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Descargar God2Iso v1.0.3


Just a tool I quickly knocked up to get back a lost iso from the god [Games on Demand container] I'd made. Thought it might come in handy for others in a similar situation. It's not had a lot of testing though!

I think this is only useful for gods made with iso2god, I'm not sure what format the nxe installed games are in (i.e. god2iso runs fine on them, but I don't know what tool you can then use to view the result).

What's new/fixed in 1.0.3:
* Should support NXE images, let me know if there are any problems.

What's new/fixed in 1.0.2:
* Now works on god made by Iso2God (with XSF header) and some tools that produce gods without an XSF header. Some/all NXE installs (converted to god) have XSF header stripped and have incorrect offsets in them. I don't know how the xbox works around this, but if I find out I'll be able to add support for them too

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