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Descargar NandPro GUI

Author of NandPro GUI - ddxcb
Author of nandpro DOS - Tiros

I made this when I was bored and wanted to pass it on, Enjoy.

How To Use:

Dev: is what type to read aka "From File: LPT: or USB:

File: to load the Source file, like the NAND. 'Make sure the file that is loaded is in the same folder as the program or it will not work'

options: really need to explain read, write, erase, ECC, No ECC, Fix ECC, ADD ECC.

NAND Size: use the xbox nand size ->

File2: Read/Write file to NAND or to File:

Hex Start block/Count: what blocks to start and how many.

Thats it Enjoy.

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