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Descargar XBRFlasher v0.2

XBR Flasher By Plexo

Automatic CB Detection
Automatic dumping (2 times)
Automatic checksum compare
Automatic Keyvault and config extraction and injection
Automatic XBR.bin selection
Keeps backups in tidy folders
Supports 16mb and 256/512mb nands

XBRFlasher will now dump 1 sector from the NAND and run cbcheck.exe
to determine the CB Version, it will then (based on your board revision
you picked) decide if the xbox is exploitable or not, it will continue
if exploitable and go back to start with an error if your xbox has an
unexploitable CB version

Looking further into GUI idea... have a rough draft layed out still
deciding on alot of things...

**PLEASE NOTE ** i recommend that when XBRFlasher tells you to press any key
to continue flashing, you run 1 of the backup files through Degraded or similar
to check for badblocks!

simple batch file for flashing/restoring your xbox 360 nand chips,
compatible with all revisions to date. nand backups along with kv
and config seperate and log files from nandpro all kept in /backups/
restoring will come next havent done that yet...

1. make a folder called firmwares
2. Install PortIO Install.exe
3. put the following files into the firmwares folder:
4. Run XBRFlash.bat

hhd uncripple support - should be easy enough when i have time...
Bad Block support - unsure how to do this.. need to know how to determine "bad blocks"
Automatic Board detection - so it will auto detect if you have a falcon etc...
lots of error detection/handling (will be leaving this for GUI ??)

v0.2 26/01/10 - Added Automatic CB Checking, cleaned up some of batch script
                fixed some misc errors coming up

v0.1 22/01/10 - inital release

Please note, this program is in very early stages and may have some bugs, i cannot
be held responsible for any damage whatsoever done by this program, use it at your
own risk!

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