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Descargar Xbox 360 Commander Beta Rev 21

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 21
Fixed the directory corruption by more than 256 entries.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 20
Made several changes to deal with the corruption of larger hard drives. Can't really test the changes so I would like to here from the people having problems.
Also cleaned up some of the progress bar issues.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 19
popup menu for right click
new folder, delete, rename, extract
tree now shows drive model name
fixed a bug in the check hard drive.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 18
Fixed the GOD corruption problem.
Tweeked the GUI some.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 17
Fixed dates on folders.
Fixed column sort issues.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 16
Full date and time for transfers.
Maybe this was causing problems with the GODs

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 15a
Fixed Corruption issues. Didn't feel this deserved a full rev update.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 15
Fixed bug in transfer to hard drive when reclaiming deleted file space.
Tweeked some items to improve disk load speed. Important with larger disk. LOL

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 14
Error Checking Hard Drive is actually doing something now.
Still have to do fix errors code. but atleast you should be able to check your drive for errors.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 13
Pulled all the stops on speed.
couple tweeks here and there. But it is the transfer speed on the insert file thattakes the cake.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 12
Fixed nasty bug in transfer directory
Added checking for does file or folder exist.
fixed progress bar for file transfers of > 2gb in size.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 11
Improved transfer speed.
Fixed bug in comments column.
Improved Progress bar.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 10
Best just to stay fire it up and take a look.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 9
Fixed issues with droping new directories.
Would have posted last night but had some trouble connecting to the forms.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 8
Faster file writes.
A few other small issues.
Was going to wait untill I had more done but decided to get the faster writes out.

Here is XBox 360 Commander rev 7
Added progress bar to file upload.
fixed some small GUI issues.

Here is rev 6 XBox 360 Commander
Fixed large file insert.
Fixed bug in format for drives > 250gb.
added delete of files and folders.
Status bar shows files and folder names as they are added.


What's new/fixed (since first release):
* This revisions address some of the problems that jtag systems have been having. Also I have had a few issues with HDDs that Xplore360.exe has updated. (rev 2)
* This revision has the fix for HDD > 250gb in size. There still are issues with the large drives. I can't test this directly so I need feed back! (rev 3)
* Drag files and folders to the file window to copy to HDD. (rev 4)
* Right click on selected files and folders to extract from HDD. (rev 4)
* Error checking of the files being added is nil so back up first! (rev 4)
* Drag and Drop improved. (rev 5)
* Double clicking on a directory in the right window changes to that directory. (rev 5)
* Fixed Partition 1 problem (rev 5)
* Fixed crash when updating the Calculated size in the HDDSS. (rev 5)
* Error checking of the files and folders being added is still nil so back up first! (rev 5)


A lot of the features are not working yet. Just wanted to get some feedback on in.

Features not working yet:
1. Drag and Drop of files
2. hard drive error check
3. hard drive defrag

Features that are working:
1. Backup
2. Restore
3. Format Hard Drive
4. One Click Transfer Wizard

"One Click Transfer Wizard" lets you transfer all files from one XBox 360 hard drive to another.
All the files on the second drive are lost so you must make a backup before the transfer if you need to keep them.

Format, Back up and Restore do what you expect.
The hard drive must have a valid HDDSS area to work.
It will open both XBox 360 hard drives and binary images of a hard drive.


by Icepir8icepir8.

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