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Descargar Xbox1 Backwards Compatibility v5829 for Devkits

Xbox1 Backwards Compatibility v5829 for Devkits


:: Overview

This is a devkit version of the retail xbox360 backwards compatibility that
was released November 2007. 

To install this, copy the Compatibilty folder to your devkits Y drive.
You may want to remove any existing files, although this should overwrite
all files.

This version has been hacked to play unsupported games, however this doesn't
mean they will work. This release includes a hacked version of the official
frontend, however you may want to try my replacement frontend which allows
you to set emulation options for each game.

At the moment there are 556 officially supported games, (ie games that should work
100% or close to it). A list of these games is available here:

:: Hacks

I've attempted to remove any limits on the emulator, although i left in game
ratings checks in case you dont want your little ones to play violent games :)
This can be toggled in the dashboard anyway. The following hacks were done to
the emulator:

	* Xbe signature checks removed (lets you run unsigned code)
	* Xbe section hash checks removed (lets u run hacked xbes)
	* Game region checks removed (region free baby!)
	* Game media checks removed (play games from your hard drive)
	* Debug/Devkit xbes supported (run your own xbox1 code)
	* Attempt to play unsupported games (doesn't mean it will work hehe)

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