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Descargar Toxic Dual Layer Patcher 1.0


As many of you are probably aware, the PS2 has problems running DVD9 games
backed up onto dual layer media due to to problems reading from the second
layer. This is because the data format on burnt DL discs is different than on
pressed discs (burnt = OTP, pressed = PTP). However, we have discovered a
software hack which allows the PS2 to read even burnt OTP discs resulting in
working dual layer backups! Our Toxic firmware for DMS4 chips already includes
auto-patching functionality which applies our software hack on the fly when
booting games on dual layer media. For those without a DMS4, we present the
Toxic Dual Layer Image Patcher! The patcher works by applying our software
hack to the game image (.iso, .gi etc) before burning. Once the hack has
been applied by our patcher, burn the modified image to dual layer media
and play! This method will enable anybody with a modchip capable of booting
DVD9 media to backup and _play_ DVD9 games such as Gran Turismo 4.

Usage Instructions

1) Obtain an image of the DVD9 game. Supported image file formats are:


2) Execute the Toxic patcher application.
3) Click on the open button (labelled "...") and select the image file
you wish to patch.
4) Click on the "Go" button to begin the patching process.
5) The status of the patching process will be displayed in the status
area. This will tell you if the patching was successful or not.
6) If patching was successful, burn the patched image to dual layer media
using your favorite burning application.


1) If you get the RSOD (Red Screen Of Death) while attempting to boot your
DVD DL backup game, this is due to an authentication error. This can
happen when the "book type" of your backup is set to "DVD+R DL" and not
"DVD-ROM". Most burners will automatically set the book type of your
burnt disc to DVD-ROM, however if your burner does not do this you should
be able to manually modify the book type using burning software such as
DVD Decryptor. To verify that the book type of your burnt disc is set to
DVD-ROM, start DVD Decryptor, insert your backup disc and in the info
window find "Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):". A few lines
down should be the text "Book Type: DVD-ROM".

2) If your PS2 has problems reading from your DL backup (ie: movies are
choppy or the game even locks up at points) then this is probably due to
bad quality media or a bad burn. Make sure that you use decent quality
media and you burn at the SLOWEST possible speed. We have had best
results with Mitsubish and Verbatim DL media.


All code by Team Toxic - continuing our line of innovations for the PS2 scene!

Greets go out to all of our supporters, you guys make this worthwhile -> A big
"fuck you" to all the lamers who accuse us of stealing (still with no proof :P)
but then go ahead and blatantly steal from us anyway. Lets ask ourselves now,
who is actually innovating and who is just ripping off others achievements? ->

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