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Descargar AutoHacker v2.1

AutoHacker is an app I wrote which helps automate the proccess of SMC/JTAG Hack (on nand-related stuff only, of course).


- Motherboard Autodetection
- CB version / exploitability Autodetection
- Reads NAND two times (or part of it if we are using a BB Jasper)
- Compares the two backups, if they are identical, it saves them in a folder with a name of our choice.
- Extracts KV and ConfigBlock from the NAND Backup.
- Patches previously extracted KV and ConfigBlock in to the correct version of XBReboot (which is also autodetected).
- Writes final image to NAND memory of our console.
- Can also erase NAND (or part of it, if we are using a BB Jasper)
- Can also write original backup into NAND.

It can also be used regardless of JTAG Hacking in the following ways:

- Nand Dump
- Nand Compare
- Nand Write (any .bin image)

It uses a full (custom) GUI which saves as from typos or mistakes which can be done by manually typing in commands. It also saves as from looking up to Guides to determine the correct NAND addresses which are varied along with the motherboard revisions, since AutoHacker knows the motherboard we are working on, if it is exploitable etc. If something is not right (CB not exploitable / we have not patched XBR / we have not two identical backups) it does NOT overwrite our NAND.  ;D

NOTICE: This program DEPENDS on NandPro and does NOT replace it.
I will update the app regularly, fixing bugs and adding features. Of course, each time a new XBR comes out, AutoHacker will need to be updated (this goes without saying).


In order for AutoHacker to run properly it needs:
- All the XBR 8955_3 versions (for all motherboards).
- NandPro 2.0b (Only this version is tested, the commands are 100% compatible with 2.0b and thus I have locked the program to this version - it will not run if it detects other NandPro version or no NandPro at all)
- SDL .NET runtime.

Installation Instructions:
- Use XBINS to download NandPro 2.0b and extract contents in "AutoHacker V2\" folder.
- Use XBINS to download all XBR_8955_3. ALL VERSIONS are needed (for all motherboard revisions). Extract all of them (or not) and throw them in "AutoHacker V2\XBR\" folder. There must be 6 .bin (or 3 .zip and 3 .rar) files in there.
- Run "sdldotnet-6.1.0-runtime-setup.exe". This will install the SDL .NET runtime.
- Run "port95nt.exe" if you are using LPT. This has to do with NandPro.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOUR CONSOLE!! This program has been tested and it worked flawlessly during these tests. Abusing this program may give different results. The fact that it automates the whole process, does NOT mean that you don't have to know what you're doing. You DO, or else, you may end up with a bricked console!!


v2.1 :
Fixed a bug where CB version 6723 was reported as not exploitable.
Added a self-check upon startup so that all the files are in place and correct version.
Added feature to automatically unpack XBR images in case the user threw them in the folder without decompressing first.

Complete rewrite. v2.00 Initial Release.

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