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Descargar SMS360 Alpha

SMS360 Alpha Release By Yoshihiro For XBOX360

Quick and simple Port from PC to XDK to let you see what can be done without an official devkit .

100% Coded on Retail :=) No Need for donations at all

Plays all sms & GG Games
all the roms go inside the smsroms folder
full screen mode
Zip Gz support
Simple rom Browser
Sound support.
SaveState Support
2 player possible .

Buttons mapping :
360       SMS/GG
X     =   1
A     =   2
Y+LB  =   LoadState
Y+RB  =   SaveState
START =   Pause
BACK  =   if you want to go back to the roms list while playing.

Add a Nice setting ->

PS : It's only an Alpha release and i'm alway in psp scene i only want to change my mind ->

Enjoy Yoshihiro.
Thanks to evryone involved in the scene since 2001

Greetings to : Mathieulh, xboxgen, Team Avalaunch, D-BlooD, r0wdy, Redline99,
idc, mtw, xorloser, Sega, Genyus. All the people I forgot about (you know who you are)

Fuck : Jester, Icekiller, and Freexex.

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