- MultiSTFS => Drag 'n Drop Added, click the list to open a folder, some keyboard shortcuts added
- Added some enter/esc issues
- Renamer window close with Esc , press enter to validate
- blah blah²...

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