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Descargar 360 Evolution RC1

A revolutionary Xbox 360 editor which allows the end user to Display and Modify information contained within Xbox 360 Container (CON, LIVE, PIRS) files, Save Game files (Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, etc.).

Xbox 360
XPort / XSATA - See CodeJunkies for further information.
XPort 360 / XPlorer 360 - Included in Download
.NET Framework 3.5 - Built into application.

Known Bugs
Background does not save and has been disabled. (Workaround: In the settings.xml file, add a complete filesystem path between <background></background>.)

Developer: Dark Slipstream
Virus Scan: None
MD5 Hash: None
SHA-1 Hash: None
Protection: Xencode PostBuild 2010
Language: C#
Price: Free

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