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  • Actualizado el: Apr 12 2011 10:00
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Descargar Easy freeBOOT 5.10

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Easy Freeboot 5.10

FFS stop asking if this is for 12625 get over it jtags will never be online again
If you cant use it you shouldnt own a Jtag ;)

Things todo:
Maybe add xellous
Save to usb (not really needed but would be interesting to try)
Auto jtag (would implement but i dont want to brick hundreds of boxes)
Auto updater

Freeboot team (ibuild and fsbuild)
Felix (for the jtag hack)
JJMPSP (teaching me stuff)
iHc James (bug fixing, helped with fixing the never ending loop problem)
Tagknife (testing and advice)
V3n3 (when hes not being a cock) (for telling me fuck all and never helping <3)
II FE4RL3SS II (lead tester and publisher) (generally being sexy)
Virus (for nothing atall)
Coolshrimp (dunno really kinda helped each other out)
Tuxuser (for being pro)
Repo Nigs / Danny / Death x12 (tester and being slightly useful for ideas)
krato John (for not being a scammer + hes a cool guy)
Kiff (for putting up with my shit)
Bemused Peanut (for nothing)
Tai1z (for nothing)
Homelesscat (for being cool)
Pauly Paul (Becuse hes pauly paul :P)
Microsoft (for perma-banning my account. stealing my live + resetting me) (yes there is a bad side to the jtag scene)
Jtag Noobs (made me lol)

and any one else that helped test this

Contact :
if you have any problems with this or want to use the source contact :

Novedades de la versión 5.10 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • added in new Fbuild
  • fixed a few bugs
  • added in 9199,12611
  • removed multiple patches didnt see the need seeing as they change so offten
  • hashchecks removed on all but 12625 as patches dont exist yet
  • gui tweeks
  • recoded sections
  • commented code as i am going to release source as i dont have time to play with this any more really

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