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Descargar Genesis Plus 360 v0.18 Beta

Genesis Plus 360 V 0.18 Beta
Genesis/Megadrive Emulation for Xbox 360.

Whats New

- Added 6 button support
- Fixed sound issues
- Fixed crash when adding to favorite when no roms where available
- New Skin Added


- Graphics/Sound
- Achievements (don't be a dumbass and use this on live, your console will be banned)
- Favorites Support
- XUI user interface
- SRAM save support linked to a user profile
- SaveState support (currently 1 per rom)
- Regular and Enhanced Graphics Filters
- Sound filters
- Threaded Audio
- Aspect Ratio/Stretch Mode support
- Previews


Edit Settings.XML to define where your Roms will go. You can add as many MappedDrive
tags as you need. Valid Devices are:


The PreviewPath tag will specify where you want your Preview Images to be stored.
Default is hdd:\EMUS\Genesis360\Preview\

Toggle through each device my pressing R-Shoulder in the Rom List.

Both sticks during game will pause the current rom and open up the In Game Options

Replace background.mp3 in Media\Sounds with anything you like for the menu background music

Not Implemented (Yet)

- Input Button Mapping
- Pixel Shaders to replace Software filters (speed)
- Cheat support
- Other misc stuff


This is still an early beta. There are bugs...

More of your favorite emulators/homebrew to donations required...


Team Avalaunch and Arak0n for testing

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